Skullduggery’s Max Traxxx Max Flex RC ($39.99)


From TODAY Show To Booth 1360, This Glow In The Dark Flexible Track Set With Remote Control Car Is The One Kids Love To Build Then Test Drive

Anaheim, CA (January 2, 2018) – “Kids are tech savvy but many of the top toys are decidedly low tech,” claimed Stephanie Oppenheim on a recent TODAY Show morning showcase. She then pointed to Skullduggery’s Max Traxxx Max Flex RC ($39.99), winner of her highest honor, a rare Oppenheim Platinum. Retailers visiting the American International Toy Fair will want to mark Skullduggery’s Booth 1360 on their must-see list. Plan to build a Max Flex flexible track then take a fun remote controlled test drive!

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“We have been big fans of Max Traxxx cars that light up on the special glow-in- the-dark tracks,” gushed Oppenheim who has seen every possible toy that enters the market for the last two decades. “But this year,” she emphasized. “it got better. The company has introduced a flex track system that lights up even more when your car drives on the track. Comes with 200 pieces of track that click together and because they are flexible, it’s easier to make interesting configurations. Car is controlled by a remote control that is easy to operate.”

Skullduggery launches not one but three Max Traxxx Flex RC sets with 200, 250 and 300 pieces for little racers ages 3 and up. Like all Max Traxxx racing cars, the Max Flex R/C car features undercarriage lights that not only make it look almost like it is hovering rather than rolling but the lights leave glowing streaks in their wake, showing how the racers are burning up the track. Dim the living room lights and get ready to be wowed with racing excitement that glows. One gadget blogger did just that.

“Perhaps you’ve seen commercials on TV for toy cars that seem to leave light trails behind them as the race around a track,” wrote blogger James Games Gadgets & Gizmos. “I wanted to see if they really work, as glow in the dark sets often, well, don’t. Boy, was I impressed with this one! The Max Flex RC ($39.99) comes with 200 flexible pieces that link together in a variety of track designs. Flexibility is a big draw as you can put small blocks under the tracks to give it topographical variety.”

The first shoppers on amazon to order the track set were also quick to compliment. “I got this set for my grandkids and they went nuts for it,” typed one grandmother on amazon’s link. “After opening the box, they played together quietly for almost three hours! They shared the remote control and made different, color-coordinated tracks to mix things up. The pieces are easy to connect, my three and five year old grandkids did it all themselves. Love it!”

Max Traxxx has earned a glowing reputation for bringing older kids and adults the coolest racetrack ever with Tracer Racers High Speed Remote Control racing. In 2018, the youngest racers can jump in on the action and watch their racecar utilize Light Tracing Technology to blaze streaks of light across the patented Max Traxxx glow in the dark flexible track.

Each remote controlled racer recharges by being plugged into the control. Only one set of 4 AA batteries for each charger is required. Depending on a family’s ambitions and budget, young racer can build a total of 200 or up to 250 track pieces. The fun is in the design where twists and curves of the flexible track make car racing thrilling.

Retailers walking Javits Convention Center will note the Max Flex RC is splashed across Skullduggery’s 2018 Product Guide cover. Expect to find all three sets online and on store shelves — including Walmart, Target, ToysRUs and specialty stores – now available for RC 200, by 1Q 2018 for RC 250 and by late spring/early summer 2018 for RC 300.

Max Flex RC 200
• Ages 3+ • $39.99
2017 Oppenheim Platinum winner
Kids and grownups won’t be afraid of the dark when they play with the light trace technology of this amazing track set. The glow in the dark flexible track makes this a memorable toy for years to come! One red r/c car is included along with 200 pieces to assemble.

Max Flex RC 250 Blaze Edition
• Ages 5+ • $59.99
Lay down 125 red pieces with 125 blue tracks for a rip-roaring racetrack that glows when the lights are dimmed. One red r/c car is included in this boxed set. All sets come with complete instructions.

Max Flex RC 300 Combo
• Ages 6+ • $119.99
The Combo Set is the first set on the market to combine traditional straight track with multi-functional flex track. Dual lanes of both track types offer variable speed racing that provide two distinct feels – the high speed straightaways of road racing and the more treacherous off-road feel of the flex track. As with all Max Traxxx products, the Max Flex RC 300 Combo is compatible with other major brands and makes for amazing night racing!

Skullduggery fans already know that its Max Traxxx Tracer Racer RC sets have been best sellers for three years in a row. The 2018 Max Flex sets will have adaptors that will work with the traditional Max Traxxx sets.

Skullduggery, makers of Max Traxxx Glow in the Dark Racing Systems, Marble Copters, Body Shop Racer Kits, Eyewitness and Smithsonian casting kits combine creativity, discovery, and learning into one exciting experience! Discover all that Skullduggery brands have to offer a child at their informative website, Follow them on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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