Dads Stop In Their Tracks When Discovering This Wow Gift For The Kids

Anaheim, CA (September 11, 2018– Finally, grownups and kids can have their car and race it too, at the same time!

Santa must have been listening when last month’s Oppenheim Toy Portfolio judge lamented “wish they had an extra racer so Dad wouldn’t have to wait for his turn” after giving a Gold Seal Award to Skullduggery’s MaxFlex RC 250! Imagine what the judge will write now that Santa (ahem, Skullduggery toymakers) introduces TWO tracks and TWO remote controls in their remarkable race set, MaxFlex 300 RC Combo Edition ($99.99)!

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How much wow can be packed into one toy? Skullduggery, known for its award-winning race tracks, has been seen on the TODAY Show and captured the hearts of hard-to-please Oppenheim toy experts with Platinum and Gold seals. This holiday season, the must-have toy is a glow-in-the-dark flexible track, with two lanes, that kids build around the coffee table and couch.

The set already won a rave review with The National Parenting Center, who bestowed its Fall Seal of Approval on the crazy-fun toy: “Skullduggery has done it again. Expanding their Max Flex RC line they have created a racing set that is easy to set up, provides hours of fun play, is customizable, and looks totally cool. Once you see the track lit up with lightning streaks, especially when you turn off all the lights, you will be blown away. This is no Hot Wheels track, not even close. Parents were delighted at how intuitive the building process was even though there are no specific directions per se. Right out of the box you and your children are in control of what you want your race track to be… Once the sets were built and the first races run, parents told us that their kids couldn’t wait to share it with their friends.”

Two side-by-side race tracks can grow up to 25 feet in length. Included in the combo set are two race cars and two remote control handles. Racers can vary the speed and hug the curves with a touch of their finger. Daytime and indoor lighting create one experience. Turn off the lights, with the kids’ permission, and create an OMG experience with light trace technology.

Just in time for fall birthdays or holiday gift wrapping, find MaxFlex 300 RC at, and of course

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