Perfect Craft Stepping Stone ($19.99), Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits ($19.99) and Eyewitness Kits ($14.99)


Anaheim, CA (January 9, 2019) –Skullduggery makes sense when you realize 30 years ago the company began by crafting museum quality molds and casts of rare fossils (including skulls) from some of the most famous museum collections in the world. This year, their abundance of mold, cast, paint and craft kits could fill an entire museum shop! Look for Perfect Craft Stepping Stone ($19.99), Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits ($19.99) and Eyewitness Kits ($14.99) to namedrop a few of their 2018 Product Guide highlights.

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The newest item in Skullduggery’s colorful catalog is the Perfect Craft Stepping/Memory Stone. As childhood is fleeting, this wonderful kit captures the moment, literally, setting it in stone. Ideal for a child/parent project the memory stone might commemorate a pet, an important event or the perfect present for a loved one. When the stone is set, it can proudly be displayed in the garden or hung as a wall plaque. The possibilities are endless — just like memories.

No one has a memory of a dinosaur but they “walk” the planet again with Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits. Kids can mold then paint a 19” T. Rex or Triceratops. Enticing kit themes include Sharks, Space and Horses. Each kit is loaded with activities such as 3D casting, coloring, and a bonus educational activity book packed with facts and fun. Children will have a truly hands on learning adventure they can share with parents, educators or the kid-next-door.

Kids can finally say, “look ma, no hands!” because Mom will have the perfect hand mold to cherish with Smithsonian Mold & Paint Craft kits. Choose from a wide variety of themes from Penguins and Dolphins to Butterflies and Hands. With complete instructions included, youngsters will mix the Perfect Cast mold mix in the ‘mix and pour bag’ then pour it into the enclosed molds. Unmold your creation, paint the parts and let them dry. Now glue them to the included magnets and you have your own work of art that can be displayed on most metal surfaces.

Mix a science lesson with crafting with every Eyewitness Casting Kit. This year’s collection offers a wonderful introduction to the anatomy of humans, horses, even butterflies. In fact, there are more topics than fingers to count them on! For example, Humanworks is a fun-filled educational kit that introduces students to the human skeleton. Did you know that there are 22 bones in the human skull? Skullduggery fans quickly learn to recognize and name the major bones of the body as they cast, finish and assemble an entire skeleton. Ask Mom to display it on the refrigerator with the supplied magnets.

Molds can be quite useful as in a Perfect Craft Casting Kit where kids can “grow” the flower pot as well as the seeds! The Perfect Craft Herb Garden Kit includes enough Perfect Cast to create two flowerpots plus paint, paintbrush, stencils, soil pellet and seeds. Each Perfect Craft kit in the series provides users with all the tools necessary to create a work of wonder that will last for years of use.

Look for these craft kits online and in specialty and big box stores now:

New! Perfect Craft Stepping/Memory Stone • $19.99 • Age 6+
Do you wish to immortalize a person, place or thing? College team? Big birthday? Inspirational message? All good reasons to cast, personalize and decorate your own Stepping Stone keepsake for all to see. Display your creation in the yard, a garden or hang it indoors as a wall plaque.

Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits • $19.99 • Ages 6+
Decorate your bedroom or make a spot on the TV room shelf for a skeleton, dinosaur, horse or shark built with your child’s two hands. Mix and mold then paint and color. Every finished product is a masterpiece! Each kit is loaded with arts & crafts supplies and an educational activity guide. Made in America.

Smithsonian Discovery Puzzles • $12.99 • Ages 5+
Spill out 100 jigsaw puzzle pieces onto the kitchen table and within an afternoon of fun your child can show off an Ocean Life scene or a collage of Space Exploration. Made in America.

Smithsonian Mold & Paint Kits • $14.99 • Ages 6+
These amazing non-toxic craft kits combine creativity, discovery and learning in one exciting artistic journey. Each kit includes everything needed to create an educational masterpiece: Perfect Cast mix, reusable molding trays, paints, paint brush, magnets and glue, illustrated educational booklet plus complete instructions. Made in America

Eyewitness Casting Kits • $14.99 • Ages 6+
Skullduggery offers plenty of themes to please every girl or boy on the block! Choose Horse, Shark, Dolphin, Butterfly, Humanworks, Dinoworks and Fossilworks at an allowance-friendly price. Enclosed supplies are non-toxic and proudly Made in America.

Perfect Craft Kits • $19.99 • Ages 8+
2017 Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year
Choose one or collect all five casting kits to create letters of the Alphabet, a Keepsake Box, Herb Garden, Flower Garden or whimsical hand Gestures. Each kit includes ample mold, mix and paints. Garden sets include herb seeds or flower pods.

Skullduggery, makers of Max Traxxx Glow in the Dark Racing Systems, Marble Copters, Body Shop Racer Kits, Eyewitness and Smithsonian casting kits combine creativity, discovery, and learning into one exciting experience! Discover all that Skullduggery brands at their informative website, Follow them on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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About Skullduggery, Inc.
Based in Anaheim, California, Skullduggery is a family owned and operated toy manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience creating innovative educational toys for kids, toy race cars, and racing systems as well as the finest fossil replicas available. High-quality educational puzzles and other unique, award-winning toys for children of all ages are manufactured almost entirely in the USA and are distributed throughout the nation’s finest museum stores as well as specialty retailers and toy stores. Education and entertainment are Skullduggery’s chief product design motivations. For more information, visit

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