Light-Up Marble Racers with Pull-Back Motor ($9.99)


Wind Up At Booth 1360 To Test Drive Four New Marble Racers Or Handsome F150 Raptor, B&W Police Car And Red Mustang

Anaheim, CA (January 3, 2018) – It may seem counterintuitive to pull back to go forward but that’s the spark that Skullduggery’s newest line of Light-Up Marble Racers with Pull-Back Motor ($9.99) needs to zip across the kitchen floor. Take a test drive at their American International Toy Fair Booth 1360. The four models join a new line of Ford inspired cars and trucks from a blue F150 Raptor to the iconic red Mustang. Wind up the vehicle’s internal spring and watch it roll across the Javits convention floor.

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Toymaker Skullduggery piggybacks on the success of its light-up racetracks and cars with four styles of Marble Racers. Ask any kid (or their Dad) who has experienced this racing excitement of a mini-toy sports car combined with the classic amusement of marbles. It’s a get-down-on-the-floor toy for a new generation of kids ages 3 and up.

Marble Racers utilize motion activated LED lights to bring the coolest blink and flicker light action to a pint-size car collection. The secret is the embedded marble built inside each car that sports a motion-activated LED light. As the car races along, the lights flicker as the marble spins making the cars look as if it’s flying at breakneck speed!

These zippy Marble Racers have already captured the attention of toy industry gurus. Max Traxxx Marble Racers have won Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award Gold Seal and Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year. Add one or collect all four Pull-Back Marble Racers in 2018.

Pull-Back Marble Racers • Ages 3+ • $9.99
Ask the Tooth Fairy or mom to choose one of four awesome designs. Better yet, collect all four colors. Toymaker Skullduggery reports that at its recent Las Vegas, NV sales meeting, these racers were very popular! To put it mildly, specialty and big box retailers “went nuts” over them.

Crafts and cars have been a specialty of this family-owned toymaker, celebrating three decades in business. The newest Ford Motorized 3D Puzzles ($5.99) continue their award-winning product line that offers the coolest collectible cars.

“Beyond playing with cars, there are real benefits to building our 3D puzzles,” says Stephen Koehl, president of Skullduggery. “Completing a puzzle gives a child a single goal that involves problem solving, reasoning and fine motor (no pun intended) skills. Plus a child’s self esteem gets a turbo boost as they tell their friends ‘I made this’ as they maneuver their Ford Mustang or F150 truck indoors.”

Look for these three motorized 3D puzzles online and on store shelves in Spring 2018:

Red Mustang • $5.99 • Ages 6+
Build this pint size iconic Ford “pony car” that has won the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts since 1965.

Police Car Mustang • $5.99 • Ages 6+
When police need speed this is the car to drive, while looking stylish!

F150 Raptor • $5.99 • Ages 6 +
This is the truck to “drive” when folks think of the slogan Ford Tough.

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Skullduggery, makers of Max Traxxx Glow in the Dark Racing Systems, Marble Copters, Body Shop Racer Kits, Eyewitness and Smithsonian casting kits combine creativity, discovery, and learning into one exciting experience! Discover all that Skullduggery brands have to offer a child at their informative website, Follow them on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

About Skullduggery, Inc.
Based in Anaheim, California, Skullduggery is a family owned and operated toy manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience creating innovative educational toys for kids, toy race cars, and racing systems as well as the finest fossil replicas available. High-quality educational puzzles and other unique, award-winning toys for children of all ages are manufactured almost entirely in the USA and are distributed throughout the nation’s finest museum stores as well as specialty retailers and toy stores. Education and entertainment are Skullduggery’s chief product design motivations. For more information, visit

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