Four New Games Debuting At Booth 169 Give The Brain A Workout
That’s Really Fun

San Francisco, CA (February 3, 2017) – Can playing games make you smarter? Some neurologists believe puzzle solving is akin to a good cardio workout for your brain! Kids – and adults – that try to decode a game of jumping rabbits and sliding foxes in Jump’in ($14.99) might be in the perfect frame of mind to ace this week’s math test! SmartGames, makers cognitive skill-building games and puzzles that are really fun, introduce four new games at Booth 169 at the North American International Toy Fair.

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Kids and adults working on planning, spatial reasoning and problem solving need just open IQ Focus ($9.99) or Temple Connection ($21.99). Young children can enjoy a fun mental workout with Snow White ($26.99) but watch out for the evil witch!

Year after year, the award-winning game company gears its thought-provoking puzzles for everyone – from ages 3 to 103. Educators and toy experts have globally applauded SmartGames with more than 75 industry awards for its clever ways to explore pattern recognition and spatial insight.

Retailers adore SmartGames puzzles for their consistent variety and challenges. Customers are happy to share their feedback all over the internet.

One mom-approved review on 2016’s Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe wrote, “I really squealed over the cuteness of this adorable game! How darling to have a game that goes right along with a childhood story favorite … The pieces are made of a soft plastic that feels like rubber, making them perfect for little fingers to grip. They are too large to be choke-able so I don’t have to worry about letting my toddler play with them on her own… The tiles can be placed in any direction, but they have to remain entirely on the board. I know this is intended for ages 4-7, but my 18-month-old was having a ball putting the pieces in different pegs and was just thrilled to be ‘playing’ a game next to her brothers!”

Last year’s IQ Puzzler Pro, meant for ages 6 to adult, generated plenty of good buzz online. One mom wound up purchasing two editions! As she explains online, “We purchased this as a gift for a friend, but my 5-year old accidentally opened it up and started playing with it. He loves it (as do both his parents). The accompanying book provides 100 ways to start the puzzle and ranges from very easy to much more difficult. Our son can follow the book to get started and then finishes the puzzle on his own. Some of the more difficult ones make it great for adults to play as well. We wound up buying a second version of this to gift his friend.”

Look for these four can’t-wait-to-play puzzles, arriving soon

Snow White • Ages 4+ • $26.99
Available in June 2017, this classic tale has a few twists and turns to challenge kids and mom or dad! Players use logic to place the game characters in a vertical 3D house according to increasingly challenging rules. Familiar characters including dwarves, a witch and Snow herself, all huddled around a forest cottage. Also includes a family-friendly picture book.

IQ Focus • Ages 6+ • $9.99
Available in March 2017, an amazing 120 challenges are tucked into this solo player puzzle. Kids to adults must focus on the central area of the game board to solve the puzzles in this IQ puzzle game. Fill the grid with 10 3D, multicolor pieces to match what is shown in the challenge.

Jump’in • Ages 7+ • $9.99
In Jump’In players help rabbits jump over the sliding the foxes around the game board until all are safe in their holes. Early challenges require just a few moves, but later challenges require dozens! A great travel game that features 60 challenges plus a portable carrying case. Available in March 2017.

Temple Connection • Ages 6+ • $21.99
Can you place the puzzle pieces with red roads and high bridges on the board to create paths that connect the beautiful temples in Temple Connection? Find your way up and over bridges and down around the low roads. Temples feature ground and second floors. Put it all together to solve the 80 different challenges! Perfect for solo play at home or in the minivan’s back seat! Available in March 2017.

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Find these new games in the coming year at toy stores across the U.S. and online at SmartGames followers can join them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest under SmartGamesUSA.

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