‘My First Safari’ & ‘My First Animal Train’ Make Their Debut

San Francisco, CA (May 9, 2017) – Kids are naturally attracted to large animals like giraffes, lions and hippos found in storybooks or on a trip to the zoo. One smart toy company uses these beautiful beasts to attract toddlers to the magic of magnetism. SmartMax, makers of colorful magnetic construction toys for young children, introduces two big game building toys. My First Safari ($19.99) and My First Animal Train ($29.99) are perfect for the youngest members in the house to safely explore magnetic play.

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North and south poles, attraction and repulsion are all concepts of magnetics that youngsters discover in science class. As preschoolers, they can begin to appreciate the thrill of a magnet pulling towards another magnet. By incorporating friendly animals and trains the beautifully crafted My First sets immediately appeal to a toddler’s senses of sight and touch.

In addition to the joy of clicking pieces together and pulling them apart as magnetic magic is discovered, toddlers pick up quite a few benefits during play. Parents will notice how hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, color recognition and creativity are stimulated and nurtured with a few rounds of play.

As with all SmartMax products, My First is compatible with all other SmartMax sets. As children grow, so can their SmartMax collections. Look for these newest sets on store shelves and online.

SmartMax My First Safari • $19.99 • Ages 1+
SmartMax My First Safari • $19.99 • Ages 1+

SmartMax My First Safari • $19.99 • Ages 1+

Toddlers are awed when discovering a crocodile, lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo and rhino! Creative kids can mix and match part to make crazy animal combos. The chunky animal parts are made from soft material and easily click on the SmartMax bars, making them ideal for little hands. Includes 18 pieces.

SmartMax My First Circus Train• $29.99 • Ages 1+
SmartMax My First Circus Train• $29.99 • Ages 1+

SmartMax My First Animal Train • $29.99 • Ages 1+

Choo choo! Preschoolers can engineer this the train with a conductor at the helm. Mix and match the train’s vehicles to bring all the circus animals aboard. The animal parts are made from soft material and the parts of the train simply click on the bars, making them ideal to grasp. Includes 25 pieces.

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