Toddler Toys Muchachos The Llama, Speculus The Tiger & Cat Baby Comforter Imported By TriAction Toys Dazzle Hard-To-Impress Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Holly Springs, NC (October 27, 2020) – When it comes to picking the best of the best, especially a child’s toy, it’s natural to be picky. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has searched the globe for this year’s finest playthings. Newcomer and European importer TriAction Toys wowed the 2020 judges not once but three times with its loveable, huggable array of soft toys for infants and toddlers. Oppenheim showered them with its highest honors – two rare Platinum and one Gold Seal Award in the infant and toddler categories.

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Corduroy fabric adds the softness to Les Deglingos Original Muchachos The Llama ($29.99) and Les Déglingos Soft Toys in Tubes Collection ($19.99). Both earned a prestigious Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award. This highest-level award is reserved for the most innovative, engaging new products of the year. Tucked inside each tube might be a funny-faced Hippo, Ostrich, Llama, Flamingo or Tiger! All five characters were included in the Platinum award.

Les Deglingos Soft Toys in Tubes Collection

Cuddly and snuggly Teddykompaniet Baby Comforter with Cow or Cat ($14.99) was tapped with an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. This recognition is given to outstanding new products that enhance the lives of children. Teddykompaniet is a family-run Swedish business, well known for its high-quality soft toys, made to suit children of all ages starting from birth.

“Infants don’t need a lot of playthings,” explains toy industry gurus at Oppenheim “but having well-chosen props for engaging your baby in play is essential.” Likewise, toy for toddlers should focus on “their newfound mobility and curiosity. It’s important to bring home a mix of playthings that play to their strengths and foster confidence in their ability to make things happen!”

Listed below are the gushing reviews as seen on the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards site,

Les Déglingos Soft Toys in Tubes Collection • $19.99 • Ages Newborn and upLes Déglingos Soft Toys in Tubes Collection • $19.99 • Ages Newborn and up
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award 2020

“You’ll want a menagerie of Les Déglingos! Their name is French for crazy or wacko. It should also mean adorable! We love the way these delightfully soft huggable animals arrive in a tube, printed with a face that hints at what animal will emerge. There’s a huggable blue hippo, a comically cute baby ostrich, an outstanding white-beaked pink flamingo, a sweet little white llama with a tuft of white fleece on top of its head; and a friendly tufted tiger with scattered stripes. Safe enough for baby, these have no buttons or bows, they are velvety soft, with stitched features and contrasting textures that make them interesting to the touch. Their bodies, all about 12″ head to toe, are made of silky corded plush, short and non-shedding, with fabric neckbands that are sewn on. They have easy to grab arms and legs and cleverly designed flat bottoms, so they can sit without flopping over. They are refreshingly different, witty in a child-friendly way, and all at an affordable price. Keepers!”

Les Deglingos Original Muchachos The Llama • $29.99 • Ages Newborn and upLes Deglingos Original Muchachos The Llama • $29.99 • Ages Newborn and up
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award 2020

“Muchachos the Llama has a sweet face with stitched features that seem to smile. A toddler size armful, 18” long with multiple textures—a corded plush body with velvety tan hooves trimmed with longer plush. Muchachos wears a lively patterned brown and white cotton poncho. Like the smaller Deglingos, this huggable has a flat bottom so he can sit without flopping over.”

Teddykompaniet Cow Baby Comforter or Cat Baby Comforter • $14.99 • Ages Newborn and upTeddykompaniet Cow Baby Comforter or Cat Baby Comforter • $14.99 • Ages Newborn and up
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

“So soft and sweet, these toys are washable plush and ideal comforting toys that babies find so comforting. We love the pink Cat Blanky with stitched features that seem toe smile and little arms, and blanky body to clutch. If you want something more gender neutral, choose the adorable white and tan Spotted Cow. These would make a lovely shower gift.”

Families looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower, welcome-home-baby or Holiday 2020 treat will be rewarded with ahhhs and ooohs without breaking the bank. Look for these award-winning toys online at and at Amazon. Or ask for them at neighborhood specialty retailers.

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Specialty toy retailers have a new avenue to showcase some of the most popular toys on the planet. TriAction Toys is the U.S. distributor for beloved European toymakers Teddykompaniet from Sweden and Les Déglingos from France. TriAction was founded by Chris Cofoni, a 14-year toy sales vet who became familiar with the specialty market while working for Melissa & Doug, Jazwares, and others. Discover all of the beautiful imports coming to our shores at

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