SolidRoots Introduces White Elephant, Yankee Swap & Dirty Santa Party Kits That Every Gift Swapping Gathering Must Have!


SolidRoots Introduces White Elephant, Yankee Swap & Dirty Santa Party Kits That Every Gift Swapping Gathering Must Have!

Tulsa, OK (July 9, 2019) — The biggest gift giving time of year is the Christmas/Hanukkah season. Gifts are exchanged at work, school, and with family. A well-planned gift exchange takes a little of the stress out of holiday shopping, while adding entertainment value to the office staff or family gatherings. Whatever you call it in your town, game maker SolidRoots ( has taken the gift swap to a whole new level with three party kits to make anyone a Hostess with the Mostess!

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“If your family is anything like mine, the annual holiday gift swap requires some serious explanation and planning,” wrote T. K. Brady, digital editor at The Food Network. “Who gets to participate? How many times can you steal the same present? Does anyone under the age of 10 get to skirt the rules altogether? It’s exhausting. Luckily, the folks at SolidRoots have either encountered similar problems — or have just heard enough friends complain about gift swaps gone awry because they’ve come up with a clever solution to solve the dilemma once and for all.”

Say hello to SolidRoots White Elephant, Dirty Santa and Yankee Swap Party Kits ($24.95).

SolidRoots White Elephant, Dirty Santa and Yankee Swap Party Kits ($24.95)A White Elephant gift exchange is a popular Christmas event where people vie to walk away with the best present. It also goes by Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, and a plethora of other names. If you live in the NE part of the country, you might host a Yankee Swap. Southerners are known to host a Dirty Santa where dirty refers to “stealing” one of the gifts.

“It’s rare to find a company that has the vision to game-ify and colloquial-ize something so huge as holiday gift exchange,” gushed Steve Starobinsky, new business spotter for Diverse Marketing.” I love the game itself, and even more so, I love that it gives retailers a merchandising “glue” to build a section of the top items under $20—$25. The product stands alone, but when paired with a good merchant – it makes the retailer better.”

The collection of party kits was inspired by SolidRoot’s CEO Jen Armstrong and family who are obsessed with over-celebrating just about any occasion you can think of. As their website explains, “They are loud, they are Italian, and they are fierce Rummy players. Their history is littered with hilarious stories, memories, and videos of ordinary occasions that turned into epic events. Some of their parties have been so wildly fun and over the top that they frequently have friends and neighbors ask if they can join in!”

White, Yankee or Dirty?
As the SolidRoots team dug into the traditions of America’s love of gift swapping, they came up with several explanations, humorously shared on their website.

White Elephant gifts tend to be the ones that are either burdensome to keep around and get rid of or just sad and disappointing. The real fun isn’t in the white elephant itself; it’s in the process of getting the white elephant. Or better yet, unloading your own white elephant. While you might not be the King of Thailand, you can still give white elephants away with the White Elephant Party Kit.

Yankee Swap comes from a couple of places. First, Walt Whitman used “yankee swap” to describe ideal Americanisms. With Americans trading more and more with the world in the 1800s, “yankee swap” was used to describe Americans, primarily coastal regions, engaging in the swapping of goods with the world. Which could be why Yankee Swap is generally played in the Northeast – including the good folks from fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company of Scranton, Pennsylvania!

TV’s The Office fans might recall the iconic $20 gift swap episode. Comedy Central loved the episode so much they posted their own studio gift swap featuring snippets from the beloved episode.

Another name for swapping down South is Dirty Santa. The dastardly dirt has to do with the stealing of gifts and bringing gifts that nobody really wants. The more you steal and scheme, the more fun it is. Plus, it’s a mixture of Yankee Swap and White Elephant – the gifts can be both gag gifts and useful items.

SolidRoots explains that each of their gift swapping games have the same setup and gameplay, just uniquely branded. So whether your family is disappointingly burdensome, disgustingly helpful or deviously dirty, you can enjoy each kit as you create unforgettable holiday moments.

White Elephant Party Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.95White Elephant Party Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.95
Known as the best gift for the party with the worst gifts (!) this kit features three different ways to play. Inside the kit are 35 numbered tokens shaped like ornaments, 100 stolen stickers and of course, official rules.

Dirty Santa Party Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.95Dirty Santa Party Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.95
Who wants to tear up tiny pieces of paper, wrangle a room full of people, and fight over rules? This is the ultimate party kit with numbers all the way up to 35, stolen stickers to keep track of steals, lots of ways to spice up the game including optional themes and additional ways to play.

Yankee Swap Party Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.95Yankee Swap Party Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.95
Created for some wicked good fun for the seriously serious gift-exchangers up North, this Yankee Swap kit offers everything but the presents! There are three ways to play. According to family lore, friends in New England began the tradition of exchanging things they no longer needed for something more useful. Useful is still the keyword in any Yankee Swap situation.

Did you know that SolidRoots overheard Santa himself recommend that no one should attempt to host or attend a gift exchange party without one of their party kits? Ho ho ho! Discover all kits at

Read the press release as a PDF

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