Newest Splushy Sea Pets Go Everywhere A Tot Ventures — Beach, Pool Or Stroller — Thanks To Amazing Anti-Microbial Filling That Prevents Mildew

Northfield, IL (April 13, 2016) – Splish, splash, your toddler is in the bath when his favorite Bunny or Bear falls in. Instead of tears, there are eruptions of giggles as Splushy ($14.99) — a collection of plush zoo pals and now sea pets — gets wet on purpose! The cuddly creatures can handle any amount of water thanks to their clever anti-microbial filling that stops mildew.

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Moms can attest to how a favorite dolly can be more like a security blanket and everywhere that Junior goes, so goes the doll.  As the calendar turns to the summer and no-more-school days, toddlers will be dragging their plush pals everywhere from the pool to the couch. The last thing anyone wants to see or smell is mold and mildew. Eww! Luckily a Splushy toy solves that problem for good!

“Most people think bath toy equals wet,” writes online retailer Pattycake Doll Company™. “But with Splushy’s, your children will get twice as much play time out of the same toy… because when dry, they become a soft and cuddly plush toy, making these dual purpose toys a great value!”

Parent company Neat-Oh! introduced four Splushy zoo animals last year — Splasher Bear, Stomper  Elephant, Hopper Bunny and Jumper Monkey. The demand
and delight was so great, they are introducing four more characters with a sea theme — Chomper the Shark, Clicker the Dolphin, Snapper the SeaTurtle and Barker the Sea Lion. Each animal comes with removable clothing that some kids consider their pal’s bathing suit! All pals measure between 11 and 12 inches, ideal for little arms to snuggle.

Parents report that a Splushy can get waterlogged and still float so there is no fear of hunting at the bottom of the pool for this clever playmate. Kids get wet so why not their favorite doll? Look for these sea themed characters at national stores like Sears and Kohl’s and regional stores such as Meijers. Zoo and aquarium gift shops look forward to expanding their Splushy line with these newest pals:

Barker Sea Lion • $14.99 • Ages 2+
This adorable sea lion is just waiting to make a splash as he sits up on his flippers. Endearing features like ears, a black nose and a yellow tuff of hair makes him adorable and adoptable! His polka-dotted clothing can be removed.

Chomper Shark • $14.99 • Ages 2+
This friendly shark will never bite the hand that loves him! Chomper’s bright smile and wide eyes makes him an instant friend. His torso is covered in a bright dotted short that can be removed for drying.

Clicker Dolphin • $14.99 • Ages 2+
This pretty dolphin at first glance seems shy but will quickly nuzzle and befriend any toddler! Her colorful body, from fins to nose, makes her easy to spot on the beach, backseat or among the toy shelf.

Snapper Sea Turtle • $14.99 • Ages 2+
Steady and slow is this happy guy with a sweet smile and floppy flippers. His shell is covered with a dotted multi-colored outfit that can be removed if curious toddlers wish to see what’s underneath.

Safety is always a big concern for parents and grandparents when choosing a toy. Neat-Oh spells out their strict procedures on their website, http://www.Neat-Oh.com. “Our comprehensive product safety testing program serves as the model for global brands and major toy corporations alike. Pulling from our background in the Food and Aerospace Industry, we have implemented the strictest safety standards in toy markets all around the world.”

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