NORTH POLE ALERT: IF SANTA DELIVERS A BIKE, HE EXPECTS A SPOKESTER STUFFED IN THE STOCKING!—The Traditional Big Gift Needs This $9.99 Accessory For A Roaring 2023 Read the #spokester press release


The Traditional Big Gift Needs This $9.99 Accessory For A Roaring 2023

Midlothian, VA (September 23, 2022) – Kids may not hear the reindeers dropping off goodies under the tree but they will absolutely hear, in days and weeks to come, one of the stocking stuffers left by mom or dad. Spokester® is the amazing $9.99 bike accessory that turns a ho hum two-wheeler into a motorcycle sounding machine! Vrooom vroom. Sold in five exciting colors, each snap-on noisemaker gives cyclists hundreds of hours of roaring excitement.

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Spokester® • $9.99 solo pack • $19.99 2Pack • $39.99 5Pack PromoIt’s been reported that stocking filler presents are usually the first place a child goes to on Christmas day. Families celebrating Hanukkah need to be pretty clever to offer eight nights of small gifts (per child!) without breaking the family budget. When it comes to Secret Santa giving, a small budget needs to wow the recipient. This clever one-piece design, created by a Virginia dad, is affordable, durable and memorable!

“Our Spokester bicycle noise maker is a bike accessory that will have the kids riding furiously back and forth,” reveals Spokester inventor and parent company Playtrix President Kevin Nelson, “pretending to be motorcycle riders. Just snap one on to the front fork of your bike, and the paddle section will make noise on the spokes of the wheel! Plus, cars will hear ’em coming, making everyone safer.”

Influencers and mom bloggers who have heard and seen the benefits of the Spokester in their own households have been spreading the word online.

“Kids have been dressing up their bikes for ages,” posted quincyandskylar on Instagram, “within their little budgets, buying a bell or perhaps a water bottle and holder. For under $10, they can now add rumbling sound effects to their ride with this Made in the USA product.”

Toy industry experts at Tillywig — who have seen everything in the children’s market — described the Spokester this way, “A single Spokester does the job brilliantly, though adding more amplifies the roar.” Tillywig gave the must-have accessory its 2022 Top Fun Award with additional praise:

Spokester® • $9.99 solo pack • $19.99 2Pack • $39.99 5Pack Promo“For as long as there have been bicycles, children have hungrily sought ways to put an audible vroom in their joyrides. Spokester is a low profile, easy-to-attach, plastic toy that accomplishes that end more elegantly, effectively, inexpensively and excitingly than anything we have seen to date. The single-piece Spokester has been designed and tested to withstand hundreds of hours of use, with the semi-circular clasp by which it attaches able to fit all children’s bikes. Affixing it requires no tools, minimal effort and takes a blink of an eye to complete…The tapered flap engages with the spokes as they whiz by so that even at modest speeds the sound escalates to a motor-like sound that turns heads.”

Spokester® • $9.99 solo pack • $19.99 2Pack • $39.99 5Pack PromoSpokester® • $9.99 solo pack • $19.99 2Pack • $39.99 5Pack Promo
2022 Top Fun Tillywig Award Winner
Spring 2022 – The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
Spring 2022 – Mom’s Choice Award Gold
Summer 2022 – Clamour Influencer Choice 2022 Favorite

Parents report Spokester not only makes a great stocking stuffer but is ideal for birthday party favors and/or an unexpected Tooth Fairy reward! Choose one or more colors: Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Red.

Playtrix LLC
Playtrix manufactures and sells the American-made Spokester bicycle noisemaker. Spokester is a clever toy that makes a child’s bike sound like a motorcycle. Made from sturdy, flexible plastic, it clips on to the front forks of a bike by hand, so adults never need to use any tools. Similar to the baseball card idea, Spokester is durable and flexible to fit on all children’s bikes. Discover more at

Sold online at, and select online, neighborhood toy and bike shops.

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