SPOKESTER® CLICKS WITH TOY JUDGES AS SPRING AWARDS REVEAL WHAT PARENTS ALREADY KNOW: CHILD’S BIKE PRODUCT “WORTH EVERY PENNY!”—The National Parenting Center & Mom’s Choice Awards Praises $9.99 Motor-Like Noisemaker That Snaps On A Bicycle’s Spokes


The National Parenting Center & Mom’s Choice Awards Praises $9.99 Motor-Like Noisemaker That Snaps On A Bicycle’s Spokes

Midlothian, VA (June 2, 2022) – As kids count down to summer recess, parents are thinking of ways to keep them active while enticing them to get outdoors.  A cool new accessory for the bike, currently parked in the garage, is one idea that’s winning praise from both The National Parenting Center and Mom’s Choice Awards this season. Spokester ($9.99 at spokester.com) is the affordable bike add-on that kids love to showcase around the neighborhood! And neighbors will certainly hear them coming.

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TNPC-Seal-of-Approval-(No-Year)_LR“For those who remember putting playing cards on the spokes of their bikes,” reads the glowing review from The National Parenting Center, “to make them sound like cars or motorcycles, here’s the next generation. If you recall, the problem with playing cards in spokes is that they did not last very long, inevitably falling off or tearing. That is not going to happen when you snap on a Spokester.”

“The Spokester easily attaches to the front frame of the bike. No tools are required! Thanks to its ingenious design, it will expand to fit various sized bike frames. Just apply a little pressure, and it pops right on. Then you simply adjust it so that the plastic piece is hitting the wheels’ spokes. It truly does make a bike sound like a motorcycle when they are peddling. Kids loved the loud rumbly sound that it created. Parents liked that they could hear it down the street but noted that it isn’t so loud that it would annoy the neighbors.”

ADD SOME VROOM, VROOM TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD BIKE RIDE WITH $9.99 SPOKESTER®—Featured on TODAY Show, Colorful (Or Black) Spokester Snaps On To A Child’s' Bike For A Realistic Motorcycle Sound

The ultimate compliment rounds out the parent-approved review: “Your child will definitely be the envy of all the other neighborhood kids. Before you know it, your neighborhood will have its own motorcycle club, and your child will be the head of the pack. Our parent testers highly recommend this product for easy, inexpensive, ingenious bike riding fun.”

Mom's Choice Awards GoldMom’s Choice Awards, honoring excellence in family-friendly products, wholeheartedly agrees. After reviewing thousands of items measuring production quality, design, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost, they awarded their Gold Seal to Spokester. Their online posting suggests it’s ideal for everyone in their school age audience!

Influencer Choice Favorite 2022Clamour teamed with the Toy Association to playtest hundreds of products with influencers who have at least 1 Million Followers and award Spokester their Clamour Influencer Choice 2022 Favorite product award.

Spokester® • All Ages • $9.99 Spokester is available in blue, green, purple, red or black. Choosing the noisemaker’s color might be the hardest choice a kid has to make. These Made-in- the-USA attachments are manufactured in North Carolina with FREE shipping when ordering two or more. Better yet, save and please all the kids in the house with a 5-pack at the current sale price of $39.99.

Spokester® • All Ages • $9.99
Spring 2022 – The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
Spring 2022 – Mom’s Choice Award Gold
Summer 2022 – Clamour Influencer Choice 2022 Favorite

Spokester® • All Ages • $9.99 “Looking to add a little fun to your child’s bike riding experience? If so, then this simple product is worth every penny, all 999 of them,” kicks off this month’s Seal of Approval review by The National Parenting Center. Spokester is a unique plastic toy designed and tested to fit all children’s bikes. The flexible circular clasp expands to grip all diameters of bicycle forks. The flapper flexes as the bicycle spokes turn past it, making a loud motor-like noise. Spokester is made from rugged plastic that is tested to withstand hundreds of miles of riding. Parents report they make a great good-report-card reward, Tooth Fairy surprise or stocking stuffer. Birthday party favors are now a “snap”– especially for bicycle-themed parties.

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Playtrix LLC

Playtrix manufactures and sells the American-made Spokester bicycle noisemaker. Spokester is a clever toy that makes a child’s bike sound like a motorcycle. Made from sturdy, flexible plastic, it clips on to the front forks of a bike by hand, so adults never need to use any tools. Similar to the baseball card idea, Spokester is durable and flexible to fit on all children’s bikes. Discover more at Spokester.com.

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