Choose Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star Or Wandering Star To Join Your Favorite Girl On A Path To Adventure

Alexandria, VA (September 25, 2017) — Books and dolls are always a sure bet when shopping for a special girl on the Holiday list. But a perfect present would be one where your girl and her doll are written into the storybook! Imagine her surprise on Christmas morning when she reads about herself in a make-believe adventure with her new dolly! That’s the premise behind Starpath Dolls ($79) combination of play, reading and imagination that has been wowing families all year.

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“Starpath Dolls has a new set of beautiful, multi-ethnic dolls and story books which are available as printed books or e-books which incorporate the child’s name, city, appearance and other personal details to create a truly one-of-a-kind personalized adventure!” approvingly wrote mom blogger MomFabFun to her readers. “We chose the title Tiger Magic and input details on the website to help personalize the book (information like school attended, doll’s name, grandparent’s name, etc.). We settled in to read the book after it was downloaded and my daughter was thrilled with the results! She was tickled to see her name and details about her life and family incorporated into the story.”

Echoed mom blogger 3 Princes And A Princess 2. “My daughter thought really hard upon choosing her doll and found something special in the Latina doll – Shining Star – whom she has named Skylar. She just thought she was really beautiful.  Prior to receiving her books she was really enjoying her doll, but the book took her excitement to a whole new level. With each turn of the page her intrigue grew. She kept running to me to show me what facts the next chapter held about her, like her school’s name, or town she lives in. She has already read the book multiple times.”

Simply put, girls ages 5 to about 9 years old can escape into magical, personalized chapter books starring them and their dolls! Girls, or parents and gift givers, can choose from four unique 18-inch dolls—Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star and Wandering Star—and then visit the enchanting Starpath Dolls website,, to create a personalized book.

First choose a chapter book — currently A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong or Tiger Magic — then fill in a few questions to create the story’s characters. Customized details are woven throughout every page of the book, making it truly her story. Gift givers have the option to purchase the doll and personalize the book at a later time or e-mail the personalization link to another. Paperback versions of the chapter book are sold separately ($20) and arrive by postal mail in approximately one week. Or choose an instant e-book, free with each doll purchase.

“With the purchase of each Starpath Doll comes one complimentary e-book,” explains Anita Winsor, Founder and Managing Director of Starpath Dolls. “Buyers can personalize and download the chapter book on an e-reader the very same day to read with your child at bedtime that night.”

Beyond the book, it’s the beautiful details of each doll that makes Starpath an instant favorite with the elementary school set. Reviews from mom bloggers have been overwhelming in their praise:

It has been a few days since we received our Starpath Doll (now renamed Mia), and Kinsley hasn’t left her side. Everything we do, Mia comes along for the ride. Seeing Kinsley interact with her doll is absolutely adorable. She is able to brush Mia’s hair, and change her clothes which makes the doll so much more life-like!  I am so thrilled that Starpath Dolls are now available. These dolls are perfect and girls around the world are able to relate to their wide variety of backgrounds!
— Momma’s Little Reviews & Giveaways

Since receiving Wandering Star, she and my daughter have been inseparable. Since the body of the doll is soft, she has been a perfect reading partner, cuddle buddy and car companion… I appreciate the detail that has gone into not only the doll itself but her backstory and the accessories. And at a fraction of the cost of other 18” dolls, it’s hard to say no.
— The Kids Did It

I was amazed at the size and quality of our Starpath Doll as it is priced at only $79. When considering American Girl Dolls can be priced at as high as $115, the Starpath Doll is a steal. I can tell little to no difference. In my opinion the Starpath Dolls are actually better and hold up to a whole lot more play. Sierra loves dressing up like her doll. I was amazed at the sculpting in the face. It is so real and lifelike that Morning Star takes on her own personality.
— In The Know With JoJo

Holiday shoppers can order now and forget about braving shopping malls or searching toy store shelves. There’s even a Gift Certificate to allow your favorite girl to do the selecting herself online! Choose from four personalities:

Morning Star • $79
Shines so bright, her smile lights up the sky. She’s happy and fun in every way and ready for any adventure that comes her way.

Shining Star • $79
Bubbly and playful, makes friends wherever she goes. With her twinkling laugh and loyal ways she can be counted on for a great time and amazing memories that last.

Wishing Star • $79
Tell this friend all your dreams and secrets. Life is full of new opportunities and adventures and she is a friend you can trust with all your ideas.

Wandering Star • $79
Curiosity always leads her on an exploration of new things to learn and exciting discoveries. Silly and mischievous she always finds hidden treasures and many amazing wonders.In addition to the dolls and the books, Starpath Dolls will be selling beautiful, plush animals that were featured in the stories.

Add a soft plush companion to the stocking or as an add-on to the eight nights of Hanukkah:

Tiger Plush • $15.50
Direct from the jungles of India comes a snuggly, plush tiger. This 8” plush tiger comes directly from the pages of “Tiger Magic,” the exotic adventure story that is one of the Starpath Dolls chapter books.

Swan Plush • $14
From the royal, fairy tale stream comes a luxurious, white, plush swan. This 8” plush swan is taken from the pages of A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong, the exciting adventure story that stars a girl and her doll.

When in doubt, choose the gift certificate! The wow-factor reaction will be the same.

Gift Certificate • Doll & Paperback Book • $99
This gift certificate covers the price of the doll and personalized chapter book, as well as the shipping and handling. The young recipient can then choose a doll and book on the website and personalize the story as they like. Once purchased, the gift certificate will be delivered to the recipient’s e-mail address that you specify during purchase, and will contain the To and From names you will customize during purchase, as well as a redemption code the recipient can use to choose their doll and book on the website when they please.

Gift Certificate • Doll with Free E-Book • $79
This gift certificate covers the price of the doll, a code to download one free e-Book as well as the shipping and handling to deliver it to the lucky recipient.

Ready to order? Starpath Dolls offers free U.S. shipping on orders over $50 at

These exquisite dolls can also be found at select retailers throughout the United States at nearly half the price of the top-selling doll in today’s market! Follow them on social media channels Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Created by a mother and a young daughter who love to read, Starpath Dolls are designed to inspire a love of reading while encouraging girls to see themselves in worlds outside their own. According to Anita Winsor, Starpath Founder and Managing Director, “Starpath Dolls enable a girl to go on her own journey into the exciting world of her book. Her doll, who becomes her travelling companion and friend, further brings the story to life.” Find a selection of dolls, plush and clothing accessories at

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