Starpath Dolls


Created by a mother and a young daughter who love to read, Starpath Dolls are designed to inspire a love of reading while encouraging girls to see themselves in worlds outside their own. According to Anita Winsor, Starpath founder and CEO, “Starpath Dolls enable a girl to go on her own journey into the exciting world of her book. Her doll, who becomes her travelling companion and friend, further brings the story to life.” Starpath Dolls will be available online and at select retailers throughout the United States at nearly half the price of the top-selling doll in today’s market.

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Starpath Dolls


Starpath Dolls Are Multi-ethnic BFFs With Shared Adventures in Customized Books Alexandria, VA (April 26, 2017) – Everyone needs a best friend (or, BFF, as today’s kids call them). BFFs provide us with companionship, acceptance, and love. They also give…

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