Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99


Invite King Chomper, The One-Step-At-A-Time King, To The Kitchen Table Or Couch For Memorable Lessons Outlining The Timeless Game Of Strategy

Brooklyn, NY (March 20, 2020) – It was only a few days ago that parents pondered, “what could we be doing if we only had the time — time away from commuting, errands, social obligations and homework?” With the pandemic pause in full swing, now we know! Crack open that book, spend a whole day with the dog and finally learn how to play chess!

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Story Time Chess ($49.99 at was first discovered by retailers at NYC’s Toy Fair last month. This month, it has been flying off the online shelves because it works! Preschoolers ages 3 and up, with their homeschooling siblings, are learning along with mom and dad the many ins and outs of this timeless strategic game. With whimsy names like Bea and Bop, The Bishops, Clip and Clop, and The Knights, the iconic black and white game pieces come alive with backstories that are fun, silly and naturally memorable.

Imagine sitting on the couch and opening a storybook with vivid illustrations of a portly king chowing down on slices of pizzas! You’d want to learn more, right? As Chapter 1 explains, “each morning, King Chomper ate ten pancakes for breakfast. In the afternoon, he scarfed down twenty sandwiches. And every evening for dinner, he gobbled down thirty pizzas!” As parents read aloud the story – or kids read to themselves – their eyes widen and take in the whole storyline. A few paragraphs later, the chess a-ha moment is understood. As the story points out, “Because King Chomper has such a big belly, he moved very slowly. He only took one step at a time, no matter where he went.”

Kids discover all of the game pieces in this manner and how and why, eventually, they glide across the chess board. Testimonials from Grandmaster champs to early childhood educators boast of the ease and fun of this revolutionary game set. Perhaps more importantly, more than 80,000 children have learned to play chess with this process perfected over 12 years!

“I really like Story Time Chess,” writes Wesley So, Grandmaster and Former U.S. Chess Champion. “Teaching kids to recognize patterns, understand actions and consequences, as early as age three, is valuable training whether they go on to play chess or not.” He continues, “I started at age 6, but if I had the opportunity, I would have started younger. It should be available to children everywhere.”

Lee Scott, Goddard School Advisory Board/Early Learning Curriculum Specialist heartily agrees. “I like how Story Time Chess works with executive function skills,” adding, “Children learn to self-regulate, take turns, sit still for little bit and think about what they are going to do next.”

Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99

There are so many benefits to learning the game, no matter your age or ability. K-12 students will benefit the most with strengthening academic performance, improving retained test scores, enhancing arithmetic skills, sharpening critical thinking and boosting EQ – emotional intelligence.

As the website,, outlines, “children have an astounding ability to retain stories down to the last detail. Telling a child an abstract rule may only confuse them because they have nothing to connect with. Instead of telling children what something is, Story Time Chess is perfect for showing the rules of the chess – through stories.”

Did you know?
The word chess is derived from the Persian “shah,” which means king. The board was developed between the third and sixth centuries in India and is comprised of 64 small squares. Only two players can play against each other, using 16 pieces each. Beginning chess players discover very quickly that learning how the pieces move is only the tip of the chess playing iceberg. The aim is to checkmate your opponent by threatening their king in such a way that it cannot escape or be freed by another piece in the next move.

For those that already have a mastery of the game, Story Time Chess players can simply flip the board over to its standard. Chess side. As a refresher, an instructional booklet explaining the traditional game rules is included.

“We like to think that learning chess is like running a marathon,” explains The Story Time Chess creators. “The path to success isn’t sprinting, but rather pacing yourself and moving one step at a time (much like King Chomper and King Shaky!) Each of the stories in this book is designed to teacher a specific piece, followed by chess exercises for practicing how to use that piece.”

Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99
What’s in the box? Look for these six special features: colorful Story Time Chess board; Story Time Chess teaching storybook and a Coloring Book; Tournament sized, uniquely molded Staunton pieces with special slot for character images; super thick cardboard punch out accessories; standard chess instructions and double-sided chess board!

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About Story Time Chess
Story Time Chess ( is based on a chess teaching method that has been utilized and perfected over the last 12 years through a New York City-based company called Chess At Three, which has successfully taught over 80,000 children in the last decade how to play chess through stories. The same story-based curriculum being used by these tutors is also being licensed by over 1,000 schools. The brand-new game compresses 12 years of knowledge from teaching young kids how to play chess and the result is a beautifully designed game that can teach any person from age 3-103 how to play chess through fun engaging stories and exercises.

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