Checkmate! Story Time Chess Wows Spring 2020 Judges With Bold Characters, Thick Game Pieces And Ideal Story Length To Engage Tots, Tweens & Parents


Checkmate! Story Time Chess Wows Spring 2020 Judges With Bold Characters, Thick Game Pieces And Ideal Story Length To Engage Tots, Tweens & Parents

Brooklyn, NY (May 11, 2020) – Looking to introduce the kids to a classic game, explained in a whimsical child-friendly way, that’s ideal for families staying close to home? “Story Time Chess is not a new variation of the timeless, classic game,” begins the glowing review by The National Parenting Center. “What it is, is a complete chess course!” With that introduction, the Spring 2020 Seal of Approval goes to Story Time Chess ($49.99 at

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Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99Toy experts — who have seen everything that comes on the market — were charmed by this twist on the iconic strategy game. Tillywig Toy Awards gave Story Time Chess its 2020 Brain Child Award and described it as “joyously engaging.” Hot Diggity Awards recognized that grownups who never learned how to play, could now master the game along with their youngest child. The Toy Insider spotlighted the boxed set as one of this year’s hottest “must have” toys.

Why all the acclaim? Parents quickly discover that demystifying the strategies of moving a rook, bishop or a king is as easy as reading a vivid story. King Shaky never ventured out of his silly pillow castle because he was so fearful, but when forced to, he took tentative steps and only one at a time. Bea and Bop Bishop became trapeze artists with the circus, and were known for their amazing act, The Great Diagonal. Everyone in the house can listen than practice their newly found chess skills. And if Mom and Dad have not played the strategy game, they need not be intimidated for absolutely no chess experience is required to learn then play.

Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99 The National Parenting Center • 2020 Seal of Approval“Chess has always been intimidating to me!” concedes Hot Diggity Awards who lists this classic game reimagined as one of the best products for families this season. “Story Time Chess allowed me to learn the game while teaching my child in very easily digestible steps.” Their online description says it all: “For parents who don’t play the game, if you can read a story, you can learn and teach chess.”

Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99
The National Parenting Center • 2020 Seal of Approval

“Story Time Chess is not a new variation of the timeless, classic game; what it is, is a complete chess course! The game offers a level of education about the game of chess that few of our parent testers had seen before. Every aspect of this new product is so well thought out. Each piece is well-produced; the cardboard characters that attach to the main game pieces are thick and not easily bent. The pawns are a sturdy plastic material that feel nice in your hands. These chess pieces and all of their moves are introduced as bold characters through imaginative storytelling, in a smart, creative, and original way. The stories are just the right length as well as fun and engaging.”

“We found that even the youngest players remained captivated and wanted to hear more. You will all play several times until it becomes more and more familiar with the story playing in the back of each players mind as they make their moves. Once everyone becomes confident at playing chess, you can just flip the board over and play the real deal. Parents are always delighted to find a game (or toy) that fits back in its box as quickly, neatly, and efficiently as Story Time Chess does. This is a different from the traditional introduction to chess for sure, but it is one that does it so very well.”

Tillywig Toy Award • 2020 Brain Child

Tillywig Toy Award • 2020 Brain Child“Everything about Story Time Chess, from its high-quality components to its joyously engaging and effective teaching methods, exceeded our every expectation. At the core of this remarkable feat is the set’s Storybook, an integral part of the learning process. In the Storybook, each piece is a memorable character in an ongoing story that serves as a powerful way to understand and memorize the distinct ways in which it moves. Following each chapter are minigame exercises that provide an enjoyably engrossing means of practicing the capabilities of the piece just covered.”

“A full set of chess pieces are included, and these, too, are quite special. Each piece has a corresponding character cutout that slips into a groove on the front, giving the piece the appearance (for as long as desired) of the friendly character from the story. Also included are a two-in-one board with a story-themed side and a standard chess board side, colorful pizza and jewel tokens for use in the practice exercises and in a version of chess called the Crown Card Game, and much more. In addition to imparting the knowledge necessary to play chess, this entertaining and impactful approach inspires in kids a genuine love of the game and fosters a hunger to keep playing, learning and improving!”

2020 Hot Diggity Award2020 Hot Diggity Award

“The accompanying story book really breaks down each game piece and its unique role in the game. This is a great family activity while sheltering in place as we have lots of family time!”

Story Time Chess • Ages 3+ (really!) • $49.99What’s in the box?
Look for these six special features: colorful Story Time Chess board; Story Time Chess teaching storybook and a Coloring Book; Tournament sized, uniquely molded Staunton pieces with special slot for character images; super thick cardboard punch out accessories; chess instructions and double-sided chess board!

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About Story Time Chess
Story Time Chess ( is based on a chess teaching method that has been utilized and perfected over the last 12 years through a New York City-based company called Chess At Three, which has successfully taught over 80,000 children in the last decade how to play chess through stories. The same story-based curriculum being used by these tutors is also being licensed by over 1,000 schools. The brand-new game compresses 12 years of knowledge from teaching young kids how to play chess and the result is a beautifully designed game that can teach any person from age 3-103 how to play chess through fun engaging stories and exercises.

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