Open-Ended Play Has Never Looked More Delicious: Thin Air Brands Introduces Stretchy and Squishy Pizza, Burger, Burrito & Snacks Play Food

Parker, CO (March 24, 2021) — Letting kids experiment with food choices is the delicious idea behind the launch of Stretcheez™ play food sets. Kids add toppings to pizza or build a burrito with yummy components. There’s no mess and no waste because it’s all make-pretend! Stretcheez secret sauce, so to speak, is the tactile compound of a stretchable, squishable base that feels like dough and moves like slime. Youngsters are encouraged to handle but never taste the many elements that go into each of their culinary creations.

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Open-Ended Play Has Never Looked More Delicious: Thin Air Brands Introduces Stretchy and Squishy Pizza, Burger, Burrito & Snacks Play Food

Available online starting March 2021 at are Stretcheez Pizza, Burger, Snacks and Burrito ($13). Each enticing offering is boxed and ready for a foodie adventure. Retailers will love the novel point of purchase display where Burrito boxes rest next to a cactus and Pizza boxes are surrounded by a brick oven motif. The see-through packaging shows parents and kids exactly what’s in the box. It’s a guarantee that kids will become a connoisseur when given tasty choices of mushroom or veggie vs. Buffalo Chicken burgers!

Stretcheez-PizzaWith Stretcheez, there is no taste-testing, of course, put plenty of hands-on experimentation with toppings. Pizza choices are endless with prosciutto & mozzarella or maybe ham, egg & tomatoes. Afterall, there are no correct ways to play with food. There are also no sticky fingers as the Stretcheez plastic compound has no chemicals or residue. Stretch and toss that pizza in the air. Knead the dough and spread the sauce. Show off your creation to the grownups for inspiration for a real oven-baked pizza pie.

Stretcheez-PizzaWe’ve all seen the Lunchables or pre-packaged snack packs in the refrigerated section. Stretcheez takes this concept (ahem) a stretch further with Breakfast, Hotdog and Sandwich boxed sets. Each variety pack has 12 different play pieces to build a bendable, squishable stack of pancakes, top crazy combos on a hot dog bun or build a traditional sandwich with onion, cheese and lettuce. Yum.

Before little ones play “chef,” caregivers should remind children that play food should never, ever be eaten!

Look for all four collectible foodie sets this spring at

Stretcheez Burger • $13 • Ages 3+Stretcheez Burger • $13 • Ages 3+
Are you a medium, rare or well-done kind of meat lover? Kids will discuss dozens of layers to put between the bun from Flamethrower and Cowboy to Mexican Fiesta and good-ole Cheese Burger. Each Burger box includes 12 pieces of play food. The contents are illustrated on the box. There are a dozen different stretchy burgers to collect.

Stretcheez Burrito • $13 • Ages 3+
It always starts with a blank tortilla and ends with a delicious burrito. Nine different Burrito boxes offer kids an insight into Mucho Caliente, California Deluxe or Baja Sea Food. Dinnertime conversation will certainly expand with a child’s foodie knowledge of Tex-Mex, Italian and Oriental takes on the iconic wrapped cylindrical shape.

Stretcheez Pizza • $13 • Ages 3+

Stretcheez Pizza • $13 • Ages 3+
There’s so much more than pepperoni when kids get to design their own stretchy, squishy pizza pie. Each box has a minimum of 12 pieces to add, experiment or skip this time around. Fun toppings include Meat Lover, Veggie, Cherry Tomato & Basil and of course, a Weird Mix (onions and no sauce?) that’s perfectly acceptable from the imagination of a child.

Stretcheez Snacks • $13 • Ages 3+
It may be the most important meal of the day – snack time! Choose from three themes – Breakfast, Hotdog and Sandwich. Ponder the choices and put together a tasty treat. Mix and match, stretch and bend then serve up a treat to a favorite dolly or surprise mom.

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Have you ever heard the saying great ideas come out of thin air? Thin Air Brands take that thought seriously and are constantly looking for inspiration from the world around us. The company, based in Colorado, was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. Their mission is to make truly awesome toys that will teach, entertain, and inspire – available at every major retailer worldwide. With 25 years of toy and manufacturing experience, you’ll find that great ideas really do come out of Thin Air! Brands include: Anywhere Ball, Ben Franklin Toys, Flight Line Toys, Nature Bound Toys, Pea Pod Babies, Dr. STEM Toys, and Taiyo RC. Creativity, design and innovation are highly valued but never at the risk of safety. Discover for yourself at

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