Discover the wonders of costume play with these ten Suitables. In under an hour, youngsters can suit up and power their imagination


Suitables 2019 Holiday Collection, At Just $39.99, Are Corrugated Cardboard Costumes That Kids Will Treasure All Year Round!

Menlo Park, CA (November 20, 2019) – Ever notice on Christmas morning that kids would rather play with the box than the gift inside? There’s something magical about simple play with no rules or goals, just imagination! Suitables has taken this concept to the next level and created beautiful corrugated cardboard wearables that kids (with adult help) can transform into an airplane, train, rocket ship or firetruck. Imagine that!

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“Kids love boxes and role play. Suitables provides both,” wrote one delighted parent on Facebook. “My son loved pretending he was a train and a plane and a bulldozer! He absolutely loved pushing the SOUND button on each.”

Just in time for holiday giving, Suitables ( is offering free shipping on any of their 10 make-it/wear-it costumes. Parents and grandparents might have a hard time selecting among the Aircraft Carrier ($39.99) or Union Pacific Diesel Train ($39.99) or the magical Cinderella’s Coach ($34.99). After assembly, the one-size outfit fits most preschoolers to tweens.

Customers who brought home a Suitable gushed on social media to their friends:

Suitables“Wonderfully designed and constructed. Sturdy enough for year round play. Fantastic customer service!”

“Very sturdy costumes for the imaginative kids in your life. My daughter couldn’t wait to get her carriage on. YouTube instructions are incredibly helpful and easy to follow. Can’t wait to get the aircraft carrier up and running!!”

“The bulldozer is great. Video directions were clear and my son loved helping put it together. Building it with him was as fun as wearing it afterwards”

As parents, grandparents and neighbors gather this holiday season, putting together a Suitable in 25 or 30 or 40 minutes becomes a fun learning activity children will recall years from now! Step-by-step YouTube videos make it super easy to assemble. When complete, cute and comfy best describe these slip-over-your-head wearables. Every handsomely designed Suitable is lightweight—around 2 lbs., including electronics and batteries. And the soft, stretch straps make wearing them comfortable.

Discover the wonders of costume play with these ten Suitables. In under an hour, youngsters can suit up and power their imagination:

Space Shuttle Discovery • $39.99Space Shuttle Discovery • $39.99
Let your kid “space out” in our detailed NASA Space Shuttle Discovery. Features astronaut and mission control sounds, satellite toy, and optional cargo bay doors that latch closed! Approximate build time: 45-60 minutes. The NASA insignia logo is used with permission from NASA.

Space Cruiser • $39.99Space Cruiser • $39.99
Houston, we are ready to blast off in this classic style rocket ship with countdown and blast off sound! No doubt this will be the most unique costume on the block! Approximate build time: 25 minutes.

Space Princess • $39.99Space Princess • $39.99
Add a feminine touch to a rocket ship and you’ve got this pretty model. Features classic rocket style with lights and sound (countdown with blastoff!). Approximate build time: 25 minutes.

Cinderella’s Coach • $34.99Cinderella’s Coach • $34.99
Wear this before midnight and there are no fears of turning into a pumpkin! Ride into fairy tale fantasy in this classic Cinderella pumpkin coach! Features enchanting gold trim and jewels fit for a princess and optional/removable horses. Approximate build time: 30 minutes.

Airplane • $39.99 Airplane • $39.99
Take to the skies in this classic propeller airplane. Features include a spinning propeller, landing gear, and airplane sounds. Approximate build time: 30 minutes.

Diesel Train – Santa Fe or Union Pacific • $39.99
All aboard! Do Christmas and Trains go together? Of course they do! This is the design that inspired the creation of Suitables. Choose the yellow Union Pacific Diesel or red Santa Fe Diesel train boasting a classic diesel train horn sound and detailed high-quality graphics that faithfully represent the UP and SF brands. Approximate build time: 25 minutes. Products bearing Union Pacific mark are used with approval from Union Pacific Railroad Company. Likewise, products bearing BNSF/Santa Fe mark are used with approval from BNSF Railroad Company.

Aircraft Carrier • $39.99Aircraft Carrier • $39.99
For a “boat load” of fun, cruise the seas in this unique aircraft carrier modeled after the iconic USS Enterprise featured in Top Gun! Listen to flight sounds and look for the detailed F-14 Tomcats on deck and in below deck hangars. When not wearing the carrier, kids can snap in a deck cover and test their flight landing skills with 5 fun-flying mini airplane kits. Approximate build time: 40 minutes.

Fire Truck • $39.99Fire Truck • $39.99
Jump in the truck, blare the sirens, and race to put out that fire in this bright red fire truck! Features head turning graphics, fire engine horn and siren sounds. You won’t find anything else like it because Suitables doesn’t skimp on details.

Bulldozer • $39.99Bulldozer • $39.99
Push that dirt! This unique Suitables bulldozer captures all the beautiful grown-up elements of the real thing. Features detailed control panel and real bulldozer sounds! Approximate build time: 40 minute

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Read the press release as a PDF

Suitables is a California-based company founded by an adamant toddler and a dedicated dad through a homemade Halloween costume build that resulted in discovery of a need for something new, innovative, environmentally friendly/recyclable, and above all, fun! Discover what’s new at


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