TANGLE® UPS THE GAME THIS SEMESTER WITH PHONE & FOOTBALL FUN FROM MORNING TO NIGHT—Get Kids To Always Pick Up With $10 Tangle® Phone Fidget™ Then Make It Friday Night Lights Every Day With $20 NightBall® Matrix Football


Get Kids To Always Pick Up With $10 Tangle® Phone Fidget™ Then Make It Friday Night Lights Every Day With $20 NightBall® Matrix Football

South San Francisco, CA (August 23, 2022) – School days these days involve phones and football as much as French and Fine Arts! Tangle® has two creative tools to add to the back-to-school shopping list that are affordable and delightful for kids of all ages and abilities! Tangle® Phone Fidget™ ($10) is actually three phone accessories tangled together in vibrant colorways. Tangle® NightBall® Matrix Football ($20) is small enough to be a sure catch for the rookies. The light-up football means more moving outside, no matter how close it is to bedtime.

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Tangle Phone Fidget ToyName one gadget heading to school that’s a calculator, a camera and yes, able to make phone calls.  Kids everywhere rely on their mobile phones so dress it up with the colorful Tangle Phone Fidget. With a peel and a stick to the back of the phone, this detachable toy is actually three accessories in one. It turns one-handed selfies into a steady cam. Twist and turn it to make a phone stand. And when that big test is looming, the tactile toy calms and improves focus, especially for kids with ADHD!

No one thinks of the cell phone as an exercise tool but with the Tangle Phone Fidget, continuous use strengthens hand and wrist muscles and helps fight inflammation! The flexible and functional phone accessory — with an array of interchangeable connectors, and colorful combos that wrap around your hand or wrist — allow for a functional grip, and a therapeutic fidget experience. Who knew?

Tangle NightBall FootballWhen it’s time to put down the phone, twist the toy into an adjustable phone stand. The versatile Tangle can be adjusted to stand your phone up on any surface or wrap it around objects to get the perfect angle.

Retailers like Learning Express Toys of Louisville love showing off the must-have accessory. “Bet you didn’t know you needed a Tangle phone fidget,” the retailer wrote on its Facebook page. “Use it to fidget or to make a phone call. Oh, did mention you can use it as a phone prop? Watch all of our TikTok’s in style!”

Tangle® Phone Fidget™ • $10 • Age 3+Tangle Phone Fidget - Green_Packaging
Twist, tangle, fidget anywhere your phone is. This 3-in-1 accessory is also a therapy device! It’s been proven over decades that playing with Tangles helps improve focus and is therapeutic for individuals with ADHD. Continuous use strengthens hand muscles and relieves minor stress and anxiety. Also makes a great Good Report Card gift, Birthday Goodie Bag insert or Tooth Fairy surprise. Choose from three color combos with the primary color as Orange, Lime or Pink. It’s quick and easy to attach to the back of a mobile phone. Just peel and adhere.

When school and homework are done, a toss, catch or punt with the NightBall Matrix Football is be a great way to end the day. Not to mention improving little ones’ gross motor skills and coordination.

Tangle Phone Fidget “My 10-year-old nephew, who’s normally a bookworm, loved this football,” posted a shopper online at Fat Brain Toys dot com. “He enjoyed playing with it and was also interested in how it was designed to light up. His 8-year-old sister enjoyed playing with it too! All in all, it was a big hit and a great surprise to his parents that it got him to get up and exercise instead of always having his head in a book (or the iPad). Not that it’s not great that he loves books but getting up and having fun exercising is also great!”

It’s a shame that fall and winter daylight gets shortened just when kids need to get outside and burn some sedentary energy. The Matrix Football actually shines brighter the more it spins, giving kids (and grownups) no more excuses to playing outside after dinner. Throw it through the air for a perfect pass or punt it for a fantastic field goal. Each toss, bounce, and roll of the ball triggers the light so players never lose track of it.

Tangle® NightBall® Matrix Football • $20 • Ages 3+Tangle® NightBall® Matrix Football • $20 • Ages 3+
This innovative airless Matrix design makes the NightBall Football easy to throw and easy to catch! Built with specially designed super bright pulse LEDs, the NightBall will amaze footballers with its bright flight as it spirals through the air. Made of latex-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic TPR material, every NightBall is water-resistant and floats too! The Matrix lights up brighter the more it spins! This Nightball Football measures 5″ x 8.5″ x 5″ and does not require inflation. It’s ready to go!

Look for Tangle playthings just about everywhere from online to Learning Express and Nordstrom to Walmart and even the MoMA Design Store! When shopping at tanglecreations.com, enjoy free shipping on domestic orders over $40. Follow them on your favorite social media channel – TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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About Tangle, Inc.

Established in 1981, this family run toy company created the Original Fidget Toy – the Tangle. Twist it, Turn it… the possibilities are endless! Forty years later, Tangle’s mission is to continue to invent and develop products that stimulate the creativity of kids around the world. Sculptor, inventor and Tanglemaster Richard X. Zawitz now works along with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson, running the business out of a beautiful warehouse gallery in South San Francisco. After 41 years and 300 million+ units sold worldwide, Tangles are the ultimate creativity tool for kids and adults alike! Discover (or rediscover) this beloved brand at https://www.tanglecreations.com.

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