OUTDOORS OR IN, TANGLE® PETS AQUATIC COLLECTION BECKONS KIDS THIS SUMMER ALONG WITH NIGHTBALL® VOLLEYBALL Is It Any Wonder Learning Express Named Tangle, the Global Tactile Sensation For Generations, Among Its Top Two Sales Increase Winners?


Is It Any Wonder Learning Express Named Tangle, the Global Tactile Sensation For Generations, Among Its Top Two Sales Increase Winners?

South San Francisco, CA (July 21, 2022) — When your brand keeps pace, year after year in sales, that’s good news. But when your annual sales increase more than all of the competition on the toy shelves, that’s remarkable! Learning Express just awarded Tangle®, Inc. its prestigious Second Place 2022 Sales Increase Award. (For those curious, they were bested only by Kellytoy, makers of Squishmallows!)

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Retailers adore and consumers can’t resist the twisty hands-on toy that inspires creativity and imagination with interconnecting links on a 90-degree curve that click together and pivot at each joint. These bendable creations, that have no beginning and no end, have been a hit since the 1980s! New for Summer 2022 are Tangle® Pets Aquatic ($8) a collection of six seaside creatures that inspire play in the tub or the pool. Families hoping to squeeze out a few more hours of outdoor fun are captivated with Tangle® NightBall® Volleyball ($25).

“The response to our new products is always so overwhelmingly positive; it’s incredibly humbling!” expressed Nicholas Zawitz, Tangle Creations President.  “It’s a true testament to the Tangle toy that in the 40+ years since its creation, the Tangle continues to be a source of infinite creativity and joy to kids and adults of all ages.”

Octopus, dolphin and string ray? Oh my! The six sea-loving Tangle Pets Aquatic characters may shake up the nightly dinner conversation (or inspire a future book report).

Tangle Creations (tanglecreations.com) continuously gets rave reviews online on its latest products and at times, unexpected gratitude!

“The octopus Tangle is my favorite Tangle in my collection!” wrote one consumer. “It has everything I like – purple and green colors, all the pieces are transparent, the bumpy green pieces are very stimulating, and the twisty purple pieces are really soothing to touch! I’m autistic and have high tactile stimming needs – this is the best one for me!

“My absolute favorite! I got the sting ray, narwhal and hermit crab ones,” texted another delighted consumer, “and they’re all awesome! The colors are really beautiful, and the sparkles are pretty. The textures are really nice and they’re quiet, so I can use them in public spaces. Would absolutely recommend and would rate more stars than five if I could.”

Tangle Pets Aquatic • $8 • Ages 3+

Tangle Pets Aquatic • $8 • Ages 3+

These adorable ocean animals are sure to make a splash in any bathtub, pool, or underwater play scene.  Trendy colors and textures abound with every bubbly character. Parents report that these toys encourage calmness, concentration and imaginative play. Choose from six pets or collect them all: Dolphin, Hermit Crab, Narwhal, Octopus, Sea Turtle and Sting Ray.

Nighttime Is The Right Time!

Spiking a volleyball after dark is now a reality with NightBall®. With two super-bright LEDs, the NightBall® Volleyball gives kids and kidults? twice the brightness at all hours of the day and night! That means more passing, setting and scoring for volleyball lovers everywhere! These balls carry on the after-hours passion already set with Tangle’s LED Football, Basketball and Soccer NightBalls.

“When we first developed the NightBall® line of LED sports balls,” explained Zawitz, “our goal was to provide opportunities for fun, physical play beyond the daylight hours. Since 2012, we’ve continued to innovate on this idea of Building a Better Ball with the continuous addition of new sports and games to our lineup. Year over year we are amazed by the success and popularity of the line. It inspires us to keep innovating and growing the NightBall® brand of light-up sports balls!”

The novelty of the NightBall® collection continues to earn rosy reviews from consumers online:

“Awesome ball, the kids love it! It has gotten all four of us outside at night to play in the yard. Super bright, lots of activity.”

The highest praise for the NightBall® Basketball may come from a coach! “My coach asked everyone on our team to get these to practice at night and it works great because the weight and size are just like a real bball.”

Tangle® NightBall® Volleyball

Tangle® NightBall® Volleyball • $25 • Ages 8+

Choose from Orange or Teal or collect both! Water-resistant and ready to float, this volleyball must-have can be played in the yard, in the park or even out in the water. Like all NightBalls, this one gets brighter the more you throw, spike or bounce it.  Incredibly bright and water resistant, feel free to hit the beach well after sundown!

Look for Tangle playthings just about everywhere from online to Learning Express and Nordstrom to Walmart and even the MoMA Design Store! When shopping at tanglecreations.com, enjoy free shipping on domestic orders over $40. Sign up at tanglecreations.com to receive updates on what’s new at Tangle and receive 10% off your first order! Then follow them on your favorite social media channel – TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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About Tangle, Inc.
Established in 1981, this family run toy company created the Original Fidget Toy – the Tangle. Twist it, Turn it… the possibilities are endless! Forty years later, Tangle’s mission is to continue to invent and develop products that stimulate the creativity of kids around the world. Sculptor, inventor and Tanglemaster Richard X. Zawitz now works along with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson, running the business out of a  beautiful warehouse gallery in South San Francisco. After 41 years and 275 million+ units sold worldwide, Tangles are the ultimate creativity tool for kids and adults alike! Discover (or rediscover) this beloved brand at tanglecreations.com.

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