Tech Will Save Us Wows Fall 2019 Judges With Highest Honors For Arcade Coder, Electro Guitar, Plus Electro Dough Kits


Tech Will Save Us Wows Fall 2019 Judges With Highest Honors For Arcade Coder, Electro Guitar, Plus Electro Dough Kits

London (November 27, 2019) – “These toys are going to fly off shelves this Christmas” warned Good Housekeeping to its readers as they revealed their 2019 Best Toy Awards list. Electro Guitar Kit ($34.99) from Tech Will Save Us made the list of must-have toys for good girls and boys. In fact, parents are saving precious holiday time by clicking on this one-stop-shop,, to delight all the children on their list.

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Tech Will Save Us is getting plenty of notice from the most prestigious toy industry judges, national magazines and industry blogs. Their mission to power-up playtime has garnered a rare Parents’ Choice Gold and an additional hard-to-win Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum for Arcade Coder ($159.99).

Parents' Choice Award - GOLD“The Arcade Coder, from Tech Will Save Us, is a neat tutorial kit designed to help kids understand what’s under the hood of some basic computer games,” begins the Parents’ Choice Gold Award review. Only seven Golds were awarded globally for the Fall 2019 competition! Parents’ Choice prides itself on helping parents find ways to encourage the probing, questioning and experimenting that children do so naturally.

Tech Will Save Us - Arcade Coder

Hard-to-impress Oppenheim Toy Portfolio gave its Platinum Award — one of only 7 Platinum Winners this year in its Best Games for Tweens and Teen category — to the Arcade Coder. “We’ve seen a slew of coding toys this season and many of them involve robots that will appeal to younger techies. This is quite a departure,” exclaimed Oppenheim. “Although it looks like a futuristic light peg board, it’s really a platform for learning how to code, working with an iOS app. Kids learn to program games using guided lessons. Several games come pre-configured but can be customized as kids learn the interface and how to make changes. After that introduction kids progress to building their own games.”

Looking for the cool factor in this year’s gift? The National Parenting Center discovered what’s old is new again with Electro Dough Projects Kit ($29.99). The hands-on kit earned a Holiday 2019 Seal of Approval. “It’s all about giving kids the opportunity to bring their playdough creations to life with electricity, which is definitely cool,” the national parent advocacy organization boasted.

Tech Will Save Us’ Electro Guitar KitTech Will Save Us’ Electro Guitar Kit wowed not only Good Housekeeping but also Parents’ Choice, earning a prestigious Recommended honor. “The Electro Guitar Kit,” they wrote, “is a quick and easy way for young makers to understand the parts of an electric guitar and how it works. It takes about 45 minutes to assemble using instructions from an accompanying app (best viewed on a tablet). This kit is a solid jumping off point for musically inclined makers, who might even be able to take the electronic pickup and speaker and make their own instrument using other materials.”

Industry blog The Toy Insider gave a shout-out to both Electro Guitar Kit and its companion Record & Remix Kit. “Build a cardboard guitar or sound sampler using step-by- step animated instructions, then record your own tracks. Kids can learn how sound waves work as they create their own music,” they posted.

Each easy-to-use tech toy combines hands-on products, creativity and technology to teach kids valuable skills they need to shape tomorrow.

Arcade Coder • $159.99 • Ages 6+Arcade Coder • $159.99 • Ages 6+
2019 Parents’ Choice Gold Award
2019 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum

“To get started, you’ll need the kit, which contains a light board and USB cable, and an iOS tablet for the app (not compatible with Android at this time),” wrote Parents’ Choice. “After installing, the app will prompt you to connect the tablet to the light board using Bluetooth, which is pretty seamless. The user is then prompted for their Tech Will Save Us “Make” account, so parental permission (and an email address) is required to go further within the app…The sequence of activities and projects is very intuitive and walks the user through each element of game design and production while providing plenty of playful opportunities for customization and creativity along the way. Kids should really enjoy working through this kit, either by themselves, with peers, or with parents.”

Electro Guitar Kit • $34.99 • Ages 8+Electro Guitar Kit • $34.99 • Ages 8+
Good Housekeeping 2019 Best Toy Awards
Parents’ Choice Recommended
The Toy Insider

“Tap your inner musician,” wrote Good Housekeeping, “with this fun (but educational!) kit. Kids build a legit electric guitar, then learn the basics of playing with this all-in-one teacher. Our experts liked how well the steps were explained (through fun videos and animations) and that kids get a cool intro to engineering concepts and music.”

Record & Remix Kit • $34.99 • Ages 8+Record & Remix Kit • $34.99 • Ages 8+
The Toy Insider
After assembling the cardboard housing, kids learn what happens when making changes to a sound wave. They record sounds using the keyboard and are taught what happens when stretching and squashing the sound waves. Record music tracks in the online recording studio and share them with friends and family.

Electro Dough Projects Kit • $29.99 • Ages 4+Electro Dough Projects Kit • $29.99 • Ages 4+
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

“Electro Dough Projects Kit is a wonderful tech project for kids that engages children’s minds and commands their attention. Calling this a ‘tech toy’ is kind of a misnomer since it uses playdough, which might be the epitome of ‘low-tech,’ but we digress. The 20+ projects outlined for children to dive into upon opening the retro-designed box are cute and fun for all ages… Parents told us that this kit sparked questions, demonstrating just how their children were experiencing and thinking about what is happening and why. Tech Will Save Us provides clear answers, teaching kids about circuits, lights, sounds, and electricity. It really gives children the knowledge and vocabulary to understand how electricity navigates through a circuit, why it prefers going in a certain direction, etc. At only $29.99, parents felt this was a great value, one they would be recommending to their friends and family.”

Read the press release as a PDF

Technology threads through every aspect of our lives. Yet most people know very little about how it works, how it is made or how to fix it when it breaks. Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann founded Tech Will Save Us in 2012 on this radical premise: what if kids could build the technology they use, and learn more about it in the process?

Tech Will Save Us now offers a range of 14 hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) play experiences that make technology learning fun and accessible for kids. Find their award-winning kits in over 97 countries and in over 2,000 stores globally including Camp in the US and John Lewis in the UK, and online at


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