As Holiday Shopping Approaches, Tech Will Save Us E-Store Is Brimming With Amazing Hands-On Kits From ElectroDough Project To Synth Wave Kit

London (October 22, 2019) – We all know how, unprompted, kids say the most surprising things. Thanks to lessons gleaned from experimenting with STEM, kids are making the most imaginative creations. Have you heard about the self-build musical toys and blinking electro dough creators? Tech Will Save Us (www.techwillsaveus.com) is the one-stop shop where playful actions like squish, flash and buzz are sparking innovation in kids from preschool to middle school. Their wide range of toys enables them to create their own toys and solve problems to help them invent their own future — with technology.

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tech will save us electro guitar lifestyle“Every day I am inspired by the creativity of our young customers who design crazy things,” laughs Bethany Koby- Hirschmann, Co-Founder, and CEO of Tech Will Save Us. “The excitement we see in a child’s eyes when they’ve built a circuit that results in a blinking LED light is pure magic.”

Kids learn by playing with things, especially if they can get their hands dirty. Why should tech be any different? Tech Will Save Us specializes in demystifying the magic behind tech by breaking it down and making playful, fun, interactive experiences.

Visit www.techwillsaveus.com, Amazon or your local toy store for holiday shopping for these tactile hands-on product lines:

Tech Will Save Us lifestyle imageElectro Dough:

Music Kits:

Being a global educational toymaker, this London-based company encourages kids to use their own powers to create something new. Kids see how devices are getting smarter and smarter. They know cars are learning to drive themselves. Through its wide range of products, Tech Will Save Us guides kids through key developmental stages, ensuring they’re not just passive consumers of tech.

“65% of today’s kids will end up working in careers that haven’t even been invented yet,” continues Koby- Hirschmann, also a mother of two. “Many of these jobs will rely heavily on problem-solving skills and every industry (from creative to agriculture) will leverage technology. This rapidly iterating technology landscape motivates me to provide all children with the opportunity to test the boundaries of technology. What if kids could build the technology they use, and learn more about it in the process?”

Parents who have witnessed their kid’s tinkering gush online about Tech Will Save Us products and service:

“The electro dough kits are so much fun to play with that I’m not sure if my kids even realize how much they’re learning in the process.”

“Fantastic products and prompt delivery. Bought as a gift for a friend who loves to tinker with tech and it was thoroughly enjoyed! Amazing for adults and young ones alike.”

“I love the variety of the toys here – and the fact that they’re marketed to children, not specifically to girls or boys.”

tech will save us-electro dough story kitNEW! Electro Dough Story Kit • $24.99 • Ages 4+
This narrative experience introduces kids to how electricity works using conductive dough. Storytime is brought to life through fun, hands-on play. Kids create magical tales by sculpting dough creatures that light up, all set in 3D pop-up scenery. Parents and kids follow along with the online narrated stories to make interactive scenes. Or unleash a child’s imagination with projects that teach them how to create their own stories. The kit nurtures their imagination, creative thinking and decision-making skills.

Tech learning: creating interactive circuits, cause and effect as a narrative device. Soft skills: small world design, an important learning principle for this age; a key focus on storytelling and communication.

tech will save us-electro dough fantasy kitNEW! Electro Dough Fantasy Kit • $24.99 • Ages 4+
This open-ended play and creativity focused experience is all about creating light up dough creations. Kids learn how electricity works in a fun, tactile way by creating their own fantasy creatures using the wide selection of pop-out card designs included. Dough colors and circuit tools offer a multitude of combinations to really get kids imaginations going. The emotions of the fantasy creatures will play a big role in a kid’s manual experience.

Tech learning: conductivity and insulators, achieved through using card sheets in the creatures. Soft skills: character design and emotional intelligence.

tech will save us-electro dough project kitNEW! Electro Dough Project Kit • $29.99 • Ages 4+
Another open-ended play and creativity focused kit has kids creating light up dough creations. Preschoolers can make 20 awesome projects with dough, lights, sound and electricity. This kit is centered on completing lots of short and easy projects. Each project is made with a mixture of dough, electronic components and pop-out cards. These allow for finished-looking outcomes easily. With each project, there is a challenge at the end for kids to customize it and make it their own, reinforcing the learning achieved. This kit also includes a buzzer to play with sound.

Tech learning: this kit is the complete, comprehensive Electro Dough learning experience. Soft skills: creative thinking and decision-making skills.

tech will save us-electro guitar kitNEW! Music Kit: Electro Guitar Kit • $34.99 • Ages 8+
Kids will build a cardboard electro guitar, then add effects and produce their own tracks. Using the cardboard pieces included, kids will build their own cool electro guitar with three rubber band strings and then rock out. The amplifier sits in a cardboard body kids fold themselves. Step-by-step animated instructions and fun learning videos make it a fun and easy project. Kids will even learn the basics of how to play an electric guitar! Record, layer and share music tracks in the online recording studio.

tech will save us-record-remix kitNEW! Music Kit: Record & Remix Kit • $34.99 • Ages 8+
Whoa, kids can build a sound sampler and produce their own tracks. After assembling the cardboard housing, kids learn what happens when making changes to a sound wave. They record a sounds using the keyboard and are taught what happens when stretching and squashing the sound waves. Record music tracks in the online recording studio and share them with friends and family. Get hands-on with how microphones and speakers work, how music is produced, and even learn some music theory along the way.

tech will save us-synth wave kitNEW! Music Kit: Synth Wave Kit • $34.99 • Ages 8+
Kids get a behind-the-scenes look at how electronic music is created by making music with a digital synth. Assemble the fun cardboard housing and dive straight into the world of synthesizers. Learn all about sound waves and why different shapes have different sounds. Kids can program musical patterns into the arpeggiator and learn all about how it works with fun learning video and interactive manuals. They might pick up some music theory along the way. Record, layer and share music tracks in the online recording studio.

Tech Will Save Us is on a mission to power-up playtime. With each new product, interactive kits encourage every kid to be an inventor, whatever their age or experience. The easy-to-use toys combine hands-on products, creativity and technology to teach kids valuable skills they need to shape tomorrow.

Read the press release as a PDF

Technology threads through every aspect of our lives. Yet most people know very little about how it works, how it is made or how to fix it when it breaks. Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann founded Tech Will Save Us in 2012 on this radical premise: what if kids could build the technology they use, and learn more about it in the process?

Tech Will Save Us now offers a range of 14 hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) play experiences that make technology learning fun and accessible for kids. Find their award-winning kits in over 97 countries and in over 2,000 stores globally including Camp in the US and John Lewis in the UK, and online at www.techwillsaveus.com.


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