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Tweens & Teens Can Build Bike Lights That Flash, Synthesize Electronic Music, or Code A Handheld Game As They Dream Of What Might Be

London (June 16, 2019) – Do you ever wonder what Bill Gates or Steve Jobs did during their childhood summers? Where do science and art and inventions come together for an aha moment? Toymaker Tech Will Save Us has five bright suggestions to keep summer brain drain from happening to kids. Take a ho hum bike and add flashing lights made with Light Racer Kit ($24.99). As kids super-charge their bike wheels they grasp how wireless electricity works! Wearable tech is just an afternoon away as kids design then create with Sew + Glow Kit ($24.99). Ask them about electrical circuits as they proudly pin their light-up badge onto their t-shirt or backpack.

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Tech Will Save Us ( is the one-stop shop where playful actions like twisting controls to create synthesizing sounds are sparking innovation in children from preschool to middle school. Their wide assortment of toys get kids to create new things, solve problems and invent their own future — with technology. The London-based toymaker specializes in demystifying the magic behind tech by breaking it down and making it child’s play.

Look for these five DIY kits to keep hands and minds busy when school is out. Tuck one in the overnight camp duffel bag. Or ask Grandma to supply one as the family gathers for a summer visit. The easy-to-use kits combine practical crafts with hands-on creative technology to teach kids valuable skills they need to shape tomorrow!

Synth Kit • Ages 12+ • $34.99

Synth KitExperiment with pitch, frequency and volume to make music by building your very own synthesizer! Make three different synths: Dub Siren, Stutter and Atari. Three potentiometers (simple knobs that provide variable resistance) control volume, pitch and frequency on this straightforward circuit. Experiment with electronic music or just make crazy sounds. Gain an understanding of how the various parts interact and combine to create a range of unique and wonderful noises. Hey, America’s Got Talent: you might discover the next big hit from a handmade synthesizer!

Gamer Kit • Ages 10+ • $99.99

Gamer KitCoding is the new code word (!) for must-have STEM knowledge as kids enter a technology filled world. This kit allows tweens to build and code a handheld game with just a 9-volt battery. Using the Tech Will Save Us free online coding platform, kids learn to code classic games to build their skills before designing and coding their very own games.

Creative Coder Kit • Ages 8+ • $59.99

Creative Code kit2018 Tillywig Brain Child Award winner and TOTY finalist
Everyone wants to own a wearable device; now you can ask your kids to build one! With this kit, 8-year-olds can program a wearable with simple block-based coding. Easy-to-learn coding can program endless games that interact with the wrist device, allowing it to blink, light up and wiggle as it responds to movement. Tech Will Save Us includes free access to Club Make, offering hundreds of new projects and tasks. Best of all, no tools are needed. Just snap parts in place.

Light Racer Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.99

Light Racer kitKeep those wheels turning in the brain and on the bike with this oh-so-cool driveway project. At their own pace, kids learn about electronic circuits then build bike lights that flash as they ride around the block. Lessons learned involve capacitors, wireless coils and the extraordinary power of wireless technology! During the next family bike ride, kids will share how simple components come together to capture electricity through the air.

Sew + Glow Kit • Ages 8+ • $24.99

Sew and Glow kitThat new backpack for September will have some extra bling after completing this Sew + Glow project. The magic happens with electro thread. Kids can design and create glowing badges that light up with the touch of a button – WOW! Make badges from scratch using the felt in the kit or use Tech Will Save Us’ unique tech-moji templates.

Ready to become a creative problem solver? For a limited time, shipping is free at

Read the press release as a PDF


Technology threads through every aspect of our lives. Yet most people know very little about how it works, how it is made or how to fix it when it breaks. Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann founded Tech Will Save Us in 2012 on this radical premise: what if kids could build the technology they use, and learn more about it in the process? Tech Will Save Us’s range of hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) play experiences make technology learning fun & accessible for kids of all ages. You can find their award-winning kits in over 97 countries and more than 2000 stores globally. And online at


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