The Magic School Bus: Rides Again Themed Kits Teach A New Generation About the Human Body, Going Green, Space & More

Jamestown, RI (September 27, 2018) –To celebrate The Magic School Bus: Rides Again, a Netflix original series, The Young Scientists Club has updated its award-winning science kits to reflect Ms. Frizzle’s sister, Fiona Felicity Frizzle, taking over the wheel for wild field trips and fascinating facts.

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For more than 10 years, The Young Scientists Club has been developing science kits and games featuring The Magic School Bus, based on the bestselling book series written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen. The updated science kits feature Arnold, Ralphie and the 5th grade class who “take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” Appealing kit titles like, Jumping Into Electricity and Back in Time with the Dinosaurs will introduce pint-size scientists as young as 5 years old to everyday STEM concepts.

“The combination of exhilarating new technology woven with traditional features is sure to engage current fans and attract many new ones,” confirms Esther Novis, founder and president of The Young Scientists Club. “The new episodes include a high tech bus with solar panels and a cool classroom with the latest tech components. Because The Magic School Bus is one the most successful and longest running children’s science series we are thrilled to work, once again, with Scholastic as their licensee.”

A dozen new kits in the Magic School Bus line (each is $19.99, except the Microscope Lab which is $39.99) with the new series’ imagery available now at stores and online are:

The new kits are all gender-neutral and packed with numerous experiments in each box. For example, with Attracted to Magnificent Magnets, Young Scientists go on a magnetic scavenger hunt, build a compass, make magnetic slime, design magnetic faces, experiment with lodestone, play magnetic games, hold magnetic car races, and much, much more! This magnified kit includes a colorful poster with a racing track, game board, and experiment diagrams.

The new kits join three other science kits and two other labs which arrived a few months ago. All have the new imagery from the new Netflix series. With a revamped bus, Ms. Fiona Frizzle soars into outer space, dives into the ocean and travels into the human body. Each episode becomes ripe content for science kits for The Young Scientists Club, which has earned industry awards year after year for making science fun for the preschool and elementary school set.

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The Magic School Bus: Rides Again is a brand-new update to the beloved animated show featuring our favorite class of adventurers. Old favorites like Arnold and Ralphie join new students like Jyoti, a tech-savvy wiz-kid. Starring Kate McKinnon as Ms. Fiona Frizzle, Ms. Valerie Frizzle’s kid sister! With the help of her upgraded Magic School Bus, Ms. Frizzle takes her class on wild field trips exploring a wide variety of science topics including, invasive species, weather hazards, schools of fish, the rock cycle, magnets, allergies, camouflage, states of matter, satellites, glaciers, brain and nervous system, and deep sea exploration!

It’s been 19 years since Esther Novis, a mother of five and a former Harvard-trained biologist, started The Young Scientists Club as a summer science camp for her then 5-year-old son. Friends from other parts of the country told Novis they wanted to duplicate her concept and the idea for a science subscription service was born! The subscription kits are now mailed monthly to thousands of children around the world and the company’s retail kits are sold in hundreds of specialty stores. In addition to developing new products for The Young Scientists Club, this wise mom has many years of experience teaching at Phillips Academy, Andover and has written the science column for Parents Magazine plus wrote science experiments for the new science curriculum by McGraw-Hill Publishing.


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