Best Seller Bug Vacuum & Critter Barn Set Lets Kids Catch Little Creatures, See Nature Up Close Then Release Them, Away From House & Mom!

Parker, CO (January 18, 2021) – Ever notice how kids are the first to find an insect, sometimes indoors, thankfully mostly outdoors? In this season of spring cleaning, parents will be delighted to know there is a bug vacuum, part of the award-winning set from the Nature Bound™ line called Bug Hunter Set ($34.95). Kids can put on their khaki shorts and safari hat in search of nature’s smallest crawly creatures. Once gently scooped up, the bug rests in the set’s Critter Barn for tots to observe, then release in the wild (i.e. backyard). Moms everywhere will be grateful for the clean sweep of the kitchen floor and doorways!

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The vacuum features a patented capture core container for trapping bugs, so kids can transport then transfer their catch into the Critter Barn without touching them. The habitat can be used without the vacuum for observing frogs, worms, lizards and anything scurrying about.

Not one but three toy industry leaders, always on the hunt for the next big thing, appreciate how kids are encouraged to hop off their screen and investigate their environment. Parents’ Choice Awards, The National Parenting Center and Tillywig Toy Awards each give two thumbs up for play value in this edutaining STEM set.

“My daughter found a caterpillar last week,” recalls the Parents’ Choice Awards judge, “and was thrilled she had the Critter Barn to put it in. She collected leaves, twigs and water and added them to the caterpillar’s habitat. At night she let the caterpillar sleep outside in the Critter Barn and she used a light to see what he was up to.” After awarding the plastic habitat a prestigious Parents Choice Approved distinction she added, “The Critter Barn is a perfect size for the caterpillar’s apartment and the perfect size for my daughter to carry with her – almost everywhere she goes.”

“You probably never thought a vacuum designed specifically to suck up bugs would be appealing,” begins the glowing review by The National Parenting Center, “well think again. Thin Air Brands has created a bug vacuum that has a removable bug chamber so you can safely catch bugs, watch them, magnify them and then set them free.”

Nature Bound™ line called Bug Hunter Set ($34.95)“This cleverly designed and highly effective tool for capturing and viewing live bugs,” writes a Tillywig critic after awarding its Brain Child distinction, “couldn’t be easier to use. Its vacuum suction and night vision light activate simultaneously with the press of a trigger-like button. Both the nose cone (through which bugs are gently vacuumed) and inner capsule are detachable, allowing kids to study the bugs from all angles, up close and personal.”

“A built-in magnifier significantly enhances the view,” continues the Tillywig write up, “while doubling as a door to the chamber (closed when viewing, open when vacuuming). One of the most gratifying things about the unit is how it enables kids to catch and release bugs without harming them. A built-in carabiner clip allows the Bug Vacuum to hang from a backpack or belt loop. Exploring nature has never been easier.”

Do not think that picking up spiders or crickets are just for boys. As The National Parenting Center emphasizes with evidence, “Parents told us that while they might have pegged this as a ‘boy toy’, their daughters were equally excited about it. So easy to use and over the two months of testing it proved to be quite durable. It will definitely foster a love and appreciation for bugs and nature.”

Parent company Thin Air Brands gets kids searching high and low for anything that moves with its Nature Bound collection of STEM toys. Choose from Magnifying Bug Viewer, Pop Up Critter Catcher, Light & Sound Lantern and many more clever products from their 2021 Spring & Summer catalog.

Bug Hunter SetBug Hunter Set • Ages 3+ • $34.95 • Ages 3+ • $34.95
Parents’ Choice Approved (for Critter Barn Habitat)
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval (for Bug Vacuum)
Tillywig Brain Child Award (for Bug Vacuum)

Watch out frogs, worms, insects and creepy crawlers! Inside this Bug Vacuum and Habitat gift set, parents and grandparents can nurture a child’s natural curiosity for nature. Especially if it’s right outside the door. In addition to 4 double-A batteries, the boxed set includes the powerful but gentle motorized vacuum with detachable nose cone and bug capsule; built in magnifier and carabiner clip; critter habitat with carrying handle and a sliding lock. Mom would not appreciate finding an unexpected frog or worm outside its Critter Barn.

As Amazon customer tmtracey720 said in June 2020, “My grandson loves this set. It is actually a replacement for the one we bought last year. He lost some pieces but knew it was worth replacing since he plays with it so often. It’s fun, the vacuum gun is such an easy way to catch bugs and not have to touch them. I also really like that the container has a light, it helps to get a clearer view of insects. I recommend the bug vacuum with habitat to anyone with a child that loves insects.”

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