Top Trumps Match, the Crazy Cube Game Packed Full of Favorite Characters from Harry Potter, Super Mario, Despicable Me 3 and More!

London, UK (November 2, 2017) — Top Trumps’ educational and fun games have been a perfect match “over the pond” for decades where it is the UK’s #1 card game! Now American kids can get in on the fun. Top Trumps Match is the crazy cube game where matching 5 characters in-a-row lets you shout “Match!” But the game isn’t over yet…your opponent can win if they flip over their cards and it matches the character line you assembled. It’s tricky and sneaky! Favourite (as the British say) themes like Super Mario, DC Comics, Despicable Me and of course, Happy Potter ratchet up the fun factor even more.

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Top Trumps Match Games are double the fun because they are part strategy (trying to secure your line of 5 matching characters while trying to block your opponent from securing theirs) and part luck of the draw (the two cards your opponent turns after your victory could seal your win or overturn it)! Bonus: you can take your new favorite game anywhere you go because the gameboard is a carrying case to keep all the cubes and cards tidily inside!

Top Trumps Match is the perfect game for all the family. Kids as young as 4 years old quickly learn about recognition while improving their memory skills trying to remember which row their opponent last went for! The overall goal of Top Trumps Match is to get five matching images in a row — horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Great news for moms — every Top Trumps Match comes in a handy self-contained plastic case, which means all the parts fit inside and clean-up is fast and easy. Kids can take it out and play anytime, anywhere. If a plane, train or auto trip is on the December calendar, these lightweight games are easy to set up and then pack away. Listed in alphabetical order are the Top Trumps Match games for Holiday 2017:

DC Comics Top Trumps Match • Ages 4+ • $19.99
Join the DC Comics heroes and villains as they battle to see who can get five in a row and win the Match. With iconic characters like Superman, Batman and The Joker, there are loads of cubes and loads of characters. This game is great for memory development and comes in a handy all-in-one unit that you can take anywhere – from Gotham City to Metropolis!

Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match • Ages 4+ • $19.99
Does your family like excitable Agnes, adorable Fluffy and Gru’s evil twin brother Dru? Join them all as Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match takes kids on a hunt for 5 matched characters in a row! Two players take turns to push through the illustrated cubes. Shout “Match!” when 5 of the same Despicable Me characters line up horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Emojis • Ages 4+ • $19.99
You say emojis and they say emotis. This 2017 Top Trumps Match has loads of your most used emotis from the Monkey to the Pizza. Open the Game Grid and see if you can make a row of 5 perfect matches. Will your BFF spoil your chances and lead to an #epicfail when they flip over their Top Trumps card? It’s great for strategy, memory and recognition and what’s more is it’s fun for the whole family. When play is done, tuck everything away with the all-in-one carry case.

Harry Potter Match • Ages 4+ • $24.99
The world of Harry Potter gets a brand-new game this year with Top Trumps Match! Characters include Hermione, Dumbledore and even Harry himself. Can you match 5 wizards or witches or will your opponent take the game? With a super design that you can carry with you wherever you go – and no need to use an undetectable extension charm — it’s the ideal game for every budding wizard and witch!

Super Mario • Ages 4+ • $19.99
This Top Trumps Match has loads of Nintendo cubes and characters. Open the game grid and see if you can make a row of 5 matching Super Mario images. Like all Match games, when play is over, pack up in a pinch with the all-in-one carry case.

Need Stocking Stuffers Or Dreidel Prizes?

Have you played the award-winning Top Trumps card games? This is not your parent’s game of Gin Rummy! Top Trumps card games boasts facts and figures that youngsters from 6 to 12 comprehend, then negotiate in friendly competition as they shout out their newly learned stats and trivia. Just in time for holiday gift giving, these small but mighty card decks entertain, educate and occupy the kids at home, after school and on-the-go.

Top Trumps recently won top toy industry awards: PAL Awards Top 10 Games for School Age because “Top Trumps encourages language learning in several areas–building vocabulary, social language learning, comparisons, and descriptions.” The National Parenting Center gave the full line of cards its Holiday Seal of Approval.

Most Top Trumps are priced at about $9.99 making them the perfect present for everyone under the age of 13! Stocking stuffers, dreidel game prizes and budget-friendly giving calls out for these inquisitive cards that pack fun facts on just about everything! Parents who struggle to come up with 8 nights of Hanukkah presents for every youngster in the house will delight in the wide choice of offerings.

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Top Trumps is the classic trumps card game that’s been known and loved since the 1970s, combining play and discovery for children of all ages. In 1999, Top Trumps was re-discovered in the dusty archives of the world’s biggest games company, Hasbro, and brought back to life by Tom Liddell and the team at Winning Moves International, based in London, UK. Since then over 80 million packs have been sold worldwide, and the game now features top characters from Disney, Marvel Comics, Warner Brothers, Star Wars and the BBC. Top Trumps has become a hit in Britain, the USA, Japan, Australia and throughout Europe.

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