Sensational Science, Terrific Technology, Extraordinary Engineering & Peculiar Problems Top List Of Trump STEM Decks

London, UK (March 28, 2018) – What’s in a name? If you are an established British company selling to an American audience, sometimes things get lost in translation. For example, if your brand name is the same as the current U.S. President, retailers may be reluctant to stock your product. Thankfully Top Trumps’ decades-long reputation precedes it as a global card game that kids adore because it’s full of fun facts!

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Widely regarded as an engaging, easy-to-play educational tool, Top Trumps moves beyond pop culture themes and puts the focus on STEM. New for 2018 are four decks priced at $9.99 — Sensational Science, Terrific Technology, Extraordinary Engineering and Peculiar Problems. Kids are natural techies and these themed card games show how science and math apply in the “real world.”

Individual card topics mimic the big questions kids ponder beyond the classroom. Technology and engineering is everywhere so kids will delight in learning tidbits about self-driving cars, the Bullet Train or how the moon affects the ocean’s tides. Each colorfully illustrated card boasts facts and figures kids quickly absorb. Parents appreciate that they are learning and retaining facts without even realizing it!

Mom and dad bloggers who have played several hands wholeheartedly agree, as they tell their readers:

Do you ever just want to play a simple game that everyone can enjoy? What if they could learn something in the process, and not even realize they are learning? Bonus, right?! Well, Top Trumps is just that! Kids can read about fun topics, learn new words and facts and even work on their numbers skills. The best part though is the Top Trumps games are extremely portable, meaning you can take them anywhere and everywhere for fun. Mom and More

Top Trumps games are just becoming available in the United States and if you have children between the ages of 6 and 12 you should absolutely check them out. There are over 60 decks to choose from with themes that are sure to capture kids’ attention and imaginations. Each card in the deck has an eye- catching image on it, along with facts and figures relating to the theme. Players need to read through the statistics and trivia on each card in order to win a round of the game.     A Geek Daddy Blog

Top Trumps Card Sets are such a fun way for kids and adults to learn and play! My daughter, nephew and niece played with these card sets for hours! My niece loved the Shopkins set. My nephew loved the Star Wars set. My daughter loved learning about farm animals and I even learned some fun facts that I didn’t know. The kids spread them out on the floor to look at all of the different cards. They were entertained for hours! These cards help kids with numeracy and literacy. My nephew was practicing reading while he read me some fun facts.   MomFabFun

With dozens of licensed entertainment themes and educational topics, it’s no surprise that the best sellers have the words “Harry Potter” in them as in Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban or Harry Potter And The Order of the Phoenix. What may be truly surprisingly is the author of the Potter Top Trump games. It’s British author JK Rowling herself! She grew up on Top Trumps and contacted the company, hoping to be part of the iconic game.

Look for these four STEM titles online and in stores by March:

Sensational Science • $9.99 • Ages 4+

Sensational Science • $9.99 • Ages 4+
Hmmm, how do you breathe in space? This is just one of a deck full of out-of-this-world questions kids can ponder as they play again and again.

Terrific Technology • $9.99• Ages 4+Terrific Technology • $9.99• Ages 4+
Unlike the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, kids may truly wonder if a robot has a brain. Techies will love this range of facts and figures.

Extraordinary Engineering • $9.99 • Ages 4+Extraordinary Engineering • $9.99 • Ages 4+
Do you know how big the world’s smallest camera is? Players of this themed deck will find out and tell you!

Peculiar Problems • $9.99 • Ages 4+Peculiar Problems • $9.99 • Ages 4+
Have you ever wondered if you could survive in the wild? Problems not yet experienced can still be answered in this fact filled game of cards.

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Top Trumps is the classic trumps card game that’s been known and loved since the 1970s, combining play and discovery for children of all ages. In 1999, Top Trumps was re-discovered in the dusty archives of the world’s biggest games company, Hasbro, and brought back to life by Tom Liddell and the team at Winning Moves International, based in London, UK. Since then over 80 million packs have been sold worldwide, and the game now features top characters from Disney, Marvel Comics, Warner Brothers, Star Wars and the BBC. Top Trumps has become a hit in Britain, the USA, Japan, Australia and throughout Europe. For more information visit their website or their online store at

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