Top Trumps Makes The Perfect (And Budget Friendly) Edutainment Holiday Gift With Dozens Of Themes From Harry Potter To Harry Truman

London, UK (August 10, 2017) — In the game of cards, a trump card is the one that wins the hand. Teachers in the U.K. have been encouraging children to play Top Trumps, a series of themed card decks that have been scientifically proven to give kids a winning hand in school! They gain reading skills, learn new words, and retain new facts while boosting their number skills by comparing heights, weights, dates or rating scales. All that for about $10 plus, it’s fun and games.

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American parents are just discovering the benefits of these card games with themes that range from Harry Potter to Harry Truman (Top Trumps: US Presidents $9.99). Each illustrated card in the deck boasts facts and figures that youngsters from 6 to 12 comprehend then negotiate in friendly competition as they shout out their newly learned stats and trivia.

Just in time for holiday gift giving, these small but mighty card decks entertain, educate and occupy the kids at home, after school and on-the-go. Most Top Trumps are priced at about $9.99 making them the perfect present for everyone under the age of 13! Stocking stuffers, house gifts, Thanksgiving tokens and budget-friendly giving calls out for these inquisitive cards that pack lessons on just about everything! Parents who struggle to come up with 8 nights of Hanukah presents for every youngster in the house will delight in the wide choice of offerings. That trumps anything with a cord, battery or buzzer.

British moms and dads fondly remember playing the Top Trumps card game, in its original heyday on the playgrounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Fast forward to 1999 and Top Trumps was re-discovered in the dusty archives of the world’s biggest games company, Hasbro!


Sold online at http://www.toptrumps.us, in specialty shops and at amazon, the hardest part might be selecting one deck of cards at a time. Are you a cat lover? Open up the pack of Top Trumps Mischievous Cats ($9.99) and discover American Curl with a Cuteness rating of 28 and Mischief Rating of 79. But the Singapura trumps all cats with a mischief rating of 80 (1 point higher). It’s also the smallest cat in the world weighing in at around four pounds. Meow!

Dozens and dozens of themes are splashed across the website with Battleships, Creatures of the Sea, Countries, Cities, Farm Animals and Fish to discover. For the curious, the Arctic Char fish measures 35 inches (!) compared with the 6-inch Angelfish. Who trumps now?

Beyond basic trivia are beloved licensed brands including Star Wars, comic-based packs such as DC and Marvel and of course, Harry Potter. It’s been whispered that J.K. Rowling wrote Top Trumps’ stats and facts herself! In Top Trumps Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire ($9.99), Professor Snape has a Magic ranking of 85 and a Wisdom rating of 71. Pick up another card and uncover Rubeus Hagrid fancies the Beauxbatons Headmistress, Madame Maxime who is even taller than he is! But his Magic ranks a mere 12 and his Wisdom is a lowly 8. You won’t want to pick up that card again.

No matter which deck of Top Trumps cards the family selects, the playing of the game is much the same – shuffle and deal all cards face down. Each player holds their cards so that they can see the top card only. The player to the dealer’s left starts by reading out a category. The one with the best or highest value wins and that player collects all the top cards. After round and round of play, the person with all the cards is the winner. But honestly, everyone wins with newfound knowledge that makes great conversation at the dinner table or school lunch table!

Because of the global popularity, YouTube is full of instructional videos. And the very name, Top Trump, has become a common word among kids and teens as they try to “top trump” or choose between two similar objects. (For those who were wondering, the longtime and popular game has nothing whatsoever to do with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.)

Shopping at the Top Trumps USA website, grownups will discover prices starting at $5 for Paw Patrol Activity Pack or Peppa Pig Activity Pack. These simplified decks are perfect for emerging readers ages 3 to 6 years old. With Peppa Pig, preschoolers are asked to select a letter of the alphabet, pinpoint the color seen on the card or make an animal noise. Both licenses come in a $12.99 Activity Tin that makes an awesome birthday or holiday gift giving present. Fans of Shopkins will adore the $14.99 Shopkins Who’s The Super Shopper? Activity Tin with latch and handle.

Amazon Customer Reviews
When given the chance, online shoppers are candid about their Top Trumps experiences. Amazon sells more than 100 Top Trump offerings. Listed below are a handful of written comments ranging from 007 to Creatures Of The Deep Sea themed decks.

“The name is Trumps, Top Trumps — If you have ever played Top Trumps you know what a fun addicting game it can be. If you have not played it, it is a card game, very much like War but with different categories adding an element of strategy. This version of the game covers the history of the James Bond films from Connery to Craig, from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace. If you like both Top Trumps and Bond you will love this game.”
— James Bond: Reboot

“I love these “Top Trumps” card games and grew up playing them with my brother. You always learn a little as you play. I think this one is particularly educational – the competitive categories are highest point, population, land area, Olympic medals and flight time from D.C. There’s also a picture of the flag and some fun facts about each country on the cards. Did you know India has four times the population of the US in one third as much area? Highly recommend, great stocking stuffer.”
— Countries Of The World

“My daughter’s fav stocking stuffer! Off to school it went to play with all of her friends!”
— Shopkins

“Well worth the money, good value, kids love it! It’s the perfect type of game to get kids far from their electronics and closer to each other. My son now has 4 or 5 of these, and he actually remembers much of the info on the cards. At museums or aquariums he’s the one spitting out all kinds of obscure data!
— Creatures Of The Deep Sea

Top Trump games are often used by teachers as lesson plans, especially after the 2011 study by Britain’s The National Children’s Bureau (see below). As their USA website states, “At Top Trumps USA we are fully committed to the educational aspects of the Top Trumps game. As such, if you’d like any information or have any questions about how to use Top Trumps within and educational context, or would even like to propose a new educational theme for us to develop, then please drop us a line to info@toptrumps.com!”

The 2011 National Children’s Bureau (The NCB) Report
Hearing a child say they spent their school day playing cards is not what parents want to hear when they ask the daily, “how was your day?” But in the UK, teachers happily enroll their students in the Top Trumps annual Schools Tournament, especially beloved by math teachers. From the official findings found at http://www.toptrumpstournament.com/media/1869/summaryreporttoptrumps.pdf – the results were clear that kids were boosting their literacy, numeracy and social skills while having a blast!

For example, individual teachers remarked that playing Top Trumps enabled children to practice reading skills, learn new words or mathematical terms such as units, and exercise number skills such as comparing heights, weights, dates, or rating scales. Kids were able to hone decision-making skills/ ability to make choices and they developed lateral thinking and strategic play. Best of all, they enjoyed finding out and retaining new facts and figures.

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Top Trumps is the classic trumps card game that’s been known and loved since the 1970s, combining play and discovery for children of all ages. In 1999, Top Trumps was re-discovered in the dusty archives of the world’s biggest games company, Hasbro, and brought back to life by Tom Liddell and the team at Winning Moves International, based in London, UK. Since then over 80 million packs have been sold worldwide, and the game now features top characters from Disney, Marvel Comics, Warner Brothers, Star Wars and the BBC. Top Trumps has become a hit in Britain, the USA, Japan, Australia and throughout Europe. For more information visit their website http://www.toptrumps.com or their online store at http://www.toptrumps.us.

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