Insect Lore’s Butterfly Farm Captures Spring 2019 Nods From Parents’ Choice, Oppenheim Gold, The National Parenting Center, Academics’ Choice, Hot Diggity, Tillywig & Mom’s Choice Awards!


Insect Lore’s Butterfly Farm Captures Spring 2019 Nods From Parents’ Choice, Oppenheim Gold, The National Parenting Center, Academics’ Choice, Hot Diggity, Tillywig & Mom’s Choice Awards!

Shafter, CA (May 28, 2019) – Since 1969, Insect Lore, the Original Butterflies-By-Mail company, has shipped over 500 million Painted Lady Caterpillars to excited families and classrooms. Insect Lore’s signature butterfly growing kits have given thousands upon thousands of children the opportunity to see the butterfly life cycle up close. To celebrate Spring 2019, Insect Lore has launched its 50th anniversary Butterfly Farm ($27.99 to $34.99) and multiple toy industry gurus can’t stop gushing about this marvelous metamorphosis kit.

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Insect LoreListed are seven just-announced honors:

The hard-to-get Parents’ Choice Foundation awarded its Recommended Seal to the Butterfly Farm with this sweet closing, “all reported success in the transformation and pride, tinged with a little sadness, at bidding the butterflies goodbye.”

“Raising butterflies from caterpillars is made easy and exciting for kids (and adults) with the all-inclusive Butterfly Farm kit. Along with a solid introduction to biology and the insect world, kids also learn about the responsibility of raising living creatures and setting them free. The kit comes with a pop-up mesh see through habitat, a cup of five baby caterpillars, food, butterfly feeder, sugar packets, and guide. Our testers appreciated the child-friendly, easy-to-follow with clear, step-by-step instructions and enjoyed watching the children embrace the care and feeding. One of our testing groups sent us the following note: Our caterpillars are in chrysalis stage. We’re like new parents anxiously awaiting the Painted Lady Butterflies to emerge!”

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio gave its Gold Seal Award to this caterpillar-to-chrysalides-to-butterfly habitat. Earning a rare gold is reserved for outstanding new products that enhance the lives of children.

“We’ve told you about this wonderful science kit for watching the metamorphosis of a butterfly up close! Use the enclosed voucher to send for five baby caterpillars and the food they need. There’s no fee for shipping, but be on the lookout for them. Don’t let them sit in the package when they arrive. They grow an amazing ten times their size before they form chrysalides! Inside the habitat. Watch for a few days and then please release them in the garden or park.

The National Parenting Center awarded Insect Lore its Seal of Approval Spring 2019 just in time for parents to start focusing their attention on outdoor activities and summer vacation. As they note on their website, the awards have become a trusted guide for shoppers before they hit the mall and surf the web.

Butterflies are one of nature’s miracles, not only are they pretty and the whole caterpillar metamorphosis thing amazing, but their ability to bring joy to the faces of children is a sight to see. Insect Lore gives parents the opportunity to bring the entire butterfly experience home for your kids to witness and marvel at. The packaging for the Butterfly Farm is bright and colorful, so testers were attracted to it like (no, were not gonna go there). The kit comes with a butterfly habitat and vouchers for caterpillars that once ordered, are delivered via the mail (shipping is included). The habitat (tent) has see-through sides that allow for easy viewing of the butterfly life cycle. The tent includes a colored picture outlining each stage. The level of excitement, enthusiasm, and fascination from both kids and their parents was nothing short of extraordinary.

Academics’ Choice Award • Brain ToyOnly the genuine “mind-builders” are recognized with the coveted Academics’ Choice Award™. Their Spring 2019 Brain Toy Award was eagerly given to the Butterfly Farm for its “rewarding and memorable learning experience.”

Watch as 5 tiny larvae embark upon their remarkable journey from caterpillar to butterfly. Insect Lore has been successfully providing children and adults alike the wonder of metamorphosis for 50 years! Insect Lore’s reliable biology ensures your children will enjoy a rewarding and memorable learning experience. Helpful tips and accessories make learning a complex process simpler and easier than ever! Transform your view of the natural world by witnessing one of nature’s most incredible phenomena right at your fingertips as caterpillars eat grow and transform into adult butterflies!

Tillywig Toy Awards - Brain Child Award winnerTillywig Toy Awards reserves its Brain Child designation for exciting products that nurture a child’s intellectual or emotional development.

Insect Lore’s Butterfly Farm provides kids with a fascinating and unforgettable STEM learning experience! Children display frequent fascination and delight as they take part in the magic of butterfly metamorphosis, observing and absorbing science every step of the way. An easy-to-follow guide gives concise instructions as to what to do and what to expect next. The captivating process unfolds over the course of a few weeks, with the final stage occurring inside the Butterfly Farm Habitat. The foot-tall, tent-like habitat offers an up-close view from all four sides (two of which are breathable mesh) and kids can’t get enough of checking in on the fascinating, tantalizing transformation. The affection youngsters feel for these creatures under their care makes the experience all the more meaningful, as does knowing that the final step will be to liberate the butterflies and watch them take flight. Available in two versions: Butterfly Farm with Live Cup of Caterpillars ($27.99), and Butterfly Farm with Voucher ($34.99) to be redeemed online whenever the caterpillars are desired. The voucher never expires and shipping is free!

Hot Diggity AwardWinning a Hot Diggity Award means a product is the best of the best! The coveted 2019 Seal of Approval signifies innovation, quality, entertainment and/or educational value plus a commitment to excellence.

What makes it Hot Diggity great: I remember doing this activity as a child and it’s stayed with me forever! It’s pure joy seeing caterpillars go through their stages of life and transform into butterflies. Insect Lore makes it easy to order the caterpillars — which arrived safe and sound — and the steps are so easy to follow. Great for in-home learning and classroom learning.

Additional comments from tester #1: Kids may see butterflies in nature and think about their experience of creating a home for their caterpillars and understand how that actually works in nature. They may even see caterpillars/chrysalis in the real world and be able to tell their friends not to touch it because a butterfly is in the making!

Additional comments from tester #2: This is a great way to teach kids about delayed gratification. Understanding when you are patient what can happen as the outcome.

Mom’s Choice Awards GoldButterfly Farm’s sixth Spring 2019 prize comes from Mom’s Choice as a designated Gold Award Recipient. Evaluators look for products created for children, families and educators.

Watch as larvae transform from baby caterpillars to chrysalides, to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies – then let them go to pollinate our world!

Insect Lore reminds parents that since these beneficial pollinators fly thousands of miles during their life span, they can be released in both cities and green spaces!

50th Anniversary Butterfly Farm • Ages 4+ • $27.99 to $34.99
Parents’ Choice Recommended
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Spring 2019
Academics’ Choice Spring 2019 Brain Toy Award
Tillywig 2019 Brain Child Award
Mom’s Choice Gold Award Recipient
Hot Diggity Seal Of Approval

Butterflies are known to be the most beautiful insects in the world. To celebrate its 50th season (1969-2019), Insect Lore has a created a limited edition Butterfly Farm providing children and adults alike the wonder of metamorphosis! This special-edition Butterfly Farm includes a pop-up habitat with ultra-clear panel ideal for viewing Painted Lady butterflies; a tuck away learning panel on the habitat showing all 4 stages of metamorphosis plus five baby caterpillars with all the food they need. Inside this kit are a Flower butterfly feeder, sugar packets, Deluxe Chrysalis Station Log, a feeding dropper and helpful caterpillar-raising tips!

Read the press release as a PDF

About Insect Lore
Insect Lore is the Original Butterflies-By-Mail Company, founded by entomologist Carlos White. It was White’s dream to provide children with the opportunity to witness the wonder of butterfly metamorphosis up close in the home and classroom. After years of research and development, Insect Lore launched in 1969 with the creation of our beloved flagship butterfly growing kit, the Live Butterfly Garden. Decades later, Insect Lore ships hundreds of thousands of caterpillars and butterfly kits to excited families and students across the US, the UK and Europe each year. Our innovative product line now includes ladybug, praying mantis and ant growing kits, as well as hands-on educational products that make science more approachable and relatable to young learners.


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