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Mom’s Choice, National Parenting Products Awards, Tillywig, PAL Award, Hot Diggity And The National Parenting Center Concur Candy Collections! Is Edu-taining And Oh-So-Sweet For Ages 5+

Fairfax Station, VA (May 6, 2021) – Only a kid would have thought of a board game where veggies are the bad guys and candy wins the game. That’s exactly how Candy Collections! ($24.99 at www.cybelesgames.com) was created from the imagination of an 11-year-old Virginia girl. This season, a half-dozen national toy industry organizations awarded this first-time entry its highest honors and sweetest praise as an outstanding children’s product.

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To date, the board game with candy-inspired characters has won praise from PAL Award, Hot Diggity, Tillywig, National Parenting Products Award, Mom’s Choice and The National Parenting Center. It’s the first of many fun experiences from Cybele’s Games, named for Virginia tween-ager Cybele McKenzie.

“Invented and designed during the pandemic shutdown by an 11-year-old,” begins the PAL Award endorsement, “Candy Collections! will be a soon favorite for family game night. The board game brings both educational features and fun to the table that will keep kids engaged and learning.” Learning is the surprise bonus of this 15-minute per round game.

“In addition to mathematical benefits, Candy Collections! is fantastic for language, pragmatic development, and spatial awareness” observed the PAL Award judges. “Kids were observed to engage in verbal negotiations when prompted to “trade” or “steal” a candy from an opponent, ‘Mommy has more, you should take it from her!’ The conversation was active throughout, as players made predictions and wished for certain number rolls, like ‘I hope I get a 3, then I get the Candy Jar!’ They practiced turn taking, planning and helped each other out (as the older one read cards for the younger).”

“We were so impressed by the quality and entertainment value,” explained what made Candy Collections! so Hot Diggity. “Hones basic math skills and encourages sportsmanship. We added our own twist to the game with a dish of peanut butter cups for the winner of each round!”

Candy Collections! “has all the makings of an instant classic!” proclaimed the Tillywig write-up for a Tillywig Spring 2021 Best Family Fun Award.

National Parenting Product Awards sent the board game to several houses for honest reviews. “The girls loved that they were playing for ‘candy’ and would get bummed out when they had to give their candy away or put it in the jar,” responded one of many glowing write-ups. “It’s a great first board game for a young child because it teaches them how to play, follow rules and a little bit of basic math skills.”

Since 1989 The National Parenting Center has been reviewing toys and has truly seen it all. The toy experts happily granted the 2021 board game its Seal of Approval with this highly recommended review: “Candy Collections! is a fun family game that both children and adults will enjoy. The game itself is well-made. The character pieces are strong and solid, with no cardboard characters that stick into plastic bases. The board game, cards, and pieces are all vibrant colors with cute illustrations that put a smile on our tester’s faces. As for gameplay, Candy Collections! provides lots of laughs as players collect candy and steal it from others. The fun twist happens when you draw a “veggie,” and you lose points.”

The candid national write-up continues, “OK, some parents aren’t going to be thrilled by casting vegetables as bad guys, but it’s all good fun. The game has an extra special back story; it was created by an 11-year-old girl who was looking for a way to keep her brothers busy during summertime. How cool is that? Parents felt that the age recommendation of 5 years or older is spot on. Though this game does involve some strategy, it’s really not all that complicated, and it’s certainly easy enough for a 5-year-old to play (though they will probably need help reading the board and cards).”

The award-winning board game created by a big sister for her little brothers can be found at https://www.cybelesgames.com/products/candy-collections. Playtime is estimated at 15 to 20 minutes, perfect for Family Game Night with young children.

2021 National Parenting Product Awards Winner 2021 Hot Diggity Award Mom’s Choice Award PAL Award Tillywig 2021 Best Family Fun Award Winner The National Parenting Center Seal of ApprovalCandy Collections! • $24.99 • Ages 5+
2021 National Parenting Product Awards Winner
2021 Hot Diggity Award
Mom’s Choice Award
PAL Award
Tillywig 2021 Best Family Fun Award Winner
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

What youngster doesn’t like candy? This beginners board game entices kids to roll the dice, move their token a space or two at a time and aim for the chance to be declared the winner. Basic reading and math can be supported by a parent or older sibling. Inside the candy-inspired game box are 6-character tokens, 35-Candy cards, 21-Mystery cards, 21-Super cards, sturdy board game and dice. Choose your token from Kool Kyle, Excited Emma and Silly Sarah to Nice Noah, Happy Hannah or Shy Steve. With a nod to her little brothers, the 11-year-old game inventor wrote the rules so the youngest member of the family gets to go first!

Follow the young game inventor on Facebook or click on Cybele’s Games YouTube for a how-to demonstration.

Tween-ager Cybele McKenzie designs and illustrates all game elements, the playing format and the rules. She tests every game with her two younger brothers during Family Game Night. Her number one grocery list item is a ream of printing paper as she whips up the next game or storyline. A veteran of the national Young Inventors Challenge, fans can follow her exciting journey on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CybelesGames. The company hopes to sell the game at specialty toy & game stores in 2021, as well as at ecommerce sites.

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