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Oppenheim Gold, Mom’s Choice, NAPPA & Creative Child Just Serenaded Its Highest Honors To Plush Bears That Play Exquisite Classical Music Recordings

Singapore (July 2, 2018) – Did you hear? In just two months on American shores, Virtuoso Bears – aptly named Amadeus and Ludwig – have captured the hearts of four prestigious toy competitions with top honors! And dozens of Mom bloggers heartily agree!

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“If you’ve shopped for a musical doll with music that is in-tune and pleasant, you know they’re not too easy to find. Enter two exceptions to the rule!” begins the glowing review by the very-hard-to-please Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.

Virtuoso Bears ($49.99) with the adorable likeness to Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven are two cuddly pals offering 40 minutes of carefully selected tracks of sonatas, concertos and symphonies. They won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018 — one of four national honors in the last eight weeks!

“Bring home either Ludwig (as in Beethoven) or Amadeus (as in Mozart),” gushes Oppenheim Toy Portfolio on their website, “Each of these 15-inch musical bears has a music device inside that starts and stops by pushing on its belly. Dressed in period costumes that are velvety soft to the touch, the maestros have stitched features for safety and play beautiful classical music for forty minutes—plenty of time to lull little ones to sleep. What makes them unusual? It’s the quality of the music, recorded by professional pianists … Scientists have debunked the claims that classical music will make your baby smarter, but this music is sure to be a lot easier on the ear and will probably sooth them (and you) more than most.”

The second bravo comes from the National Parenting Products Awards, also known as NAPPA. They just granted their 2018 National Parenting Products Award Winner seal thanks to evaluator comments like “The music and the sound quality are great” and “These bears are soft and well-made.” One reviewer admitted to being lulled to sleep with “I enjoyed listening to the music too and falling asleep to it too.”

“Introducing Virtuoso Bears,” begins the charming NAPPA review, “with an adorable likeness to Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Each of these cuddly pals carry 40 minutes of carefully selected tracks of sonatas, concertos and symphonies. The compositions can be switched on and off and their volume can be regulated. Tucked in each bear’s pocket is a short biography of each virtuoso. It shares a brief history of the composer’s life, and introduces the title of every featured musical selection.”

To appreciate the adorable Awwwww factor, NAPPA posted a YouTube video of baby-with-bear on their home page as the featured video: and then lauded the bears in the June issue of LA Parent magazine.

Another enthusiastic round of applause came from Mom’s Choice Awards. A gold seal Honoring Excellence  sits next to their website description that includes, “The pre-recorded compositions can be easily switched on and off and their volume can be regulated, meeting safety requirements for babies. Volume control is important and safe for babies’ ears as it enables the music to be played softly for naptime, and more prominently for wide-awake play dates.” Click on for the complete review.

A national program consisting of moms and educators gathered annually by Creative Child magazine awarded Virtuoso Bears its 2018 Plush Toy Of The Year Award in the Musical Plush Toy category. Take a bow Amadeus. Great work Ludwig!

Mom bloggers have been some of the first grownups in the U.S. to witness the magic of these cuddly virtuosos. Their praise creates an encore of parental approval.

This is such a wonderful gift idea for a baby shower, or to buy for anyone who has a small child. I have a bigger child, and as many of you know he’s the world’s biggest stuffed animal fan. He also happens to love classical music. That means when this came in the house, he begged to keep it. After taking it out of the box and examining it, I can see why he was so enamored. This Virtuoso Bear is a little beauty!  — Mail4Rosey blogger

Both bears share their composer’s features in hair and attire and have the composer’s name embroidered on the foot. Inside where the battery pack/speaker goes, you’ll find a little surprise: You can pull out the fabric to find the composer’s biography on one side and list of music on the other side. Really neat!  – Paperclips and Pacis blogger

Amadeus-Virtuoso Bear • Ages Newborn+ • $49.99Look for these two musical masters on Amazon. Gift-wrapping and gift cards are available! Virtuoso Bears’ parent company, Vosego, offers direct links to buy. To order Amadeus, click on the website link: To order Ludwig, click on the website link:


Amadeus-Virtuoso Bear • Ages Newborn+ • $49.99
With his bright red coat embellished with musical notes, this plush pal entices all the senses to touch, see and hear. Turn him around and notice his black hair ribbon. Peek inside the bear’s inner pocket for a short composer’s biography. Listen and enjoy up to 40 minutes of Mozart’s most loved compositions. The music tracks can be switched and the volume easily controlled.

Ludwig-Virtuoso Bear • Ages Newborn+ • $49.99Ludwig-Virtuoso Bear • Ages Newborn+ • $49.99
When propped to a sitting position, Ludwig measures 11 inches high. Loving details include his red ascot and thick grey mane. Choose one or all seven tracks from Emperor Concerto to Moonlight Sonata. One day, baby will be able to “name that tune” without prompting. Like plush pal Amadeus, tracks can be switched with a touch and the volume easily controlled.

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Translating from Latin “You before Me” (vos + ego), Vosego launches educational and musical toys in 2018 with a commitment to provide each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Their Virtuoso Collection is an enchanting introduction to classical music for babies and kids. Each plush toy bear emulates famous composers and plays 40 minutes of their key pieces. Visit their website at

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