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Peek Inside Two New Lab Kits Featuring Whimsical Ms. Frizzle & Her Curious Students

Jamestown, RI (October 13, 2016) – Do phrases like dilating pupils and night-vision flashlight make you think of a doctor or an astronaut? These are actually two experiments scientists as young as 5 will discover in the upcoming batch of 2016 Magic School Bus™ lab kits created by The Young Scientists Club. Be the first to open the yellow bus-shaped boxes at their Booth 5618 at The American International Toy Fair.

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Fans of The Magic School Bus television and book series fondly recognize Ms. Frizzle and her students Ralphie, Keesha, Phoebe and Arnold. She encourages elementary school-aged students to buckle their seat belts and take a wild ride to learn something new. In 2016 the bus transforms into a science lab and journeys inside the Human Body and out to Space. In The Magic School Bus Human Body Lab ($39.99) youngsters will be mesmerized making a lung model, measuring a pulse and yes, dilating a pupil. The highlight of this kit is the large plastic human body skeleton that Young Scientists will put together, label and then proudly display.

Also new in 2016 is The Magic School Bus Space Lab ($39.99) where Young Scientists get to navigate the sky with Ms. Frizzle as their guide. Kids quickly learn to locate a constellation, make a solar system mobile and create their very own night-vision flashlight. Young Scientists will use a specialized astronomical device called the Star Pilot™ to locate constellations — both on the star ball and in the night sky. As Ms. Frizzle notes, “Let’s get out there and explore!”

The fictional character Ms. Frizzle has always been an advocate of STEM lesson plans. But parents realize that not every child will grow up to be a scientist. However, every child should have a chance to be a scientist child — that is having specific skills for a lifetime of exploration.

An editorial recently ran in the Miami Herald that explores this concept. The article reminded parents, “Science-friendly homes encourage questions, critical thinking, experimentation, reasoning, reading, writing, model creations, and TV science programs. The Scientist in Schools website says that although most children will not grow up to become science professionals, they will grow up in a world that requires scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. So as parents, we should have the goal of raising a scientist, regardless of our child’s ultimate career path.”

The Young Scientist Club happily tucks everything that curious kids will need into one exciting lab kit. And there are now dozens of themed kits to choose from! Look for all of them at their website,

The two newest lab kits will be found in specialty stores and available online in February 2016:

The Magic School Bus Human Body Lab | Ages 5+ • $39.99
The human body is absolutely fascinating. More than the hip-bone connected to thigh-bone, this complete lab gets kids building a 17-inch plastic human skeleton, exploring touch receptors, learning about teeth enamel and making a ball and socket joint. Dynamic deduction!

The Magic School Bus Space Lab • Ages 5+ • $39.99
Inside this school bus-shaped lab is an astronomical device called the Star Pilot™ that locates constellations both on the star ball and in the night sky! Captivating experiments and activities include learning about the life cycle of a star, creating a planet poster, a 16-page booklet debunking constellation myths around the world and a data notebook, among other components.

Discover the entire line of science, math and engineering games and kits created for young minds at School/group packs, fundraising programs and the award-winning monthly subscription program are all introduced on the site’s home page.

Based on the best-selling Scholastic book series The Magic School Bus is an award-winning animated TV series sold to more than 30 countries in 15 languages. With 58 million books in print, the brand has won many industry awards, including two Emmys for Lily Tomlin’s portrayal of Ms. Frizzle in the TV series, five CINE Golden Eagles, a Parents Choice Gold Medal, a National Conservation Achievement Award, an Environmental Media Association Award, and an Annenberg Public Policy Center Award. In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, Scholastic debuted two new iPad apps and a new game for Nintendo DS. For more info about The Magic School Bus, visit

Scholastic Corporation is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and a leader in educational technology and children’s media. Since 1920, Scholastic has been creating quality educational and entertaining materials and products for use in school and at home. Today they include children’s books, magazines, technology-based products, teacher materials, television programming, film, videos and toys. Scholastic distributes its products and services through a variety of channels, including proprietary school-based book clubs and school-based book fairs, retail stores, schools, libraries, television networks and

It’s been 17 years since Esther Novis, a mother of five and a former Harvard-trained biologist, started The Young Scientists Club as a summer science camp for her then 5-year-old son. Friends from other parts of the country told Novis they wanted to duplicate her concept and the idea for a science subscription service was born! The subscription kits are now mailed monthly to thousands of children around the world and the company’s retail kits are sold in hundreds of specialty stores. In addition to developing new products for The Young Scientists Club, this wise mom has many years of experience teaching at Phillips Academy, Andover and has written the science column for Parents Magazine plus wrote science experiments for the new science curriculum by McGraw-Hill Publishing.

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