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Whatsitsface® Puppy Dog, Kitty Cat & Teddy Bear With Six Changeable Facial Expressions Enhances A Child’s EQ

Highlands Ranch, CO (October 29, 2020) –Whatsitsface plush toys, which feature six different facial expressions to help kids learn about emotions through interactive play, has been nominated as a finalist in the Plush category for the Toy Association’s prestigious Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards. All TOTY finalists were nominated from within the toy industry and were selected by leading industry professionals, retailers, academia, media and consumers. The TOTY Awards are frequently referred to as the “Oscars” of the toy industry.

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Vote for Whatsitsface TOTY award“We are so thrilled to be selected as a Toy of the Year finalist,” said Joanna Paul, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Whatsitsface. “Being recognized by a diverse cross-section of toy industry professionals really helps to validate our mission of building kids’ emotional intelligence through pretend play.”

Despite the popularity of tech toys and WiFi-powered gadgets, stuffed animals are usually still a child’s first best friend. Whatsitsface gives kids a novel option to turn the plush toy’s face from happy to sad to angry to surprised to amused to sound asleep – all with a twist of a knob or a flip of a face. Little ones can change the face of Puppy Dog, Kitty Cat or Teddy Bear to reveal each of these six emotional expressions.

Whatsitsface is represented by licensing agency Surge Licensing, whose President Mark Freedman commented, “Whatsitsface is an emotionally nurturing plush toy, with innovative features on a mission that really checks off a lot of boxes for kids and parents during these trying times. Social-emotional learning, empathy, expressions and creativity all hold increasing importance today – particularly if modeled into play patterns.”

Little ones can change the face of Puppy Dog, Kitty Cat or Teddy Bear ($24.99) to reveal six emotional expressions – building their empathy skills while extending creative playtime!Paul continued, “For anyone interested in seeing kids enhance their emotional intelligence through fun, creative play, we’d be honored if you submitted a TOTY vote for Whatsitsface at

Whatsitsface is the emotional plush with six facial expressions. Focused on building social and emotional intelligence, Whatsitsface helps children learn about emotions through creativity and interactive play. Discover more at



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