Pick Up All Three Contained Adventures For A Family Friendly Treasure Hunt Right In The Palm Of Your Hands

Snohomish, WA (June 19, 2017) – Can you spot the red cape, red fur or red & white shirt? That’s the challenge for kids this season as they venture on a treasure hunt to search for loveable characters from Captain Underpants, Sesame Street Jr. and Where’s Waldo? They needn’t go very far as everything is contained in the hand-held adventure game.

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Parent company Identity Games is pleased to announce its 2017 collection of Find It® Games (starting at $19.99) have just arrived on store shelves. These puzzling adventures in a tall clear tube follow the hottest licenses including Captain Underpants, now an animated summer blockbuster from DreamWorks. Based on the children’s books series, this Find It game is filled with items from the whimsical storyline about two fourth graders, Harold and George.

Big Bird, Elmo and Ernie star in this Sesame Street Jr. Find It game that boasts larger-than-usual pieces. It makes spotting a yellow rubber duckie just a little easier! Cookie Monster, Bert and the rest of the gang are hiding in plain sight. Go find them!

Where’s Waldo? already had a reputation for blending into the scenery. Spotting him takes a keen eye. Waldo sports a distinctive red-and-white-striped shirt, knit cap and black glasses. In the newest edition of Find It, search for 40 Waldo items in a sea of colored pellets.

Every version of Find It requires specific items to be discovered. All are listed on top of the container for easy reference. Some are easy to find; others a bit harder. Handle the container anyway that’s comfortable to spot the hidden items – in alphabetical order, smallest to largest, fastest to slowest, etc. It sounds easy, but it’s a challenge and that’s what makes them so fun!

These best-selling games – over 120,000 sold in 2016 – appeal to kids, parents, kids-at-heart, teachers and even therapists. Everyone has their own method of twisting, spinning, shaking or tapping the filled container of hidden items among colored pellets.

Zeroing in on one item requires all ages and abilities to stop and focus. The National Lekotek Center has judged Find It Games to be top-rated for its AblePlay™ toy rating. AblePlay was created so parents, friends, family members, educators, therapists and others could make the best decisions when purchasing products for children in their lives, especially children with special needs. Find It Games receives toy industry honors each year but AblePlay is its most cherished.

Look for these Find It Games online and in stores today:

Captain Underpants • Ages 6+ • $22.99
Author Dav Pilkey created memorable characters in his book series featuring two fourth graders and a superhero that wears a red cape and white undies!

Sesame Street Jr. • Ages 3+ • $22.99
The cutest characters who live on Sesame Street are tucked inside this contained adventure where items to discover are larger, thus easier, to spot.

Where’s Waldo? • Ages 6+ • $22.99
Waldo is the guy with the iconic red-and-white-stripe shirt and black round glasses. He seems to blend in to the crowd making him hard to spot. Inside this cylinder are mostly red and green pieces to baffle, challenge and amuse!

Identity Games launches several Find It editions in 2017 plus family-friendly Poopyhead, Miffy and Elmo Hide & Seeks, Crozzit and Mouthguard Challenge. Find them online and on store shelves at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and neighborhood specialty shops. For the nearest retailer, type in your zip code at http://www.IdentityGames.com and click on the button “Where To Buy.”

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Identity Games has been developing innovative fun for both the corporate and consumer markets for 25 years. The Dutch company was founded in 1992 to make creative and educational games for every business, family and market while exceeding customer expectations by delivering high quality games at the best possible prices. From 2006 through 2017 Identity Games won several awards in The Netherlands, Europe and the US. Most recently, Identity Games USA, a division of Identity Games, acquired the Find IT® games brand. Also on their current toy shelf are Miffy Hide and Seek, Who’s The Dude, Mouthguard Challenge, Poopyhead, Boom Boom Balloon and Escape Room the game. Look for Identity Games in Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and online at amazon.com. To find a store, click on their website, http://www.IdentityGames.com.

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