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Take A Whiff and Follow Your Nose to Toy Fair Booth 2953 As Whiffer Sniffers Unveil Next Line Of $6.99 Must-Have Backpack Clips

Kennesaw, GA (February 15, 2017) – Reports of kids waiting around the block for the next shipment of those deliciously scented plush backpack clips are coming in from around the nation! Whiffer Sniffers ($6.99) have become the “It Toy” for kids who collect. Voted Most Wanted Collectible by Time To Play Magazine, these 4” wonders are the coolest thing that kids can have hanging from their backpack or sports bag! Plus they pass the smell test – from popcorn to gingerbread.

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These plushy pals with familiar aromas successfully launched two years ago at American International Toy Fair. New for 2017 is the two-phase roll out of eleven Series 4 characters. Kids might start with Howie Rolls, a cinnamon roll, in mid-February and end with Mikey Milkshake, a sweet chocolate shake, by early April. Stop and smell all the new personalities at the Whiffer Sniffers Booth 2953.

Remember when Dad collected baseball cards and Mom searched for the next Happy Meals giveaway? The joy was in the hunt. Today’s kids are equally going crazy for accumulating Whiffer Sniffers. This time they can carry, share and show off the scented plush at the bus stop or the lunch room. For kids on an allowance or holding on to Christmas cash, hunting then finding the next character for their collection is priceless. That’s a memorable experience for just $6.99!

It’s not just kids shopping the toy store but grownups heating up the secondary market by searching on eBay or Amazon! Frequent retirements, limited editions, and super rare characters add to the excitement of the search and the jump in value. Over the holidays the prices ranged from $21.75 for a Mystery Pack Huey Gooey to $43.99 for Super Rare Bitsy Bubbles Sniffer, both offered on eBay!

The Original Whiffer Sniffers™ impressed not only tweens and eBay searchers but also toy industry experts. For their first full year in stores and online, the pleasingly plush brought home the 2016 Creative Child Product of The Year, 2016 Tillywig Sterling Fun Award and the 2016 Toy Insider Top Holiday Toys. Parent company Bearington Collection, a family owned and operated business, is known for creating award winning products that are also affordable. Whiffer Sniffers continue the family trend!

Since Whiffer Sniffers launched less than two years ago, the line has been a social scentsation with over 14 million views YouTube, more than 19,500 followers on Instagram and multiple toy industry awards. The fragrant collectibles were even featured in the 2016 Top Toy Trend by the Toy Industry Association (TIA). The TIA praised the series for encouraging childhood skills such as negotiation, patience, perseverance, opened-ended play and organization! Their YouTube Coveted Collectibles clip can be seen at

“Bitsy Berry gives off a delicious strawberry scent. Freddy Frosted looks like a chocolate donut brought to life and smells like one, too,” says a review by Tillywig Toy Award judges. “Part of Whiffer Sniffers’ appeal stems from the way various characters’ kooky, colorful visual appeal and often hilarious names tickle kids’ funny bones. One of our favorites in the bunch was Kaumana Wanna Smelya, the surfing pineapple. The list goes on — Tony Pepperoni, Tangerina Ballerina, the popcorn scented I. B. Poppin, and several other smile-inducing characters.”

Available at a kid-friendly price tag, the Whiffer Sniffers clips quickly become collectibles as each Series is rolled out and styles are retired. Series 1 contained 12 different characters. In 2017, 11 styles will be introduced in two phases, with 6 new styles available in mid-February including Sour Saul, a sour apple and Izzy Sodalicious, a fizzy grape soda. Then in early April, Series 4, Part 2 collectibles hit store shelves or can be found online at WhifferSniffers.com.

Collect ‘em, Give ‘em, and Trade ‘em
Beyond the diminutive backpack clips are super-sized Whiffer Sniffers at a huggable 11” tall. These plush pals look good in the bedroom and will make a pillow smell great! The Super Sniffers ($17.99) Series 4, Part I personalities — Sour Saul, Maci Macaron, Izzy Sodalicious and Howie Rolls — hit store shelves in mid-February 2017. Look for four more cuddly plush in early April as Series 4, Part II enter the market featuring Sonny Shine, May B. Minty and friends.

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Is there a sticker collector in the house? Boost the collection or get them started with Series 4 Stickers ($2.50) that kids can scratch then sniff. This allowance-friendly hobby offers 60 different stickers delivered in packs of four sheets each. Every pack comes with a bonus – a Whiffer Sniffer activity printed on the backer card of each set! Like the backpack clips and Super Sniffers, the Series 4, Part I stickers ship in mid-February. Series 4, Part II sticker packs arrive in stores by early April!

Whiffer Sniffers has the perfect spot to place all those stickers! The Sticker Collection Book ($4.99) boasts specially coated sheets for easy sticking, or easy removal. Show your book to your friends and start trading (or give them away). This scratch ‘n sniff hobby is really fun plus it offers wonderful benefits, Kids develop organizational thinking, fostering social connections and much more. Wow!

Kids and parents who click on their colorful website will find some freebies such as craftable accessories, games and coloring sheets! Whiffer Sniffers social media pages showcase or tweet the newest offerings. Their Facebook page might tempt mom with a giveaway such as their prize pack of Kris Krumble, Peppermint Paulie and Doughy Dave Holiday 2016 Contest. Their Instagram page offers weekly drawings and is packed with Whiffer Sniffer pictures and drawings shared by fans.

A core product offering for fans of Whiffer Sniffers is their Mystery Packs. As their website explains, “some specially packaged backpack clip sized Whiffer Sniffers are rare editions and are available only in their own mystery package. Inside each mystery package you will find: either the rare special edition character that is pictured on the outside of its mystery package (lucky you!) or one of the other awesome regularly sold Whiffer Sniffer characters. If you’re super lucky you might find one of the super rare gold bag Sniffer Mixes. What do you do if you open the package and you find a Whiffer Sniffer inside that you already have in your collection? Trade it with a friend of course!”

Introducing Series 4, ready for shipping mid-February 2017, all for ages 3+ and are $6.99 each:
Sour Saul
This green apple is known for being sour, however, Saul’s the life of the party and his excitement grows with each hour.

Izzy Sodalicious
Izzy’s bubbles always tickle his nose and you can hear his laughter wherever he goes. He’s been known to laugh so hard that he sometimes blows his top…luckily grape soda is easy to mop.

Howie Rolls
With a swagger in his cinnamony step and always to the beat, you can’t miss him as he strolls down the street. As Mr. Cool, Howie’s comfortable at the controls…because being cool is Howie Rolls!

Maci Macaron
Maci loves to cook pastries and sweets. She spends her time researching and baking new recipes for everyone she meets. You’ll enjoy her blueberry scent!

Jay Bean
His friends call him J.B., that’s short for Jay Bean, the jellybean-scented character. He’s not one to blend in, in fact, he loves to be seen.

GOLD BAG – Minty Macaron • $6.99 • Ages 3+
Maci & May B Minty (available April) get together every Wednesday to create a new treat. Being from different culinary backgrounds, it’s great when these two meet. Mixing frozen treats with ones that are baked, they work all afternoon….and their latest creation…a Minty Macaron!

Parents can be assured that Whiffer Sniffers are safe and conform to all applicable CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) safety standards.

The second 2017 wave will be ready for shipping in early April 2017.

Introducing Series 4, Part II

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Sonny Shine
This son loves doing well in school and loves having fun even more. However, he makes sure to finish his homework first before he’s out the door. The future’s so bright that he always wears his shades. Hi fresh orange scent is sure to be refreshing!

May B Minty
May is always tinkering with her ice cream machine, she’s been at it so long, she’s now known as the Ice Cream Queen. Everyone flips over her award-winning mint chocolate chip!

Phil O’ Jelly
“What’s mine is yours” is this guy’s favorite thing to say. Sharing what he has is just how he lives his day. Sometimes he shares his pencils, other times his snack he’ll even carry his friend’s books if he has extra room in his backpack. His strawberry jelly scent is as sweet as his personality.

Mikey Milkshake
From great grades to birthdays, there’s always something to celebrate. Mikey prefers to have his parties at the local soda shop, if you’re ever passing by one, you really have to stop.

GOLD BAG – Bitsy B Shakin’ • $6.99 • Ages 3+

GOLD BAG – Bitsy B Shakin’ • $6.99 • Ages 3+
Bitsy loves being with her friends and Mikey’s soda shop celebrations are always lots of fun – in fact, it’s tough to leave with the celebrations are all done. But one things for sure, there always another party in the makin’ and that where you’ll find one very happy Bitsy B Shakin’!

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To peek, ponder and purchase, click on http://www.WhifferSniffers.com or on any of their social media channels.

The Original Whiffer Sniffers is a collectible line of scented plush characters that are available as either backpack clips, larger huggable plush versions, and scratch n’ sniff stickers. Dozens of unique, fun characters have been launched since 2015. Six styles are part of Series Four – Part 1 to launch in late February of 2016. Series 4 – Part 2 will launch in April. For more information, or to find a retailer, visit http://www.whiffersniffers.com.

Bearington Collection has been manufacturing award-winning collectible plush bears and animals since 1997. Bearington’s baby division, Bearington Baby is one of the top three baby plush & accessories lines in the United States. Bearington’s newest division, The Original Whiffer Sniffers is the company’s first entry into the toy segment. For more information, see their adorable product line at http://www.bearingtoncollection.com

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