Whiffer Sniffers Series 6,Part 1 for 2018


Series 6 Personalities Waffle Aaron, Danny Dipperlli, Apollo Freeze & More Are Revealed for 2018

Kennesaw, GA (March 13, 2018) –With dozens of toy industry awards under its nose, Whiffer Sniffers is always ready to unveil the-next-big-thing. For the last two years, kids have been waiting outside and around the corner as stores unpack the newest Whiffer Sniffer arrivals. As their tag line emphasizes, boys and girls love to collect ‘em, give ‘em and trade ‘em. With allowance-friendly prices and smells last a whole year, it’s no wonder retailers and parents adore these whimsical characters.

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When you inhale the scent of Easter Candy or waffles or chocolate dipped strawberries, a smile quickly forms and a memory is evoked. That’s the magic of Whiffer Sniffers and why so many toy industry judges have awarded these themed plush pals so many honors. Beyond the pleasing scents is the thrill to track down and collect specific characters. In 2018, a dozen more names will be added to Whiffer Sniffers long list of must-haves.

Five new characters join the Whiffer Sniffer family in Series 6, Part 1 ($6.99). Kids will be enchanted by Chill Bill, Danny Dipperelli, Waffle Aaron, Mystery Packs’ Ima Bubblepopper and Cheri Bubblepopper. Look for an Easter holiday themed character, Willy Hyde, available as a limited edition.

Whiffer Sniffers continues the thrill of the hunt with Mystery Packs, Gold Bags and new Sniffer Switch versions. The switch is a slight twist on a Whiffer Sniffer character. For example Shirley Cone (available in mid-April) arrives with pink and blue sprinkles. Her Sniffer Switch version boasts purple ones! The change is subtle but kids enjoy collecting these plush pals, as they randomly appear in stores coast to coast. In fact, Grandma may be enlisted to hunt for a particular Whiffer Sniffer in her hometown specialty store!

Whiffer Sniffers Series 6,Part 1 for 2018


Chill Bill is a sweet treat to be around. He is frozen but has such a warm personality. He is sure to invite new kids into the games that he plays and makes everyone feel that they are special. Whenever someone is down in the dumps, he finds fun ways to lift their spirits. He is warm at heart, and everyone loves to \hang out with Chill Bill. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover! His kind ways will melt your heart. Sniffer Switch Version has reversed colors. Sold in 5” and Super 11” sizes.

Danny Dipperelli’Danny Dipperelli’s favorite place to hang is at the local diner with his motor cycle gang. He loves eating burgers and fries, listening to tunes and talking shop with the guys. He’s dressed so cool, he’s slick, from his high top sneakers to his sleek black leather jacket. He starts off every conversation by running a comb through his hair and usually ends those by saying “hey, don’t be square.” Sold in 4.5”

Waffle AaronWaffle Aaron, standing at 4.5”, believes in being early to bed and early to rise, to finish a school project or chase fireflies. He accomplishes small tasks first, then sets a lofty goal. He knows that it takes discipline and lots of self-control. Because his personality is syrupy sweet. He has friends whose loyalty can’t be beat Sniffer Switch version has brown eyes

Willy Hyde Willy Hyde was forever in search of the perfect place to hide. Along his journey, he met characters that he enjoyed hanging out with that were a match for his colorful personality. This experience caused Willy to have a change of yolk. He has grown to appreciate and learned to celebrate the things that make him and others unique and special. He believes that the colorfulness and uniqueness of people make the world a more interesting place, a place to stand out, not to be camouflaged or hidden. He is one good egg! Willy Hyde is a limited edition Easter plush pal and measures 3.5”.

Ima Bubblepopper, a Mystery Pack Whiffer SniffersIma Bubblepopper, a Mystery Pack plush, is the ultimate party girl. All of Ima’s parties are said to be “on point”! First, she gets the party hoppin’ with some breakdance moves and a little bit of poppin’ and lockin’. Soon everyone is joining in on the fun! Even though Ima throws the best parties, she remembers to work hard on her schoolwork so that she can play hard at her parties. Measures 3” or in Super Sniffer size 10.”

Whiffer Sniffers Series 6, Part 1 -Cheri Bubblepopper, a Mystery Pack Gold Bag

Cheri Bubblepopper, a Mystery Pack Gold Bag plush, claims spring is her favorite season. She loves to see the cherry trees in full bloom. Cheri knows that the cherry blossom is a sign of friendship, which gave her the idea to start a Cherry Blossom Club at her school. More and more students join the club each year and the circle of friends keeps growing. Now, Cherri and all the club members attend the festival together and have a great time celebrating their friendship underneath the cherry blossoms.

Whiffer Sniffer is also rolling out its Series 6, Part 2 characters including Louis Lime, Apollo Freeze, Shirley Cone and Mystery Packs’ Missy Muffintop and Mystery Pack Gold Bag’s Ima Muffintop. Sniffer Switch versions are hiding in plain sight for Louie Lime from bright blue eyes to brown. And look for a switch in Shirley Cone’s colored sprinkles!

Whiffer Sniffers SERIES 6, PART 2


Louie Lime loves being known as the lime with a sweet personality and a kind heart, but he’s often mistaken for being sour, and must prove himself to those in doubt. He feels discouraged at times, but never gives up on his quest for niceness and continues to go out of his way to perform random acts of kindness. How sweet is that? Sniffer Switch version comes with brown eyes. Comes in 4.5”

Apollo Freeze is curious and loves adventure. His friends think that his creative stories of exploration are the bomb! He encourages others to break away from their TVs or video games and explore the outdoors. He knows that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to create your own adventures.
Whether he’s enjoying the freedom of hiking, camping, or just letting his imagination run wild with dreams of space exploration, Apollo is just too fly to sit around and chill out. Stands 5” tall.

Strawberry ice cream scented Shirley Cone, measuring 5” or Super Sniffer size 10”, is best described in rhyme: Twirl, twist and swirl. The day’s schedule is full for this girl. Homework, band, tennis, and racquetball, Shirley Cone is busy with it all! But before each whirl wind day ends, she always makes time to catch up with her friends. Conversations with her BFFs always leave her less stressed and keeps her on the smooth road to success! Shirley’s Sniffer Switch version has purple sprinkles.

Missy Muffintop, a Mystery Pack, never fails to remember the birth dates of her friends. She loves surprising them on their special days with their favorite muffins, cupcakes, cookies, or treats from the bakery that she calls home. If you have a favorite, chances are, Missy has the recipe on file! With Missy around, you’re guaranteed to have a Birthday that’s totally sweet! Measures 4” or Super Sniffer size 11”.

Ima Muffintop, a Mystery Pack Gold Bag, is your lifeline for answers to trivia questions! Ima is the brainy one in her circle of friends. She loves to read about any and everything. Questions never stump Ima because she reads across the genres: science, history, fictional stories, and biographies. You name it, she has read it! Ima’s friends love to pick her brain because they know that she has a wealth of knowledge under her hat. Ima proudly wears her “walking encyclopedia” t-shirt. Ima is always excited to explain when someone asks, “What’s an encyclopedia?”

Click on http://www.WhifferSniffers.com and use your imagination for a full list of scented personalities, products and prices.

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The Original Whiffer Sniffers is a collectible line of scented plush characters that are available as either backpack clips, larger huggable plush versions, and scratch n’ sniff stickers. Dozens of unique, fun characters have been launched since 2015. Series 6 launches in Spring 2018, including the debut of Whiffer Squishers in Spring 2018 along with the plush characters. For more information or to find a retailer, visit http://www.whiffersniffers.com.

Bearington Collection has been manufacturing award-winning collectible plush bears and animals since 1997. Bearington’s baby division, Bearington Baby is one of the top three baby plush & accessories lines in the United States. Bearington’s newest division, The Original Whiffer Sniffers is the company’s first entry into the toy segment. For more information, see their adorable product line at http://www.bearingtoncollection.com.

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