Got A Baby In The House? Time To Go Shopping For Adorable Wooden Toys From Playful Pony To Beep The Robot Plus Three New Plush Pals

Minneapolis, MN (April 5, 2016) – Some folks never need an excuse to go shopping but when there’s a new baby on the way (or has already arrived) there’s a long list of must-haves. The Manhattan Toy Company has a precious list of should-haves – like a pony! Not to worry, this one doesn’t eat and stands just 18” tall. Playful Pony™ ($68) is the perfect way to pamper 1-year-olds who can’t wait to try out their newly found eye-hand coordination!

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From newborns to preschoolers, Manhattan Toy has a few suggestions of just-launched toys that are sure to wow the little ones in the house. Wooden toys that are sturdy yet whimsical make perfect playmates! Three magnetic wood block sets made their debut at American International Toy Fair and the response was remarkable.

Toddlers may not be ready for a robotics competition but they can still build one! Beep The Robot™ ($40) can be stacked and arranged in dozens of different ways. New dads and granddads will be happy to get down on the floor and help build Arrgh! The Pirate™ ($40) or Red The Fox™ ($30). When play is done, display the finished look on a shelf or knock ‘em down and store away for another day.

Beep The Robot • Ages 18 months+ • $40
Tease emerging imaginations with this 18-piece set. When every piece is perfectly in place Beep measures an impressive 11” tall!

Arrgh! The Pirate • Ages 18 months+ • $40
Who stands 11” tall with a yellow peg leg? Why it’s the one-eyed pirate named, appropriately, Arrgh! Stack his 15 magnetic pieces to make a full-bodied pirate or mix and match to create a silly scene.

Red The Fox • Ages 18 months+ • $30
This fox won’t run and hide. Stack the 19 pieces in order to make a red-haired fox with black paws or mix two or three blocks together to make a whimsical scene.

Parents can be assured when buying wood toys, that all safety precautions have been followed as Manhattan Toy prudently uses rubberwood with non-toxic water-based finishes. Beyond these building blocks sets are enchanting play sets, such as a Norse horse, full of developmental learning moments.

Playful Pony • Ages 12 months+ • $68
This Norse horse is packed with multiple play surfaces, bead runs, peg mazes and more. Show baby what cause and effect is all about while fostering fine motor skill development. This 18” pony also encourages plenty of opportunities for hand-eye coordination. Adult assembly required.

When baby is ready to stand tall and take a walk around the living room, give him/her a turtle named Truman or a baby elephant called Elly! Each wooden pull along is packaged with surprises to foster fine motor skills.

Natural My Pal Elly™ • Ages 12 months+ • $30
This attractive pull along has the same developmental benefits as its colorful sister but comes in natural wood. Look for a touch of engaging color on the elephant’s tusks.

My Pal Elly™ • Ages 12 months+ • $30
This playful pachyderm encourages fine motor skills and sensory learning. When sitting down to play, look for the shape sorter and bead run. Elly measures 8” high with rubber-trimmed wheels that happily roll along any flat surface.

My Pal Truman™ • Ages 12 months+ • $30
This friendly turtle is packed with play activities to foster fine motor skills. Like Elly, Truman rolls along on any flat surface with rubber-trimmed wheels and stands 8” high.

Is it naptime (or bedtime)? Give baby someone to cuddle who is soft and sensory. Manhattan Toy introduces three plush pals – Oakley Owl™, Felix Fox™ and Bellamy Bunny™ ($16 each). Each of these sweeties measures 10” sitting upright. Plus, they hold a surprise. Look for the ring rattle for a little fun before sleepyheads nod off or as they gently awake.

Oakley Owl • Ages Newborn+ • $16
Whoooo is this softie? Oakley is all white except for his pale blue nose and colored beads tucked inside his ring rattle.

Felix Fox • Ages Newborn+ • $16
There’s nothing sly about this handsome guy! Felix holds onto a sensory ring rattle when baby is alert and ready to play. This plush pal sports contrasting white ears, chest and tail and a red nose. So sweet!

Bellamy Bunny • Ages Newborn+ • $16
Underneath this bunny’s so-soft “fur” are blue silky ears and a blue nose. Snuggle, cuddle and tuck under an arm for sweet dreams during the day or night.

Beloved Manhattan Toy always delivers unsurpassed quality and innovation. That’s why their baby and children’s products have consistently ranked high with parents and caregivers — for over 30 years. Find a slew of newborn, baby, toddler and child toys while browsing their website at http://www.manhattantoy.com. Take time to read The Playroom blog and sign up for their free email program.

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