Planning A Staycation Or Road Trip? Remember To Add Some Clean (Dish Soap, Water & Powder) Fun For Day Transformed Into A WOWmazing® Adventure

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (May 25, 2021) – Nothing says clean, wholesome childhood pleasures than blowing bubbles. South Beach Bubbles cranks up the fun to a WOWmazing new level with their power-packed Powder Kit ($14.95) available at SouthBeachBubbles.com. Parents may have to get out the thesaurus to top ginormous, monster and just plain WOWmazing (!) to describe the TikTok-worthy bubbles to be made.

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If there’s a bottle of dish detergent hiding under the sink, families already have half of the recipe needed to create incredible bubbles. Each Powder Kit includes a pair of wands and 3 packets of powder which will make a total of 3 gallons of fun! Add a cup of dish detergent — Dawn, Joy, Fairy, Palmolive, 7th Generation, Method, or Mrs. Meyer’s — a gallon of water, and a packet of powder. Stir and voila! This is the recipe to receive hundreds of smiles from kids and adults. Let the bubbly times begin.

Toy industry experts Tillywig Awards studied hundreds of products that stand out in terms of exceptional design, construction, and play. South Beach Bubbles Powder Kit and Powder 6-pack Refill ($14.95) each earned a Tillywig Top Fun seal of approval. Kids and grownups both found this big bubble maker to be lightweight, durable, and an ideal outdoor toy that’s easy to use — even for preschoolers.

WOWmazing Powder Kit • $14.95 • All Agessouth-beach-bubbles-Powder Kit
Tillywig Top Fun Award
You’ll never think of dish detergent the same way again, once it meets up with WOWmazing power-packed powder. The solution is natural for creating the biggest bubbles ever imagined! Each kit includes a set of wands that has the same design used to set every “Biggest Bubble” world record, for the last 30 years! There are three powder packets to make a whopping three gallons of solution. Spread the fun over days or go ahead and order the refill pack. Orders over $35 ship free.

Giant Bubbles Powder 6-pack refill – Makes 6 Gallons!• $14.95Giant Bubbles Powder 6-pack Refill
Tillywig Top Fun Award
Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year
Have a bucket? Grab the dish detergent and get ready for a gallon or more of Giant Bubbles. The entire refill pack makes a total of SIX gallons of childhood memories. Each packet is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable.

South Beach Bubbles offers several assuring perks with each purchase. If there’s any bubble solution left over, don’t toss it out. The WOWmazing bubble solution gains strength while it sits! Kids will soon create bigger, longer-lasting bubbles the second time around. The bubble powder mix is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Shoppers are always pleased to know that the giant bubble powder is made in America, guaranteeing a high-quality, reliable product. Can you say WOWmazing?

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Planning A Staycation Or Road Trip? Remember To Add Some Clean (Dish Soap, Water & Powder) Fun For Day Transformed Into A WOWmazing® Adventure


South Beach Bubbles came to life by two devoted fathers who had a mission to start an outdoor movement, by encouraging kids to move away from the screens and back into having fun outdoors! Their unique giant bubble wands, concentrate and powder are a must-have entertainment for a day at the beach or park, toddler or Grandpa’s birthday party, company’ spring celebration, preschool fundraiser event, resort & summer camp activity, or your next family vacation. The FL-based company strives to make happy hour a bubbly festival for the whole family and invites YOU to join this outdoor movement, grab a pack and go outside to play… the old-fashioned way. Discover all of their products at SouthBeachBubbles.com.

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