Flex Those Shoulders, Knees & Toes With The Palm-Size Yo Ring

Kaysville, Utah (February 2, 2021) – The double whammy of a frosty winter plus pandemic restrictions has kids yearning for ways to get moving indoors and out. To get back in shape this spring, family members have discovered the hottest craze that requires only lifting a finger with Yo Ring ($7.25).

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Manufactured in the USA, these yellow, red and blue silicone discs offer the perfect balance of flight, flexibility and fun. Like the well known frisbee, kids can fling and catch with little effort. Or they can go turbo with running, stretching, challenging and inventing new rules. The only catch with a Yo Ring is to land it on one finger.

Yo Ring

“With Yo Ring, we love to play hot potato, jump, run, and play together,” wrote FancyDaisyBee, one of dozens of bloggers who boast about this new action toy. “It’s perfect for us to play all of those games and more!”

Invented by a high schooler goofing around with his buddies, Yo Ring has made Utah teen Brody Korth an entrepreneur and YouTube star. “I think it’s so cool that Yo Ring is invented by a teen who turned his made-up game into a real product and a family business,” explained Ben Spark Family Adventure to his readers. “Yo Ring takes a bit of coordination to be able to catch on your finger, but it is the trying that is the most fun. You can also easily toss it around and catch it in your hands any way you want.”

Chimes in Mommies with Cents, “It only took a minute or two to realize that this simple toy called Yo Ring is challenging and fun! I played with my three kids. I was the first one to ‘ring it up,’ catching it on my pointer finger. My son quickly figured out that it’s all about the toss and once I was able to get down a good toss, the kids were all able to ring it up too! It takes practice but it’s really fun!”

Influencers who have sampled everything new on the market gush about this affordable and truly fun interactive toy. “Have you heard of Yo Rings? This is such a fun idea! There are so many games you can create with these bouncy rings,” described Ashley & Megan, “and we’ve been trying to catch them on our fingers. We also love that Yo Rings are small enough that it’s easy to take anywhere to play with.”

Play solo, with a friend or as a group. Yo Ring can be purchased online at yoring.com

Yo Ring • All Ages • $7.25Yo Ring • All Ages • $7.25
Pick your color — Red, Blue or Yellow – then pick your trick to fling the Yo Ring across the couch, down the stairs, over the neighbor’s bushes. Play with a buddy, a team or solo. There are no rules, unless you make them!
Makes a great gift for birthday, from the Tooth Fairy, good report card or just because.

Yo Ring 3 Pack • All Ages • $19.00Yo Ring 3-pack
All three colors – Blue, Red & Yellow – come packaged together. Bring one for a backyard competition or a treat for every kid in the house. Fun is always just a toss away.

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The Yo Ring was invented by a high schooler’s need to find something interesting and fun to do. When his classmates started chanting, Yo Ring it up, young Brody Korth knew he had something special to share with the world. From hallways to staircases, basketball courts to football fields, bleachers and even mosh pits, the Yo Ring became a game that can be taken anywhere and could be tossed to anyone, at any ages. Making sure the ring was durable and would withstand everyday tossing was a top priority for the teen inventor. Discover dozens of tricks and games to try at YoRing.com.


Feature image by @VivizoneOfficial

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