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We’d like to introduce you to our clients who, we love working with and are proud to represent! Our clients make or sell unusual, creative, specialty toys with tons of play value or offer wonderful kid stuff services. Below is our current client list with company descriptions and links to each client’s press release list and more.

Adventerra Games

Sustainable games and puzzles with environmental themes.

Adventerra Games, a family-owned company based in Switzerland, publishes engaging games and puzzles that help kids learn to conserve natural resources and save the planet. Game inventor Bryan Mundell, the Founder/Owner, incorporated Adventerra Games North America LLC in 2019 to bring his games to families in North America.

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Bunny Hopkins

Bunny Hopkins

Bunny Hopkins™ Wobble Boards

Bunny Hopkins designs and makes toys which promote open-ended active play, creativity, and child development. Their minimalist toys are made using environmentally responsible sourced materials utilizing local artisans. The family owned business operates in Atlanta, GA, USA.

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Föm Mania

Föm Mania

Fömilator and Fömalanche

Föm Mania created the first-ever foam blaster – the Fömilator and the Fömalanche – a compact, portable, easy-to-use foam machine.

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Greentop Gifts

Diverse gift wraps, decor and apparel for every celebration.

Greentop Gifts is a woman-owned business known for its multicultural celebration decor, apparel, gifts and gifting supplies.

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Hess Toy Truck

Hess Toy Truck

My Plush Hess Truck, Mini Collections and Holiday Toys.

For nearly 60 years the Hess Toy Truck ranks among the best-selling toys of the year!

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Komarc Games

Komarc Games

Manufacturer and publisher of high replay value toys and games like tummple!

Komarc Games are know to have high replay value, are simple to play, and appeal to children, teens and adults.

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Make-A-Fort Kits

Made in the USA, Make-A-Fort Kits challenge kids’ imaginations to build amazing forts, castles, tunnels, mazes & more!

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moonlite Storybook Projector is a children's storybook projector powered by your smartphone


Moonlite Storybook Projector

moonlite is a children’s storybook projector powered by your smartphone.

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The Spokester Bicycle Noisemaker.

The Spokester Bicycle Noisemaker snaps on to the front fork of bicycles and makes a motorcycle sound!

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Wipeout Dry Erase Skate Gear.

Wipeout dry erase skate gear is made by Triple Eight Distribution. Wipeout gear is create for kids ages 5 to 11 and includes skateboards, helmets, pads and accessories.

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