Client Portfolio

We’d like to introduce you to our clients who, we love working with and are proud to represent! Our clients make or sell unusual, creative, specialty toys with tons of play value or offer wonderful kid stuff services. Below is our current client list with company descriptions and links to each client’s press release list and more.

Adventerra Games

Sustainable games and puzzles with environmental themes.

Adventerra Games, a family-owned company based in Switzerland, publishes engaging games and puzzles that help kids learn to conserve natural resources and save the planet. Game inventor Bryan Mundell, the Founder/Owner, incorporated Adventerra Games North America LLC in 2019 to bring his games to families in North America.

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Magna-Tiles® Structures® sets.

CreateOn® has partnered with Magna-Tiles® to bring you endless inspiration and hands-on fun, learning, and creativity.

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DISO Podcasts

DISO Podcasts

DISO Podcasts

Narrative-driven podcasts.

DISO podcasts take little ones on a journey through captivating and playful worlds. It’s no wonder French families have made DISO the #1 Kids and #2 overall Apple Podcast subscription channel.


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EPI - Creators of The Fresh Dolls, Marvel Studios Wakanda Forever Fresh Fierce Collection, The Fresh Squad, Rock The Bells, Fresh Fairies and Fresh Inspirations


Creators of dolls that inspire dreams, promote intelligence and build self-esteem.

EPI collections include The Fresh Dolls, Marvel Studios Wakanda Forever Fresh Fierce Collection, The Fresh Squad, Rock The Bells, Fresh Fairies and Fresh Inspirations.


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Fireside Games

Smash-hit board games like Castle Panic and My First Castle Panic.

US-based publisher of board games such as My First Castle Panic, Castle Panic and more.

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goki America

Goki America

Goki America

goki, HOLZTIGER and goki baby brands.

Manufacturer of high-quality, sustainable and eco-friendly wooden toys.

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Little Kids, Inc.

Little Kids, Inc.

Fubbles & No-Spill Bubbles, Föm Mania, Dippin’ Designs, Ballz’ Game and Junk Ball.

Little Kids develops, manufactures and markets innovative and award-winning bubble, sports, novelty and activity toys.

Follow @little_kids_inc for parent company news or about Fubbles and Dippin’ Designs.

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moonlite Storybook Projector is a children's storybook projector powered by your smartphone


Moonlite Storybook Projector

moonlite is a children’s storybook projector powered by your smartphone.

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Shout! Kids

Shout! Kids

Animated feature film from
Shout! Kids.

Families are invited to journey to a tropical paradise in South America and be enchanted by the exciting adventure of a brave young girl, Ainbo, and the splendor of the Amazon – the fragrant flora, exotic animals, and ancient trees hanging above – in the new animated feature AINBO: SPIRIT OF THE AMAZON.

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