Bloggers Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in working with KidStuff PR and our many specialty clients. If you’re a blogger looking to work with us on reviews and giveaways, please read our Blogger Guidelines prior to filling out this form.

KidStuff PR has pioneered working with bloggers for more than eight years and we consider bloggers to be an crucial part of our review team. We are happy to consider your blog to host a review or giveaway.

In order to evaluate your blog, please fill out the form below.  When submitting your screenshot,  be sure that you are submitting your “Users” (or unique visitors) statistic and not just pageviews or sessions.  You can see an example screenshot below showing a one month period of Users. We currently look for at least 7,500 UPM (Users per Month) to help offset the expense of product samples and shipping. If you don’t have that readership yet, please feel free to reach out to us again when you do.

Read more about minimum stats requirements for  YouTubers, influencers and bloggers.

Google Analytics screenshot example

We also require the blogs that we work with to post their own, detailed reviews of the products they receive. We want it to be obvious to your readers that you received a product sample for your own personal evaluation, and don’t want our blog partners to rely exclusively on our press releases we share with them or website material they may find. The post should be accompanied by at least one personal photo. We understand if you have a policy against photos that show the face of your own child(ren), but we ask that you find a creative solution if that’s the case.

KidStuff PR – New Blogger Form