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KidStuff Public Relations has been helping specialty toy and game manufacturers and retailers grow since 1994.

What separates KidStuff PR from other agencies is the hands-on, personal approach that each client receives. Instead of being handed off to an Account Executive upon signing a contract, KidStuff PR clients continue to work directly with president Lisa Orman on a daily basis.


Every month KidStuff PR clients grace the pages of top parenting and women’s magazines alongside products from industry giants like Mattel, Hasbro and Fisher Price. KidStuff PR clients consistently garner so much media attention that the agency itself has begun to make news.  For a small taste of agency publicity, check out the interview below featuring KidStuff PR president Lisa Orman on Talented People RadioTM. In the interview, host Jeanne Murphy and Lisa Orman discuss the value of public relations for both start-ups and successful companies and Lisa explains how social media plays into her clients’ connection with their target market consumers.

  • We only take products and clients for which we have a passion—it makes us better at what we do. If as parents we understand the need met, the benefit delivered, the skill developed, the joy offered or the education instilled, we can pitch you successfully.
  • We can target weak or strong markets.
  • We typically deliver 20 to 40 times our fees in media value (i.e. for every $1,000 you pay us, we place $20,000 to $40,000 worth of media stories). With advertising, it’s 1:1, and it’s an ad, not a story. Stories deliver far greater product credibility.
  • We work with Specialty Toy Retailers and Manufacturers, Children’s Services and Children’s Performers.
  • We are a team of working Moms who know about kids’ stuff intimately.
  • We are all self-employed, coordinated by one team leader.
  • We have 80 years of combined domestic and international PR experience.
  • We do national or regional campaigns.
  • We are cost-effective compared to advertising.
  • Our placements influence consumer buying decisions.

Promoting your toy product – Interview with Lisa Orman

Promoting your toy product - an interview with KidStuff PR's Lisa Orman


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KidStuff Public Relations Statement About Systemic Racism

At KidStuff PR, we realize we have been silent about systemic racism, and we are sorry we didn’t see before now that we should say something. At KidStuff PR, we want to make it clear that we have no room in our lives and hearts for racism. We are in the business of play and we work with families. We believe all children deserve to be loved for who they are, raised without fear they will be hurt or mistreated because of the color of their skin or where they live. All children should be able to play. Play allows children to grow up into whole human beings who can empathize, interact healthily with other people, and be more thoughtful. We want to help make a world where all children are safe to play in their neighborhoods and that their families don’t have to fear for their safety when they step outside, simply because of the color of their skin.

KidStuff Public Relations statement about system racismIn the toy world, there are not enough faces of color. We need more points of view, more ideas from people who are different than us. We are committed to choosing business partners and associates of color whenever possible and will seek them out. We are diversifying our media and bloggers and influencer contacts in a proactive way. We want to give more people an opportunity to work with us and our clients, and we will educate ourselves, and in turn our business associates, about what our new partners need from us and how they are doing during this horribly hard time in our country right now. We will celebrate bravery, compassion and love.

We have been watching what’s going on in our country and our perspective on business and opportunity has shifted. We want to be part of the help and the good. We will act and will be anti-racist. If you have thoughts for us, please contact us. We want to hear from you.