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As a full-service public relations agency, KidStuff PR handles traditional media placements with magazines, newspapers, and television. The agency also specializes in social media management, influencer marketing, giveaway promotions, brand launches, satellite media tours, content creation, event coordination, product placement, celebrity gifting and coaching company representatives for appearances.

Services We Provide

Traditional Media Placement
Satellite Media Tours
Event Coordination
Product Placement
Contest Entries
Social Media Management
Press Releases
Brand Launches
Client Coaching
Media Lists
Influencer Marketing
Media Relations
Celebrity Gifting
Giveaway Promotions
Content Creation

About KidStuff PR

Press Releases

Having been journalists, our clients trust us to tell them what makes a great story and what will fall flat. We have created award-winning press kits and media materials for clients that lead to national and local placements. We are a full-service agency that handles all production and distribution of materials.

Media Relations

We believe in building relationships with the media on behalf of our clients. Many agencies send out press releases addressed to “Editor” because it’s cheaper and easier, but we take pride and invest a lot of time and money in knowing the correct reporters’ names, knowing their deadlines, and keeping our promises made to reporters. When we call, they listen to our story ideas and take us seriously because we’ve done well by them in the past.

Social Media Management

Due to the growth of channels KidStuff PR partners with, the agency’s expertise in vetting influencers, and due to our curated relationships with authentic influencers and bloggers, we are able to work on a “product in exchange for review” basis, not paying high cash fees, to make influencers affordable and accessible for small companies.

Client Coaching

We teach our clients what to say when they’re interviewed by media, and we’ll even speak for them in telephone interviews or on TV when clients aren’t comfortable or available themselves.

Media Lists

We customize media lists based on clients’ needs. We can target geographic areas if a product or service doesn’t have national distribution or even reporters who cover products and services for very young or older children. We achieve placements for clients in trade or business press, too–this helps attract distributors, sales representatives, employees, buyers, investors, and gives a company credibility.

Trade Show Expertise

Having attended a variety of shows over the past several decades, we are experts in advising clients which trade shows are appropriate for their brand, how to prepare for them and how to present themselves best in their booth on a budget.

Contest Entries

We know that being able to mention awards our clients have won gives their products or services recognition and credibility, so we help find prestigious contests that are appropriate for our clients, write the entries for them, and then, hopefully, write press releases when they win the awards! We have decades of experience using awards to promote our clients and have a strong point of view about their role in PR. We invite you to watch this video about our thoughts! In the past year, we have recommended the following awards for our clients, depending on their product type and age category:

Academics’ Choice Awards
ASTRA Best Toys for Kids
Clamour Influencer Choice Favorite
Creative Child Toy of the Year Award
Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award
Hot Diggity Awards
Mom’s Choice Awards
National Parenting Center Seal of Approval three entry periods/year
National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA)
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
PAL Award for Toys, Books & Games
Tillywig Toy & Media Awards
The People’s Play Awards
Toy Association T.O.T.Y.
Toy Insider