The Team

Lisa Orman, President and Founder

Lisa Orman, President and Founder

President Lisa Orman established KidStuff Public Relations in 1994 out of her home near Madison, Wis., after securing the public relations account for Zany Brainy. Recently a mom herself, she knew the importance of being able to understand children…

Matt Sweeny, PR & Social Media Manager, KidStuff PR

Matt Sweeny, PR & Social Media Manager

Since graduating from Columbia College of Chicago in 1997, Matt has been working in marketing and creative services where he has found his passion for promoting businesses and products…

Marsha Peltz, Writer

Philadelphia-based Marsha Peltz is an award-winning publicist who’s promoted everything from Amoco Oil to Zany Brainy. Whether its casinos, toys, festivals or retail, she’s able to strike the right tone and deliver clients’ messages with impact…

Ronald Solomon, Writer

Ronald Solomon, Writer

Ronald Solomon has written and created award-winning and commercially successful scripts and products in a number of mediums including, television, theater, music and the retail market…

Office Dog

Thor is our office border collie. He prefers that the humans refrain from using staplers or stampers as their noise makes him a little crazy. He’s happy to entertain us and get us up from our desks throughout the day to have a little walk.