Lisa Orman, President and Founder

Lisa Orman, President and Founder

President Lisa Orman established KidStuff Public Relations in 1994 out of her home near Madison, Wis., after securing the public relations account for Zany Brainy. Recently a mom herself, she knew the importance of being able to understand children and assembled a team of moms (and a dad) with experience in public relations, and more importantly—parenting. Orman used her past experiences as a writer for the Des Moines Register, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and USA Today to give her a better understanding of when, why and how to successfully pitch to a reporter.

This knowledge helped her form relationships as a publicist with reporters who found her familiarity and respect for the process a breath of fresh air. Along with her experience as a journalist, Orman also spent time as a retail and media strategic marketing consultant, traveling the world to see and learn about the best retail concepts and best consumer messaging techniques in the marketplace. Her experiences as a mother, journalist, and consultant come together to offer KidStuff PR clients top-notch support and results.

KidStuff PR takes a light-hearted approach to writing, but Orman takes seriously the job of providing reporters with stories about the best products and services for children and families. Every month, she receives dozens of calls from prospective clients but only takes clients for whom she has a true passion, since it helps her do a better job, try harder, and makes work more enjoyable. She has been awarded many recognitions in her field and in the industry, notably one of the only people to receive two Women In Toys awards; in 2008 for best Consultant, and in 2010 for Online Social Networker.

Contact Lisa at or (608) 767-1102.