“Huge fan of Lisa and her work. Her tenacity is unmatched. She thinks out of the box. Got a superb stable of contacts in the PR world who answer when she calls. Knows the toy industry inside and out. And, she’s a blast to work with. Trust her. Believe her. She is the real deal!”

“I’d love to add more work with you. You guys are the best vendor we work with. You guys actually work for your money and I trust you completely. You guys are the best in the business.”

“Our experience with Lisa Orman and her staff at KidStuff PR has been nothing short of stellar from start to finish. Always friendly and upbeat, their approach to public relations begins with trade shows and press releases at the beginning of each year when a majority of our products are launched. They fostered us through meetings and events, looking for key product placements and always vigilant to educate a newcomer to our company philosophy and vision. Some years we were on a tighter budget. Lisa was always professional and supportive, working with us to craft a cogent promotional plan and enabling us to put our best foot forward. Thank you!”

Robert's Thank you to KidStuff Public Relations

“KidStuff PR is the best of the best in the industry! I knew about Lisa Orman’s  extraordinary reputation about a year before I met her. She has built a solid and proven method for introducing and continuing to promote only the best products. She chooses her clients carefully and this means that any company, fortunate enough to work with KidStuff PR, has a solid team on their side. Don’t waste any time looking for any other PR agency! KidStuff PR is it!!”

“Working with Lisa and KidStuffPR has been an absolute pleasure.  As we told Lisa when we first engaged with her, we have worked with a lot of PR firms over the past several years and we have always been underwhelmed – no real results and no clear insight into the work and effort that was being put forth.  With Lisa and KidStuffPR, we got the press we were hoping for and felt very satisfied with our return on investment, and we were grateful for the transparency throughout the entire process.”

“Much appreciated for the kind words, and of course for all of your help throughout this entire process. We know it’s not an easy one, but your team stood out from the heap and we appreciate all of the help in coordination of samples and feedback.”