TO COIN A PHRASE, THE “IT” TOY FOR 2023 MAKES ITS DEBUT IN STORES IN APRILTO COIN A PHRASE, THE “IT” TOY FOR 2023—Nowhere As Pricey As Bitcoins(!) the $5 itCoinz Collectible Is About To Make A Spectacle With Kids Who Love A Magnetic Battle Challenge


Nowhere As Pricey As Bitcoins(!) the $5 itCoinz Collectible Is About To Make A Spectacle With Kids Who Love A Magnetic Battle Challenge

New Brunswick, NJ (April 25, 2023) – If the kids have been saving their allowance to buy something super fun and new, we now know what “it” is! Parent company Watchitude®, beloved for products strategically engineered to showcase an artist’s style that’s fresh and trendy, announces the launch of Series A itCoinz (starting at $5 for mystery 5-pack). They’re bound to be the coolest locker feature at school!

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Not only are the Official Series A itCoinz, magnetic palm size coins with vivid images, a marvel to behold but this hands-on toy is eager to do battle on a game board (four cool styles). These magnetic battle discs can spin, smash, battle and duel. 4th and 5th graders will especially love trading with friends to enhance individual collections. Keep an eye on and all its social channels to see the latest!

itCoinzKids have three allowance-friendly packs to purchase: Magnetic Battle Coinz Mystery 5-Pack at $5; Mystery 5-Pack & Spinner at $10 and the bundled Game Board Set with Mystery 5-Pack & Spinner at $20.

What’s in the 5-pack? Kids who enjoy the hunt for collectibles will be on the lookout for dozens of designs, some rare. There’s Interceptor and Dragon Claw. Glossy images might include Bubblegum Pluto, Rainbow Sparkle and Rubber Band Ball. The visuals are a treat for the eyes. Train those eyes on the game board as you enter each coin into a battle game to test a bit of strategy and steady eye-hand coordination!

itCoinzThe coins can stick to any magnetic flat surface from the refrigerator door to the school locker. But the battles where spinning discs bump and move to their eventual target are best fought on one of four itCoinz Game Boards. Choose from Planets, Skee Ball, Fire or Spider Web circular game boards. Aim for the designated spheres and rack up the points if you hit the target.

Watchitude knows a thing about its target audience of tweens and teens. They started the kids watch craze with their patented slap band wristwatch. Sold globally, the trendy slap bands add a whole new element of fun to telling time, keeping kids excited and engaged. The removable watch face allows kids to mix and match with friends, and even keep a collection of bands to wear as bracelets

Now, itCoinz will be one of the most-asked-for items at specialty toy stores nationwide, like Learning Express in Lake Zurich. Owner Richard Derr (aka The Toy Man) is counting the days until his order arrives and predicts they will be a hot seller. He’s been promoting their imminent arrival on his social media channels and his TikTok video had 380K Views!

Starting in April, look for these itCoinz Series A offers with three budget friendly price points, starting at just $5!

itCoinzMagnetic Battle Coinz Mystery 5-Pack • Ages 10+ • $5
How many adjectives can you use to describe this must-have blind pack? Carefully rip open the pouch to discover which five collectible-magnetic-tradeable-coins-that-spin join your collection of ready-to-battle coinz!

Mystery 5-Pack & Spinner • Ages 10+ • $10
With five shiny discs to get started, kids can practice their spins and moves on the official itCoinz Spinner.

Game Board Set with Mystery 5-Pack & Spinner • Ages 10+ • $20
Choose one or collect all four Game Boards. With each set comes a blind pouch loaded with 5 new itCoinz to expand your collection and be ready for a magnetic battle any day (or night).

About Watchitude
Headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ, the art-meets-toy business began with co-founders Dan and Albert Hakim in the college town of Rutgers University. Centrally located between clients and the showrooms of New York City, the company burst on the scene in 2015 with about 100 quirky designs from frosted donuts to animal prints on funky slap-on wrist watches This an affordable way to decorate a child’s wrist grew to a global distribution network of watches, hairbrushes, toys that can be found from Hallmark and Learning Express to Nordstrom, and thousands of neighborhood toy & gift stores like Geppetto’s in California.

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