“KidStuff PR has a reputation for having great contacts with media that moms read and watch, and Lisa is known for being creative, trustworthy, fair and honest. We’ve been wanting to work with Lisa and KidStuff for a while but finally decided to take the plunge this year because our new Magnutto™ line is so strong and newsworthy and we wanted to give it everything we could to make it a success. Lisa indeed has proven to be reliable, provides us with great advice and perspective, and the agency’s writing is exceptionally strong.

Since starting to work with KidStuff PR we’ve had loads of comments from reporters, folks in the trade and other manufacturers telling us how smart we are to choose to partner with the agency! We are very happy with the coverage we are getting.”

“Ozobot is an educational robot crossing over the toy, educational and tech markets, therefore we were seeking a solid PR agency anchored in the toy and mom industry that could also handle tech media. Several industry players and mainstream media editors suggested we consider Lisa.

We reached out to Lisa and our first conversation was a breath of fresh air. She was sharp and straight forward, yet pleasant.

We hired Lisa Oct 1st during a challenging Q4 period to help us launch our products into the marketplace. Orman immediately turned around major mom blogs, lifestyle and tech influencers placements and produced nearly 400 significant media hits in a period of 3 months. It resulted in direct sales increase and successful brand launch. Lisa also amassed several industry awards for Ozobot.

Orman’s agency is a boutique powerhouse, reliable, hardworking and result driven. No fluff, no waste of time nor budget.”

“Lisa–eventually I won’t have to go to toyfair–you’ll have it all covered for us! LOL. It would be easier if you just handled everything for all the great toy companies, Lisa!  You are one of the most organized and efficient publicists I know and you always go to bat for your clients.”

“You always have the best assortment of products and services for families, so we always know we can count on you for great ideas whenever we are working on a story! Plus, you always reply with lightning speed and give us all the photos, info and samples we need–a REAL pleasure to work with!”

“I love working with you! You always make my job very easy by providing me with everything I need. I really appreciate that!”

“KidStuff PR has really put HABA on the map. Before we started working with Lisa and her team, consumers and media in the U.S. didn’t really know anything about our brand. Now, customers walk into retailers asking for HABA products by name, and we average more than 150 national magazine placements each year.  Their blogger relationships have been invaluable in building our brand. We also have relied on KidStuff PR for crisis management and Lisa has very wise counsel for us and keeps a very level head. She totally has our back, we rely on her advice and she can always be counted on to go above and beyond the call of duty.”

“You have always managed to make us feel like we are your only client. You’re so patient and generous with your time and advice–we so appreciate it. We love being your poster child for PR success!”