October 2017 issue of TFE Magazine – Industry Forum KidStuff PR by Lisa Orman

This feature article by KidStuff PR President, Lisa Orman, from the Oct., 2017 issue of TFE/TFE Licensing, examines how Specialty can thrive by taking advantage of Amazon

This summer I had the honor of presenting at ASTRA Market- place & Academy on the topic “How Toy & Game Companies Can Make It In An Amazon World.” And by companies, I mean both retailers and manufacturers. In preparation for the presentation I studied best-practices by ASTRA retailers who have successful bricks-and-mortar stores and Amazon storefronts, interviewed ASTRA manufacturers who have successfully navigated selling their wares either to Amazon or FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or to third-party sellers, as well as learned about things to avoid.

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