agency is pleased to announce seven clients who have joined their whimsical roster: Big Red Rooster, Bluebee Pals, Dreamland Fairy, FlyCatcher, Handstand Kitchen, Hang In There and Manners Made Easy.


Be On The Lookout For Handstand Kitchen, Hang In There, Big Red Rooster, Dreamland Fairy, Manners Made Easy, BlueBee Pals & FlyCatcher

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Black Earth, WI (September 9, 2016) – If you ask the PR experts what’s cooking in juvenile products this week, they might tout several hot themes. Be on the lookout for piglets that encourage tidiness, kids cooking healthy foods with a tot-size apron to match and plush animals that connect to Bluetooth. Also on trend is a digital app that takes coloring books and crayons to the next level plus a low-tech deck of cards packed with parenting tips moms need now. Promoting these toys and tech for the amazing ride through childhood is all in a day’s work at KidStuff Public Relations. The agency is pleased to announce seven clients who have joined their whimsical roster: Big Red Rooster, Bluebee Pals, Dreamland Fairy, FlyCatcher, Handstand Kitchen, Hang In There and Manners Made Easy.

Promoting the toy business in serious fun at KidStuff PR and its subsidiary, TechStuff PR. As its name implies, the boutique PR agency is the go to source for connecting brands with customers. And they are experts at connecting the media with intriguing stories where kids are involved. Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff PR, is pleased to officially welcome her newest clients:

Big Red Rooster
When kids awake to their Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock, it’s the start of a great day. Big Red Rooster offers innovative products that help youth fall asleep or get out of bed in the morning. Brian Johnson, founder of Big Red Rooster® Products, has been successfully creating products for the world’s major retailers for over 15 years. His current focus is on babies with the sleek Baby Sound Machine. This diminutive machine (just 2.6 inches tall) packs a big punch with the offer of a restful sleep. Tiny tots can listen to the ocean, a heartbeat, a lullaby or white noise. New parents might just catch a little more sleep themselves!

Bluebee Pals
Riley The Zebra is one of six plushy learning tools that moves its mouth as it talks, sings and reads to a child. The magic is actually a connection to any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or laptop from Apple to Android. Each loveable stuffed animal has a mesmerizing feature — lip synchronization – that allows the pal’s lips to move while singing a downloaded tune or engaging with various learning apps. With back-to-school in full swing, the 2017 Teachers’ Choice Awards have just been revealed and Bluebee Pals is definitely the teacher’s pet.

Dreamland Fairy
If your child still believes in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, they will adore a DIY project from Dreamland Fairy where magic still happens while children sleep! The Dreamland Fairy Kit is an 8-inch-tall, peaked-roof wooden home that arrives unpainted. Inside the kit are paint, brush, decorations and … a packet of glittery fairy dust, for their owners to personalize their magical fairy home. The Tooth Fairy Fort features a book about Toozle the Tooth Fairy. Follow Toozle as he bumbles through his first Tooth Fairy Mission, until one inventive child builds him a special Fort! Kids will delight in creating their own unique touches to the wooden tree fort and tooth chest. Keep it by the bed to give Tooth Fairies a place to visit.

FlyCatcher Inc., a tech toy company founded in 2013 in New York, is on a mission to help parents develop their child’s learning skills by developing toys that bridge the gap between real-life and the digital space. FlyCatcher Inc. is the maker of Painting Lulu, the award-winning paper & digital coloring book line. The 2016 National Parenting Products Awards described the drawing products as allowing “kids to create their personalized coloring pages by using the Painting Lulu coloring app and their imagination.” FlyCatcher is also the creator of CharmBricks. The company has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the toy industry including Warner Bros., Hasbro, Rovio, and Mattel.

Handstand Kitchen
From pizza making to baking cookies for Santa, Handstand Kitchen is the perfect place for kids to learn to love food, through a hands-on cooking experience. Created in 2007 by a recent law school graduate, Yvette Garfield, Handstand Kitchen provides children their own domain in the kitchen that empowers them to eat healthy and delicious foods. It is Yvette’s hope that children will be inspired to use their new cooking skills to give back to their own communities. And to be a great chef, you need to look the part so pint-size aprons, hats and oven mitts in much-have designs are a specialty of this foodie-themed company. See all of their inspiring products at their online catalog at

Hang In There
New parents quickly realize that kids do not come with instructions. Thank goodness for the handy hints from Hang In There, a palm size set of cards created by a pediatrician and a school psychologist (who admirably raised their own five children). Topics cover Infant, Toddler, Teen and Family/Safety.
“Life has its ups and downs, but when you add the needs of a child, life becomes a roller-coaster!” whimsically advises visitors to their resourceful website, It’s a metaphor veteran parents can certainly relate to! “Roller coasters do eventually come to a stop! … until the next ride begins again. Hang in there!” Individual articles hone in on need-to-know titles like Handling Your Child’s Meltdowns and Temper Tantrums. They didn’t forget grandparents-to-be. Things have changed since they handled diapers so be sure pick up the nifty Grandparents Guide: Congratulations, you’re going to be a grandparent!

Manners Made Easy
If your children’s bedroom is turning into a pigsty, enlist some whimsical piglets to show the way to
good manners and a tidy lifestyle! Manners Made Easy Inc. provides quality products that teach children proper manners with funny, positive reinforcement. Moms love it! Their collection of Polite PigPals™ are talking piglets that cheer kids on which silly sayings whenever they put their toys away, flush the potty of hang up their coats or backpacks! All products are available in the U.S. at retail stores and online at

For the latest in all the stuff kids want and products parents trust, follow KidStuff PR on social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. The company has a brand new website which showcases all of its clients and their press releases and news coverage, along with detailing the agency’s strengths:

Founded in 1994, KidStuff PR is a virtual public relations agency headquartered in Madison, WI with senior PR practitioners located across the country. The firm represents toy manufacturers and services and retailers for children and families. The company only takes on clients for whom founder Lisa Orman and her staff have a true passion for their products and services. It helps them do a better job, care more and it makes work more rewarding… literally. For more information or to contact KidStuff Public Relations or its division, TechStuff Public Relations, click on or call

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