Black Earth, WI (March 12, 2019) – We know that parents have circled Spring Break on their 2019 calendars. We also know kids, used to a full school day, need to fill their time and their brains with edu-taining ideas. Look to KidStuff Public Relations, childhood experts for 25 years (1994-2019) to pick a Top 20 list of family fun and solo play that’s portable.

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Playing a round of cards involves a bit of strategy and a bit of luck. It also tucks into a carry-on case or coat pocket! KidStuff PR recommends a few new decks on the market that you may not have considered but will never forget once you try them! Consider, from the titles alone, Not Parent Approved, Oh Fruck!, 3UP 3 DOWN and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.

Not Parent Approved • Ages 8+ • $24.99Not Parent Approved • Ages 8+ • $24.99
Before you disapprove of snot-out-of-your nose laughter, consider Not Parent Approved as a mesmerizing kid- friendly word game of fill-in-the-blanks inspired by Cards Against Humanity. This game was created to provide an easy-to- learn and hilarious alternative to screen time for children and their families. Comes with 455 durable, premium-printed cards (2″x3″) and rules insert in a custom box. The smaller sized cards are ideal for youngest members of the family. Winner of nine national awards including 2018 Academics’ Choice Awards Brain Toy. Find it exclusively on Amazon at

Oh Fruck! • Ages 12+ • $19.99Oh Fruck! • Ages 12+ • $19.99
Like many classic card games, the way to win is to be the first player to discard all of their cards. As a bonus, every card set includes a membership into The Benevolent Order Of Fruckers. Each boxed set includes two decks (106 cards in all) that are proudly printed in the USA. This not-so-traditional card game is meant for 2 to 6 players. Find it at

3UP 3 DOWN • Ages 7+ • $9.993UP 3 DOWN • Ages 7+ • $9.99
Open the pack and shuffle 84 neon-colored (orange, green, and blue), casino-quality, bridge-sized cards. To win each round, a player must get rid of his cards before family and friends can. But, the “3 DOWN” cards keeps everyone guessing, as these cards are not revealed until the very end! Players need both strategy and luck. As the many Amazon reviews reveal, both kids and adults adore this game where 2 to 6 persons can play at a time.

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE • Ages 8+ • $14.99BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE • Ages 8+ • $14.99
While racing against the timer, try to make traditional matches while igniting matches using some easy mental math. At the same time, try to remember where the cards are in the matchbox! Everyone in the house will want to play. Each set includes 84 casino-quality, bridge-sized cards. This high-quality, compact, travel-friendly box makes it ideal for game night, slumber parties and school holidays.

Nothing says Spring like spotting a furry caterpillar or the first bugs of the season. Insect Lore has been mesmerizing children for 50 years with the magic of metamorphosis. In celebration of the big 5-0 they are launching a special edition Butterfly Farm.

50th Anniversary Insect Lore Butterfly Farm • Ages 4+ • $27.9950th Anniversary Insect Lore Butterfly Farm • Ages 4+ • $27.99
with Voucher for a Free Cup of Caterpillars
Butterflies are known to be the most beautiful insects in the world. To celebrate 50 years, Insect Lore has a created a limited-edition Butterfly Farm providing children and adults alike the wonder of metamorphosis! This special-edition Butterfly Farm includes a pop-up habitat with ultra-clear panel ideal for viewing Painted Lady butterflies; tuck away panel on habitat showing all 4 stages of metamorphosis plus five baby caterpillars with all the food they need. Inside this kit are a Flower butterfly feeder, sugar packets, Deluxe Chrysalis Station Log, a feeding dropper and helpful caterpillar-raising tips! Find it at

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? These games will quickly tell if you were paying attention in class!

Smartphone Trivia Dice from Continuum Games • Ages 9+ • $5.99Smartphone Trivia Dice from Continuum Games • Ages 9+ • $5.99
Smartphone Trivia Dice is a fun technology enabled trivia game that uses the scanner on your Smartphone and a unique scan-able cube. Roll the die, scan it, and answer trivia questions on your Smartphone. The side of the die determines your trivia category. The first to answer one question correctly in each of the six categories wins! Find it at

E-Blox Stories – The Island • Ages 6+ • $54.99E-Blox Stories – The Island • Ages 6+ • $54.99
Winner of 2018 Mom’s Choice Award and Tillywig Brain Child Award, The Island is one of the first STREAM products in the market combining reading with 3D electronic circuit STEM concepts while also encouraging artistic creativity to build your own creations! The Island is a chapter in the E-Blox® novelette “Earth One.” Kids follow the adventures of Seymour and his robot Robyn as he investigates a mysterious light in the distant ocean horizon. The storybook includes QR codes that create an interactive learning environment using online resources. Models are built in several parts of the story with the over 100 included parts, further enhancing the learning experience. Find it at

SmartGames Asteroid Escape™ • Ages 8+ • $14.99SmartGames Asteroid Escape™ • Ages 8+ • $14.99
Navigate your spaceship through the asteroids. As pilot, your flying skills will be tested to the limit in order to escape! Asteroid Escape is a galactic sliding puzzle with 60 missions, from beginner to expert. Game includes 7 tiles with meteors, 1 with spacecraft and a game board with lid to easily store all pieces. Includes a compact travel case and 60 challenges.

SmartGames IQ XOXO • Ages 6+ • $9.99SmartGames IQ XOXO • Ages 6+ • $9.99
Hugs and kisses are spelled XOXO. Players are challenged fill the grid with 10 colorful, double-sided pentomino pieces, leaving X’s and O’s in sequence. Featuring 120 challenges and a compact travel case, IQ XOXO offer endless brain-teasing fun! Great for Spring Break, the enclosed booklet offers 120 challenges and solutions.

SmartGames IQ Stars™ • Ages 6+ • $9.99SmartGames IQ Stars™ • Ages 6+ • $9.99
Here are three questions to ponder: can you fit all the stars in the grid? Are your brain skills out of this world? Can you place the 7 stellar puzzle pieces on the grid? Reach for the stars and solve the 120 challenges, from easy to expert. To play in three steps, choose a challenge then place the star puzzle pieces as shown on the grid. Next, fit all the remaining stars on the grid. And finally, there is only one solution.

SmartGames Cube Puzzler GO! • Ages 8+ • $14.99SmartGames Cube Puzzler GO! • Ages 8+ • $14.99
Can you build a cube from the 7 colorful puzzle pieces? Put your logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes to solve each challenge! Cube Puzzler Go’s case doubles as an attractive tray to play the game and solve the challenges. The game includes 80 real 3D-challenges and a challenge booklet with solutions.

SmartGames Cube Puzzler PRO • Ages 10+ • $14.99SmartGames Cube Puzzler PRO • Ages 10+ • $14.99
Ready for the next level? Try building a cube with the 6 colorful, ball-shaped puzzle pieces. Put your spatial insight, logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes to solve each challenge! Like the Cube Puzzler GO, this PRO case doubles as an attractive tray to play and solve up to 80 real 3D-challenges. Happily, SmartGames added a challenge booklet. If you need to peek, every solution is listed!

SmartGames Dinosaurs-Mystic Islands • Ages 6-Adult • $21.99SmartGames Dinosaurs-Mystic Islands • Ages 6-Adult • $21.99
Are these dinos friendly or foe? Separate the plant-eating dinosaurs from the carnivores in this new shape matching game. Compose the green islands on the blue surface as shown but make sure the 3 friendly dinos are separated from the 3 Tyrannosaurus rexes. Think carefully before each move!

Find all SmartGames products at

Sometimes fun and games are more tactile than academic. Consider some quiet time with putty, slimes and mooshing a cuddly plush buddy. Or float away poolside on a huge pink Unicorn pool float!

Super Cool Putty by Kangaroo Manufacturing • All Ages • $6.95
Super Cool Glow Putty 3-Pack • All Ages • $19.95
Although it feels moist and gooey, there is no residue on small hands and no need to wash them! Choose from seven oh-so-cool varieties. Collect them all at this allowance-friendly price: Metallic Gold, Cosmic Hyper Bounce, Holographic, Area 51, Glittery DIY, Shooting Star, and Mystery! For a true Spring Break adventure, turn down the lights and wait for it … putty that glows! With Super Cool Glow Putty, choose from three designs: Mystery, Shooting Star, and Area 51. Each pack also includes two lights for charging.Slimes by Kangaroo ManufacturingEmoji Poop Slime by Kangaroo Manufacturing • All Ages • $9.95
One of many slime titles including Unicorn Poop and Glow In The Dark that moves like a liquid but feels like a solid! Comes in a 3-pack to share with family members. Collect them all!
Find it at

Jurrasic World Slime by Kangaroo Manufacturing • All Ages • $14.95
This set of 3 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cryptogenic slime kit features T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Indoraptor! Find it at

Coconut Pool Floats: White Swan and Pink Unicorn • All Ages • $19.95 to $59.95Coconut Pool Floats: White Swan and Pink Unicorn • All Ages • $19.95 to $59.95
Every Coconut Float is made of heavy duty, durable 0.25mm vinyl and absolutely resists punctures! Considered “the luxury car of swimming pool toys,” Coconut Float’s pool floats are as innovative as can be. Make a splash, without ever getting wet, with an elegant white swan or giant pink unicorn. Find them at

Moosh-Moosh Clip-Ons • $4.99 and Mini Clipz • $2.99
Choose 4” clip-ons in assorted personalities or 3” soft minis. Attach to a backpack, a coat zipper or along a stroller. Pick up one for everyone in the house or try to collect all 12.

Moosh-Moosh Series 3 regular size • $14.99Moosh-Moosh Series 3 regular size • $14.99
Blossom the Caticorn, Lucy the Llamacorn and Brewser the Doberman are just three of the dozen Series 3 cuddly characters that are oh-so-cute. Pick one or two or collect them all.

Moosh-Moosh Sequin Collection • $14.99Moosh-Moosh Sequin Collection • $14.99
Sequined-faced Moosh plushies transform with a swipe of the hand. Choose from 12 characters including Bandit the Fox and Percy the Seal.With Moosh-Moosh, it’s love at first squeeze! Find them all at

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